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ACN is an MLM Company (Multi Level Marketing Company) founded in 1993 by Robert Stevanovski, Mike Cupisz, Greg Provenzano, and Tony Cupisz. ACN is not an illegal Pyramid scheme. They are located in Concord, North Carolina, United States, specializing in merchant services, energy, telecommunications, and other services depending on the country.              

Keep reading for more information on ACN.

What is MLM?

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Network Marketing, also known as Multi Level Marketing or MLM, is a business model that uses a network of independent distributors to sell products. The distributors earn a commission for each product they sell. They can also build a sales team and earn overrides.

Some examples of MLM companies include Herbalife, Amway Herbalife, and Avon Mary Kay. You can get almost any kind of product through MLM. Some examples are Health and Wellness (Nutrition), Beauty (Cosmetics/Skincare), and Home Care (Cleaning).

One of my favorites is a company called Send Out Cards that have greeting cards and gifts and a system to send them out automatically from the internet.

What is a Pyramid Scheme?

A company that promises payment to its members for recruiting more people rather than selling a product or service. This Video below explains it better.

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What is ACN

Founded 1993-Concord, North Carolina, United States.
Founded ByRobert Stevanovski, Mike Cupisz, Greg Provenzano, and Tony Cupisz.
CEOCharles Barker
HeadquartersConcord, North Carolina, US
Product Line Landline Wireless Broadband
Representatives1 Million+
Sales$485 million​ (2020)

As we mentioned earlier, ACN is a Network Marketing company located in Concord, North Carolina, United States. It was founded in 1993 by Robert Stevanovski, Mike Cupisz, Greg Provenzano, and Tony Cupisz. They provide telecommunications, energy, merchant services, and other services, depending on the country.

ACN is a legitimate Multi Level Marketing company and not a Pyramid Scheme. The Current CEO is Charles Barker. They have 1 Million plus sales reps and did $485 million in 2020.

They are open for business in the United Mexican States, Sweden; Seoul, South Korea; Montreal, Canada; Amsterdam, Sydney, Australia; Wrocław, Poland; Gothenburg and the Netherlands.

Is ACN a Scam?

NO, ACN is one of the world’s largest legitimate multi-level marketing companies. Scams try to convince victims to pay for something they don’t receive. Selling services and encouraging others to do the same are at the heart of direct selling, which aims to generate residual income; this is what MLMs are known for.

Is ACN Legit?  

ACN is a real business opportunity and NOT a pyramid scheme. It provides legitimate daily services for both private and commercial use. They provide legitimate services that enable people to access gas, electricity, the internet, and other necessities. ACN Individual Business Owners (IBOs) can earn money by selling these services to others without recruiting anyone. 

Additionally, it pays their IBOs exactly as promised. At ACN, compensation is based solely on the sale of real goods and services to actual clients.

Can I Make Money With ACN?

The short answer is not really.

The ACN opportunity doesn’t end with free services; you can earn residual income with ‘your own online ACN business.’

Now let’s take a deeper look at these points by examining ACN’s potential for financial gain in greater detail.

Let’s examine how you might profit as an ACN IBO.

There are two methods.

  1. Recruit more people to join the MLM industry and profit from their sales with bonuses.
  2. Sell a service to someone and earn a commission

It is essential to notice that this differs from recruiting people and making money. Only the incentives and commissions on any services these people you hire either purchase themselves or resell for you constitute your income.

This is how to determine that ACN is not a pure pyramid scam in this circumstance.

ACN Founders

The American Communications Network, Inc. was established in 1993 by twin brothers Tony and Mike Cupisz, Greg Provenzano, and Robert Stevanovski. In January 1993, ACN began operations with 20 original “independent representatives.” The first line of business for ACN was serving as the marketing department for LCI Communications, a long-distance reseller. The five years of this cooperation ended with Qwest Communications buying LCI. ACN was ranked No. 22 on the “Inc. 500” list of the 500 American private companies with the fastest annual revenue growth in 1998, according to Inc. Magazine.

ACN Products

ACN provides commercial and personal services from outside vendors such as:

  • High-speed internet
  • Security
  • Satellite TV
  • Wireless
  • Gas and electric

Additionally, you can view the prices for each product here (

Now, you’re probably wondering why anyone would choose to go through ACN when they can go directly to any of these providers?

What a wonderful question! And there isn’t a sincere response to this. ACN doesn’t offer a lower price, and as you will learn later, by using ACN, you might miss out on specific bonuses.

Convenience plays a big part in this. From a single central location, you can locate a variety of providers.

