Is Arbonne an MLM or a Pyramid Scheme? (Reviews)

Is Arbonne an MLM
Is Arbonne an MLM

So you just found out about Arbonne.

and you were wondering:

 Is Arbonne an MLM?

or is Arbonne an illegal pyramid scheme

Well, here’s your answer …

Is Arbonne a MLM? Or is Arbonne one of those scammy Pyramid Schemes? Arbonne has been set up using a multi-level marketing strategy. Independent consultants who own and run home-based enterprises sell the goods.

It is not a pyramid scheme, as pyramid schemes are deceptive business models masquerading as MLM techniques. Because there is no actual product being sold in a pyramid scheme, it differs from a legitimate MLM program. By bringing on new members to the program, participants try to earn money exclusively.

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Is Arbonne a pyramid?

It is safe to conclude that Arbonne is not a pyramid scam because participants can profit from both product sales and member recruitment. However, a business cannot evade accusations of operating a pyramid scheme by claiming that it continues to sell things, even if those sales are to its distributors.

Who owns Arbonne?

Groupe Rocher owns Arbonne. French entrepreneur Yves Rocher started the Yves Rocher skin care, cosmetics, and perfume brand in La Gacilly in 1965. The business operates over 3,000 outlets, almost half franchised, in 88 nations across five continents, and employs 13,500 people. Arbonne’s headquarter address is 9400 Jeronimo Road, Irvine, California 92618. 

Get more on their address here

What is Arbonne?

Arbonne is an MLM business that claims that it wants to be the finest and healthiest business in the world. It offers a range of goods, including vegan food and nutritional supplements.

Check BBB Better Business Bureau on Arbonne

Get to attend Arbonne events and training, including the Certified Trainer’s Program and the Business Builder Training, to take advantage of Arbonne’s cutting-edge anti-aging skin care products and lucrative business opportunities to become your best self while changing the world.

Better Business Bureau report on Arbonne 

Trust Pilot Reviews on Arbonne

  • “I followed the 30 Days to Healthy Living plan, which significantly improved my feelings. My skin looked healthier, and I had a lot more energy. After the plan, I missed having the protein smoothies for breakfast and kept drinking them because the protein powder was excellent. I’ve also tried a few men’s skincare line products, and I’m pretty happy with the results. I also place a lot of value on the fact that the company is a B Corp and that all items are vegan-certified.”
  • “Helen provides the best customer service around. She has exceptional product expertise and is always willing to offer guidance. The fizz sticks are the ideal pick-me-up packed with natural components, and I heartily suggest them.”
  • I adore this business and its products! I have been using most of them religiously for the past three years. They indeed do work! And I love the BCorp corporate ethos. Well done, Arbonne.

Arbonne Trust Pilot Reviews

Arbonne Facebook Page

From the socials of Arbonne’s Facebook page, With the goal of providing better products that won’t hurt you or the environment through an empowered network of Independent Consultants, we’ve been thriving for more than 40 years. Vegan, cruelty-free, and a B-Corp!

Arbonne Facebook Page

Arbonne Youtube 

From Arbonne Youtube socials Independent, they shared an experience. Consultant RVP Becky Lashchuk gained confidence at Arbonne. Becky adopted Arbonne’s holistic approach to healthy living after what started as an Arbonne skincare routine. Her skin cleared up, and her health improved with the help of clean skincare and diet, which helped her to thrive and take control of her life.

Arbonne Youtube Channel

Arbonne sells products such as:

  • Arbonne Makeup.
  • Arbonne Health Care Creams.
  • Arbonne Sun Protection & Tanning.
  • Health & Beauty.
  • Arbonne Skin Care.
  • Arbonne Bath & Body.
  • Arbonne Vitamins & Lifestyle Supplements.
  • Arbonne Hair Care & Styling.

Arbonne Products on Ebay

History Of Arbonne

YouTube video

Norwegian businessman Petter Merck established Arbonne International, LLC, also known as Arbonne, in the United States in 1980. Arbonne is a global multi-level marketing firm. Vegan skincare, cosmetics, and food are among its product categories. 

