Is Scout and Cellar an MLM or a Pyramid Scheme?

Is Scout and Cellar an MLM
Is Scout and Cellar an MLM

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 So you just found out about Scout and Cellar, and you were wondering:  Is Scout and Cellar an MLM? or is scout and cellar an illegal pyramid scheme? 

Well, here’s your answer,

Is Scout and Cellar an MLM? Yes. Scout and Cellar is a multi-level marketing company that sells wine that has been carefully made. According to Scout & Cellar’s website, its wine is devoid of pesticides, artificial additives, added sugar, and the majority of sulfites.

The phrase “yucky stuff” was created by its C.E.O., Sarah Shadonix, to characterize these additional ingredients.

Is Scout and Cellar a pyramid?

 Is Scout and Cellar a pyramid? No. I’ve done a lot of research, and I’m confident that it is NOT a pyramid scheme. They offer genuine goods. They have a lot of them as well. Selling a lot of wine is the primary goal of this organization and its consultant program.

The majority of your duties as a consultant revolve around selling things.

On the other hand, a pyramid business is entirely focused on recruiting. Scout and Cellar is not a pyramid scam, therefore. It’s merely an MLM business.

Who owns Scout and Cellar?

Sarah Shadonix owns Scout and Cellar. Sarah Shadonix, a former Dallas attorney, had become enthralled with wine. He then established Scout & Cellar in 2017. Chamonix had joined the Dallas Sommelier Society nine years into her legal profession and subsequently quit law practice to work for the online wine marketplace Wine Country Connect.

Scout and cellar headquarters address is 2261 Morgan Pkwy Suite 180, Dallas, TX 75234, U.S.A.

Keep reading for more information on Scout and Cellar.

What is Scout and Cellar?

YouTube video

Scout & Cellar is a Clean-CraftedTM, a woman-founded and -led winery that has raised the bar for wine production by developing a more genuine, delicious, and sustainable approach to wine-making. Scout & Cellar promises that all of its wines uphold their Clean-Crafted Commitment, from independently testing to ensure that grapes are farmed without hazardous pesticides to making wine that is low in sulfites and manufactured without artificial processing aids, additives, or added sugar. 

Products from Scout & Cellar are offered online at, where you can purchase them on your own or with our network of Independent Consultants who all have a passion for wine and the standards to which it is produced. 

To learn more information about them, click here

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Better Business Bureau – Scout and Cellar

Scout and cellar reviews

Trust Pilot Reviews on Scout and cellar

  • “I don’t drink much wine, but I occasionally do. I don’t have to go to the shop because I have a membership and always have a bottle to share with visitors or when I go to an event. Wilderness Road is my preferred choice because I can sip it neat or mix it with vodka. Because of my dietary restrictions, I need to know exactly what is in my drinks”.
  • “I stopped buying wine because I would feel terrible afterward and even worse the next day. I was unaware of all the extras. They add to it and are to blame. After reading a lot, my stomach turns when I think about how mass-produced wine is prepared. When I first tasted these wines, I was instantly smitten! They are carefully made! Which implies grapes, soil, and the sun! The ideal state for wine. All of them are wonderful, individually selected, and delivered to your door, with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and consistently friendly and polite customer service. I’m happy I discovered these wines because I’ll be a customer forever”.

Check out their site at Trust Pilot Reviews on Scout and Cellar for more reviews. 

Scout and Cellar Facebook Page

Scout and Cellar on Facebook

Scout and Cellar Youtube 

Scout and Cellar on Youtube 

Scout and Cellar Sell?

While Scout & Cellar produces its wines and labels them as such, it also sells bottles created by other companies under its brand. According to Jon McDaniel, Director of wine education at the business, “Scout & Cellar is a winery. “Scout & Cellar is the company that makes the great majority of our wines. 

To learn more, click this

History Of Scout and Cellar 

Sarah Shadonix, a former Dallas attorney obsessed with wine, established Scout & Cellar in 2017. Shadonix had joined the Dallas Sommelier Society nine years into her legal profession and subsequently quit law practice to work for the online wine marketplace Wine Country Connect.