But remember that many other MLMs offer the same products as ACN. Which are:

  • Ignite 
  • Numis Network
  • Ambit Energy

ACN Compensation Plan

You can see that profiting through ACN is a possibility. But it will require a lot of effort.

As an IBO with ACN, you have three payment options:

  1. Overriding commissions (commission from the sales your downline makes)
  2. Customer commissions (1-10%)
  3. Overriding commissions (commission from the sales your downline makes)

Although the compensation schedule may appear generous, remember that all those commissions are already built into the price.

23% of the cost of any service you purchase through ACN will be paid as a commission to those in your upline. You are paying for the MLM compensation plan and an extra margin to help ACN break even and make a profit as a customer.

ACN Compensation Plan 2022 

For More on ACN Compensation Plan, check the PDF Links Below.

PDF File:

Watch: New 2022 Comp Plan with ACN Cofounder Tony Cupisz

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ACN Login

ACN Back Office / Sign In / Distributor Sign in etc.

ACN Reviews

ACN Reviews – Trustpilot

ACN Complaints Better Business Bureau

ACN Training

Watch ACN Training Videos about customer acquisition, ACN Business Opportunity Presentation, How To Launch A Business, and how to make a lasting connection with your customers.

ACN Customer Acquisition Training

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YouTube video

ACN Business Opportunity Presentation with SVP & CoC James Adlam

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How To Launch an ACN Business: The First 30 Days

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ACN Virtual Business Opportunity Meeting and Saturday Training

ACN Training: Charlotte Leadership Training by ACN Co-Founder Tony Cupisz

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ACN Countries

ACN is open in Sweden, Canada, Australia, Mexico, Austria, Belgium, Colombia, Germany, Czech Republic, South Korea, Denmark, Hungary, Finland, Scotland, Switzerland, France, Ireland, United States, Spain, Italy, Japan, Portugal, Netherlands, Norway, Peru, Poland, Scotland,New Zealand, South Korea, Spain, and the United Kingdom

ACN Customer Service Number

The ACN Customer Service Number is 1 (877) 226-1010

ACN Income Disclosure

ACN doesn’t release income disclosures as many MLM companies do, so it’s hard to say if they fit into these stats.

that only 1 in 200 members of ACN ever make back their initial investment.

If so, more than 99% of ACN IBOs will experience a financial loss.

Check out the link below for ACN Policies and Procedures

Only readers in the United States are intended for this. It’s critical to remember that not every IBO achieves financial success.

ACN Customer Service and Support

Company Address:ACN Headquarters address located at 1000 Progress Place, Concord, NC, United States, 28025;
ACN Phone Number:+1704-260-3000.
Phone Line Hours of OperationMonday – Friday from 8 am – 10 pm and Saturdays from 9 am – 8 pm ET.  
Sales Support/Shipping/Sign-Up[email protected]
ACN Login
Product Support[email protected]
Business Support[email protected]

ACN Social Media Accounts 

ACN Facebook
ACN Twitter 
ACN Youtube 
ACN Instagram
ACN Linkedin  
    ACN Vimeo
Company Login


 ACN Pros

1: Consumable Market

To a significant extent, ACN’s telecommunications services are a consumable commodity, and the company is the world’s largest direct distributor of these services.

Although digital video phone service remains the company’s primary offering, it has branched out to include wireless connectivity, the internet, satellite television, home security systems, and electricity.

People are already paying for these services because they are essential to the modern household. Monthly, they send money to a different business to cover their expenses. This might just as quickly be you. There are 21 other nations where you may become a home service provider to a diverse clientele.

2: The Company Management

Another advantage of ACN is the firm itself. Training, contracts, communications, promotional materials, and operations are all underpinned by a commitment to honesty and transparency because of the company’s foundation.

Established in 1993 in Michigan, ACN has expanded from its original focus on providing long-distance service to becoming a global provider of essential home services in many various regions. In a nutshell, ACN has been around for a while. To yet, however, it has only broken into a marginal segment of the home-based services industry. In light of this, ACN’s future is bright.

3: The Business Model

An integral part of ACN’s business model is using the MLM strategy. Network marketing is unparalleled as a compensation plan since it not only recognizes but also financially compensates top-performing salespeople and those who are instrumental in building successful teams.

You can sell whatever you choose in direct sales, but you must maintain your sales volume to earn a commission. Your ability to trade and earn commissions will negatively impact you if you skip work time. Multi-level marketing is different. It’s the same as any other employment in that you must learn the ropes before you can teach them to others.