According to the DSN Global 100 ranking of the top direct-selling businesses worldwide, the company’s expected annual sales income in 2020 was $847 million, placing it at number 22. Tyler Whitehead, who took over for Jean-David Schwartz in April 2021, is the CEO of Arbonne. The Better Business Bureau has given Arbonne an A+ rating. They are alleged to be a pyramid scheme and a scam because they focus a lot on recruiting.

The headquarters of Arbonne is in Irvine, California. Additional US locations include Chatsworth, California; Greenwood, Indiana; and Addison, Texas. International locations include Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Poland, and the UK.

Arbonne on Wikipedia

Arbonne Story 

Arbonne believes that being kind to oneself, their community, and the environment allows everyone to FLOURISH, in their opinion. By encouraging sustained healthy living, they enable people to thrive. They Improved healthy living SKIN. MIND. BODY.

To help people grow inside and out, they also adhere to a holistic approach to beauty, health, and well-being that focuses on the whole person. Their ideology acknowledges the link between a happier mind, a more robust body, and more attractive skin.

With rigorous criteria for safety, they develop utilizing top-quality plant-based substances that are based on clinical research and science. They work with their vibrant community and holistic professionals for innovative products and education. Their healthy way of life and entrepreneurial business potential promote a positive outlook that benefits both individuals and communities.

More on Arbonne Story   

Arbonne Statistics

The business generated an anticipated $847 million in sales annually in 2020, placing it at number 22 on the DSN Global 100 list of the best direct-selling companies worldwide. Tyler Whitehead, who took over as CEO of Arbonne in April 2021, succeeded Jean-David Schwartz. According to the Better Business Bureau, Arbonne has an A+ rating. 

Arbonne Products 

Usborne Books sells Haircare and skincare products 

For example …

  1. Arbonne Protein Powder 
  2. Arbonne Energy Fizz Sticks 
  3. Arbonne Mascara ·
  4. DermResults 3-Step Starter Regimen
  5. DermResults Trial Set

Arbonne Compensation Plan

You can choose how you want to make money using the Arbonne compensation plan, or SuccessPlan as we like to refer to it. Your revenue and success in running an Arbonne business will depend on how much time, effort, and activity you put into it. 

Whether you want to concentrate on personal sales or increase your sales by developing a team to double your time and effort, there are advantages for you. The more you assist others in yours. More compensation will be given to you when you advance to management levels in our SuccessPlan as your team’s sales volume increases.

Independent Arbonne Consultants can earn money in 4 different ways with their SuccessPlan:

  • Client Commissions are the earnings you receive from selling your goods to customers (35% of suggested retail price, or SRP) and preferred customers (15% of SRP).
  • Overrides are commissions given to you based on the volume of product sales made by your group.
  • Vice Presidents can receive a Mercedes-Benz Cash Bonus depending on how much their team sells in terms of products.
  • Cash bonuses are possible at each level based on individual and/or team product sales.

Arbonne Compensation Plan

Arbonne List of Ranks and Bonuses

Arbonne’s list of ranks and bonuses are as follows:

  • National Vice Presidents
  • Regional Vice Presidents
  • Area Managers
  • District Managers
  • Independent Consultants

Arbonne Events and Training

The future of Arbonne community events across the world ranges from motivational conferences to breathtaking incentive trips. Arbonne will always recognize your accomplishments, and that is why yearly they go on events like the legendary Hard Rock Hotel in Riviera Maya.

This stunning resort has everything it needs to treat you like a superstar, including breathtaking views of the tropics, a private white sand beach, and the famed Hard Rock hospitality. You can enjoy gourmet dining, unwind with spa services, splurge on salon services, go snorkeling, explore the area, and more.

More on Arbonne Events and Training


How much do you have to pay to be an Arbonne consultant?