Shadonix stated in an interview earlier this year with the Dallas-based publication D Magazine that she started noticing that even a few sips of wine made her feel uncomfortable around the time she worked at Wine Country Connect. She concluded that the most likely causes were the pesticides and toxins in the wine. There’s more to Scout and Cellar’s history; to know them, navigate to History Of Scout and Cellar.  

Scout and Cellar Story 

Sarah Shadonix, a daring founder and chief wine tester, was the catalyst for everything. Sarah made a startling discovery while training to be a wine professional: many wine-making standards around the world permit the use of poisonous pesticides in the vineyard, as well as hundreds of chemical additives and processing aids during production. This discovery altered everything, and soon Scout & Cellar was established.

Scout & Cellar aims to illustrate how amazing wine can be in its most natural state by removing harmful pesticides, artificial chemicals, and added sugar. Additionally, they ensure that each wine in their selection has a low sulfite content. For more information on this, go through Scout and Cellar Story.  

Scout and Cellar Statistics

Scout and Cellar Est. commission payout 35.00% over the year 2021







After learning that hundreds of chemicals and pesticides can be used in wine production, Sarah Shadonix developed Scout & Cellar. She created the exclusive Clean-Crafted Commitment® and put it in place as the standard to which every Scout & Cellar product is upheld because she felt strongly about the need for change and abandoned a nearly ten-year career in commercial litigation to pursue her passion for wine full-time. 

Shadonix and her team have established a winery in less than five years, sourced and developed a complete collection of brands, and set up an internal infrastructure to manage almost 17,000 independent consultants and 130 items across 24 brands. Their Headquarters Location is located at 4531 Simonton Rd, Farmers Branch, Texas, 75244, 972-559-0474.

 For more information, click that link.  

Scout and Cellar Products 

Scout and cellar products include:

  • The Home for the Holidays Set
  • The Shake the Snow Globe Set
  • The Fireside Reds Set
  • The Sweetest Season Set

For more on that, go through this link – Scout and Cellar products  

 Scout and Cellar Compensation Plan

Commissions on Individual Sales

You receive a 12% commission for purchases worth $499. If you sell more things, your commission will increase. If you sell goods costing $2,999, the fee rises to 15%, 20%, and 25%. 

Level Bonuses

Based on your status, Senior Consultant to Managing Director grades receive a 3% to 8% commission from the revenue generated by their Level 1 downline. Managing directors and higher rates receive 3% to 6% of their Level 2 downline.

Leadership Rewards

Managing Directors and above receive a 1% personal group bonus. This entails a 1% fee on your group’s overall sales.

Additional Bonuses

Upon promotion to Executive Manager, you receive a $500 incentive. Upline of an executive manager A matching E.M. advancement incentive of $500 is given to executive managers. You can receive a 5% sample credit incentive if you generate at least $500 in personal sales in one month. Sample credit because wine samples or free tastes can be obtained with money.

For more on this, you can go through this link,  Scout and Cellar Compensation Plan.

Scout and Cellar List of Ranks and Bonuses

The Scout and Cellar compensation plan has six tiers, and you advance through them by reaching set objectives that, if met, can result in bonuses.

The ranks are as follows:

  • Consultant: The position you are given when you first sign up and pay your $249 pack cost.
  • 2nd Consultant: To reach this level, you need a downline volume of $500 and personal sales volume of $200.
  • Executive Consultant: To qualify, you must generate $300 in private sales and $800 in downline sales.
  • Associate Manager: You need a $400 unique sales volume and a $1,500 downline volume to move to this level.
  • Senior Manager: To be eligible for this position, you must have $3,000 in downline volume and $500 in personal sales.
  • Executive Manager: You need $2,000 in downline volume and $600 in private sales to reach this level.

Scout and Cellar Events and Training

Get to attend Scout and Cellar events and training, including the Certified Trainer’s Program and the Business Builder Training, to take advantage of Scout and Cellar developing a more genuine, delicious, and sustainable approach to the wine-making process and lucrative business opportunities to become your best self while changing the world. 

To learn more, please go through this link. 


Is Scout & Cellar for real?

Yes, they are for real. Having been established in 2017, Scout & Cellar is a woman-owned, Clean-CraftedTM winery that has raised the bar for wine production by adopting a more genuine, tasty, and sustainable method.

Where do scout and cellar wines come from?