This is the crucial distinction. Being a good trainer earns you rewards in network marketing. People are intimidated by the prospect of their colleagues surpassing them in the workplace. A manager’s worst nightmare is having an employee exceed them in incompetence.

They look horrible because of it. Things start to heat up politically. Success for your downline is a beautiful thing in network marketing. Better work is done, and everyone involved is happier as a result.

Since you asked, below are the CONS of ACN that should make it easier for you to evaluate if this business is right for you.


1: You Must Assemble a Large Team

This should deter many part-time enthusiasts. Build the ACN company. An independent salesperson must accomplish specific personal sales targets to qualify for commissions received at deeper levels.

Thus, to earn meaningful commissions, you must have met your sales quota (not hard) and have a large team with numerous clients at certain tiers. A dedicated professional can achieve these goals, but it will take an average of person-years. I call an average individual someone who can attract one or two devoted people a year.

The hypotheticals in this post are for illustration only and not typical. ACN Independent Representatives’ success depends on their efforts. As an ACN Independent Representative, success is not assured. Given this assertion, a person who doesn’t desire to establish a significant ACN company will only make a little money in the industry.

2: Fast Builders Get Customer Acquisition Bonuses

Speedy start bonuses need fast building. Customer acquisition bonuses from downline agents provide initial income. Residual income only applies to large companies. You can only get customer acquisition bonuses with reps.

Even if you sign up for one fantastic individual and they expand the business, you may only get bonuses once you are one step ahead. ACN pays fairly. It recognizes hard work and salesmanship. The bonus scheme works. It rewards entrepreneurs. Only excellent training awaits inactive individuals.

Thus, ACN is the best firm to apply your network marketing abilities or educate your suspicious spouse on the same business strategy. Products sell themselves once. Most individuals use the product regularly and sometimes need it. ACN is not for you if you don’t want to establish a big company. GO Go juice firms have higher profits but tend to fail within a few years.

3: The Compensation Plan

You’ll hear ACN’s pay model criticized online and in other network marketing organizations like Usana, Rodan, and Fields. Facts. ACN competes in the low-margin, competitive telecoms retail market.

ACN’s commission structure rewards deep team building more than other network marketing options. Different network marketing possibilities may provide substantial upfront commissions—next con.

ACN Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Acn Still a Thing?

The biggest direct seller of telecommunications, energy, and other necessities for homes and businesses worldwide is ACN.

What Is the Cost of Joining ACN?

A Global Company for Just $299 Start-Up Fee plus $25 per month for business support* Your business’s start-up and ongoing expenses are covered by the $299 ACN Independent Business Owner Start-Up Fee. For a year, you can use it to conduct business in any country where ACN is present.

Can You Get Your Money Back from ACN?

ACN does it provide refunds? Within ten business days of enrollment, ACN IBOs have the option to cancel their contract and receive a full refund.

Does ACN save you money?

As with any business, ACN’s earnings and success are not guaranteed; instead, they largely depend on the individual’s dedication, perseverance, and hard work. As an IBO, individuals run the risk of losing money.

A Study of 350 Mlm Compensation Plans Worldwide Found That 99.6% of Participants Lose Money.

Is ACN a good investment?

The general consensus is to buy Accenture. Based on nine buy ratings, nine hold ratings, and no sell ratings, the stock has an average rating score of 2.50.

How does ACN make money?

As a member of the direct selling association, ACN is one of the thousands of MLM companies. MLM (multi-level marketing) is a direct selling model that allows people to conduct business by selling products and services through a downline of distributors. In other words, you make money by selling your company’s products.

How do I cancel ACN long distance?

Call ACN Customer Care at 877-226-1010 to cancel, or send a cancellation notification to the following address. Any mode of giving notice of cancellation that enables you to demonstrate that you did so, such as a registered letter, fax, or personal delivery, must be used.

What goods does ACN provide?

The services suite includes Digital Phone Service, High-Speed Internet, Wireless, Gas and Electricity, Security and Automation, Television, and Payment Processing.

Conclusion – Is ACN a MLM or Pyramid Scheme?

ACN is real; it is not a scam. Most of the time, neither real products nor real customers are sold or recruited; instead, a fraud or illegal pyramid scheme makes its money primarily through recruitment.

At ACN, compensation is based 100% on selling products and services to real customers. If no customers are received, no money is earned.ACN consumer reviews suggest that their services are overpriced and of lower quality. Several customers have complained about being unable to cancel services once they were unhappy. Others are claiming that ACN is a scam. is the brainchild of Jack Bastide. It is designed for entrepreneurs and those that want to be. You can find Jack on Facebook or Linked-In. 

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