To become an Arbonne Independent Consultant, you must pay $49 plus the price of any starter goods you choose. The cost of your website and the welcome kit is $49.

Does selling Arbonne work?

Yes. It provides a profitable commission-based remuneration structure. As an independent Arbonne consultant, you can start selling skincare products and make a 35% profit from your retail sales. Your Preferred Clients’ purchases also earn you a 15% commission.

Are there any lawsuits against Arbonne?

Discrimination-related lawsuits have been brought against Arbonne.

Is Arbonne free of chemicals?

Yes. Arbonne doesn’t use restricted compounds, including hard drugs, when formulating. In addition to the 65 ingestible substances and 149 topical mixtures listed below, they go above and beyond to manufacture without them. They avoid using the more than 1600 components in Annex II of the EU’s prohibition list, which is subject to change without being updated here.

Is working for Arbonne a pyramid scheme?

It is safe to conclude that Arbonne is not a pyramid scam because participants can profit from both product sales and member recruitment. However, a business cannot evade accusations of operating a pyramid scheme by claiming that it continues to sell things, even if those sales are to its distributors.

How much does it cost to start with Arbonne?

With a $29 initiation charge, you may become a Preferred Client of Arbonne and gain access to special discounts and offers on sanitary goods that promote a healthy mind, body, and skin as well as general healthy living.

What kind of company is Arbonne?

Arbonne is an international multi-level marketing company. Norwegian businessman Petter Merck established Arbonne International, LLC, also known as Arbonne, in the United States in 1980. As a global multi-level marketing firm. Vegan skincare, cosmetics, and food are among its product categories.

How much do the national vice presidents of Arbonne make?

A Regional Vice President at Arbonne is thought to get a total salary of $325,836 annually.

How do I make my Arbonne business successful?

The first step to success in the Arbonne business is familiarity with the Arbonne product lines. Customers respond when you are competent and eager. They will trust you more since they can tell you are sincere. Enthusiasm spreads easily. Understand what makes Arbonne unique and be able to communicate these distinctions to clients if you want to be a successful consultant.

Has Arbonne been sold?

Groupe Rocher will purchase Irvine-based Arbonne International LLC and Nature’s Gate for an unknown sum. While Nature’s Gate is a personal care company with products available in retail outlets, Arbonne is a direct seller of cosmetics, skincare, and nutritional goods.

Who is the CEO of Arbonne?

Tyler Whitehead is the CEO of Arbonne

How many ingredients does Arbonne ban?

Since Arbonne was established in 1980, ingredient banning has been their driving idea. They strictly abide by their NOT ALLOWED ListTM of more than 2,000 ingredients that are not allowed in their products and regularly review them.

Can you buy Arbonne without a consultant?

Without being connected to a consultant, you CAN NOT order from Arbonne.

How do you move up in Arbonne?

You must reach “Qualified Status” at all SuccessPlan levels by accumulating 150 Personal Qualifying Volumes (PQV) each month to receive overrides, bonuses, and other incentives, as well as to be eligible for promotion to and maintenance of the District Manager team management levels at Arbonne and receive overrides, bonuses, and other incentives.

How much does an area manager at Arbonne make?

An area manager at Arbonne makes about $61,732

How do I get started with Arbonne?

To get started with Arbonne:

  • You can sign up on your own or with the assistance of your sponsor.
  • Visit and log in.
  • Navigate to REGISTER.
  • To start earning as an independent consultant, click START EARNING.
  • Add items to your shopping cart (see below for our suggestions)

How many independent consultants are in Arbonne?

As of the end of 2018, Arbonne has a network of over 265,900 Active Independent Consultants and 2,800,000 Preferred Clients in the United States, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, Poland, and New Zealand.

How does the Arbonne Mercedes Benz program work?

Based on performance and sales volume, independent consultants at the Regional Vice President (RVP) level and higher are qualified to receive a monthly cash bonus toward the lease or purchase of a white Mercedes-Benz.

Are Arbonne fizz sticks worth it?