Scout and cellar wines come from Dallas, Texas. 

How do I cancel Scout cellar?

Customers have complete control over their Scout Circle through the My Memberships tab. Customers can use this page to delay, cancel, change the processing date, or even begin a new one.

Do scout and cellar wines have sulfites?

The wines produced by Scout & Cellar include only grapes and, on average, lesser than 50ppm of sulfites (all are definitely under 100ppm). Given that each bottle of wine produced in large quantities may contain up to 350ppm sulfites,

Do scout and cellar consultants make money?

Yes. You can get 12% commission on purchases under $499, 15% commission on sales between $500 and $1,499, 20% commission on sales between $1,500 and $2,999, and 25% commission on sales beyond $3,000. And each month, you begin with the lowest 12% commission again.

How much do Scout and cellar wine consultants make?

In the United States, the average monthly income for a Scout & Cellar wine consultant is about $4,472, which is 50% more than the national average.

Who owns Scout and Cellar?

Sarah Shadonix owns Scout and Cellar. Sarah Shadonix, a former Dallas attorney, had become enthralled with wine. He then established Scout & Cellar in 2017. Shadonix had joined the Dallas Sommelier Society nine years into her legal profession and subsequently quit law practice to work for the online wine marketplace Wine Country Connect.

How much sugar is in Scout and cellar wine?

An average 5-ounce Scout & Cellar wine glass has 15 grams of alcohol and 0–2 grams real carbs. Per gram of alcohol consumed by the body, seven calories are produced. Consequently, 100 calories (1.6 x 5 x 12.5%) are contained in a 5-ounce portion of wine with a 12.5% alcohol content. Compared to a typical 5-ounce glass of wine, which has residual sugar, this one has up to 300 calories!

Is Scout and Cellar low in sugar?

Yes. The residual sugar in Scout and Cellar is minimal. Sweeteners are not added at Scout & Cellar. Even as they are, the grapes are exquisite.

How much does Scout and cellar wine cost?

Wines from Scout and Cellar are available for $18 to $50 and can be ordered online at or via a consultant. Additionally, buyers can sign up to receive curated collections and limited editions.

How much is Scout and Cellar shipping?

Orders under $150 will be charged a $15 standard ground delivery cost. Ground shipping is $15 for all a la carte and Auto-Sip(T.M.) orders under $150.

How do I contact Cellar and Scout?

You could contact Cellar and Scout through – 

  • Address – 3004 North Trillium Drive ALIQUIPPA PA 15001
  • Phone number – (724) 544-2180
  • Website – 

Do Scout and Cellar have fewer calories?

About 100 calories are found in a standard 5-ounce glass of Scout & Cellar wine. This is much healthier than a 5-ounce glass of wine, which has up to 200+ calories due to residual sugar.

How do you close a tasting in Cellar and Scout?

To close a tasting in Cellar and Scout, you have to:

  • Open a tasting monthly in the Tasting Manager under The Cellar > Tastings.
  • Place your family and friends’ orders during this tasting as you enjoy Clean-Crafted wine with them.
  • Close the tasting when it hits $600 and use your Fast Start Tasting Reward.

What is auto S.I.P. for Scout and Cellar?

Auto S.I.P. for Scout and Cellar is a brand-new delivery service where you can add items to your cart, choose a payment option, and schedule delivery of your preferred wines.

Is Scout and Cellar vegan?

Generally speaking, yes. They strive to make all their wines vegan-friendly, and almost all of them solely use vegan-finding agents. If non-vegan fining agents are used, which is extremely unlikely, this will be noted in the wine’s description. Their Clean-Crafted Wine standard specifies a narrow range of acceptable fining agents, which guarantees that their wine contains no dangerous chemicals.

CONCLUSION – Is Scout and Cellar an MLM or a Pyramid Scheme?

The truth is that Scout and Cellar is a legitimate MLM business that prioritizes selling valuable goods in terms of time and money. Although Scout and Cellar is not a scam, you must do extensive research and probably investigate their business operations to be sure you want to enter it. I hope we’ve been able to provide value as you’ve read through this blog article next time. is the brainchild of Jack Bastide. It is designed for entrepreneurs and those that want to be. You can find Jack on Facebook or Linked-In.

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