You shouldn’t pass up on them. To get a burst of all-natural energy, these fizz sticks are hard to beat. The caffeine comes from Green Tea and Guarana, and it also contains the antioxidant Coenzyme Q10, ginseng root, chromium, and the B vitamins (including niacin and riboflavin). This synergistic blend is developed to assist boost energy levels while also providing short-term tiredness relief, elevating mood, and sharpening mental acuity.

Can you make money selling Arbonne products?

Yes. The mechanism of pay is based on a good commission structure. You will make a 35% profit on the retail sales you bring in for yourself as an Arbonne independent consultant when you choose to start selling skincare items. Your preferred clients’ purchases will earn you an additional 15% commission.

What makes Arbonne different?

Arbonne is different because products from Arbonne are beneficial, pure, and safe. To create some of the most incredible skincare, makeup, nutrition, infant care, and health and wellness products on the market, we start with botanically based components and add safe science.

Does Arbonne protein powder have heavy metals?

Yes. Arbonne’s main component is a proprietary blend called “Arbonne Protein Matrix Blend” that consists of 56% pea protein. According to the Clean Label Project, this high-end matrix mix might include bisphenol A or metals.

Why does Arbonne make me gassy?

Many patients experience discomfort and gas during the first week of therapy. Increasing one’s fiber intake is usually the cause of this. Most individuals don’t get enough fiber, but if you go with the fiber boost, you will.

What is in Arbonne fizz sticks?

Arbonne Energy Fizz Sticks also contain a blend of B vitamins, chromium, salt, potassium, taurine, green tea extract, Panax ginseng, and Rhodiola Rosea extract, in addition to caffeine sourced from natural sources like guarana. Energy Fizz Sticks are sweetened with Stevia, a natural sweetener, in both tastes.

How do you get out of Arbonne?

To get out of Arbonne, call Arbonne Customer Service at 1.800.ARBONNE or visit the Arbonne website’s Customer Service > Contact Us to CANCEL and email a concise cancellation notice within the allotted time frame.

How do I introduce myself as an Arbonne consultant?

The first thing I did was submit my application to become an Arbonne Consultant. It’s straightforward to accomplish; you must select the appropriate box at the checkout, pay the $49 registration cost, and accept the Arbonne terms of service.

Does Yves Rocher own Arbonne?

Groupe Rocher acquired Arbonne International and expanded its foothold in North America. The family-run firm with its headquarters in France (brands Yves Rocher, Flormar, Sabon, ID Parfums, Daniel Jouvance, Dr.

What are Arbonne fizz sticks used for?

Green tea and guarana’s caffeine, together with the antioxidant Coenzyme Q10 and ginseng root’s, as well as the B vitamins and chromium (including niacin and riboflavin), work together to increase a person’s energy and alertness while temporarily easing exhaustion.

Is Arbonne made in the USA?

Yes. Products are developed in Switzerland at the Arbonne Institute of Research and Development (AIRD) and made in the USA.

How much do Arbonne fizz sticks cost?

The cost of a box of 30 Arbonne Fizz Sticks is $55. This could appear expensive, particularly up front. On the other hand, $55 for 30 sticks is $1.83 for each Fizzy. I advise having your Arbonne consultant enroll you as a Preferred Client.

Is there sugar in Arbonne fizz sticks?

Yes, each stick pack has less than 2 grams of sugar and 50 mg of caffeine from botanical sources. A 12 oz.

What can you not eat on Arbonne 30 day cleanse?

Avoid foods containing gluten, caffeine, dairy, alcohol, wheat, soy (other than  non-GMO tempeh and organic), and artificial sweeteners for at least 30 days.

How much do Arbonne consultants make?

Arbonne Independent Consultants in the United States make an average yearly salary of $83,281, which is 18% more than the national average.

Does the FDA approve Arbonne?

No, the FDA does not oversee dietary supplements. On the other hand, the phrase “FDA approved” cannot be used in cosmetics. Therefore, the FDA has not authorized Arbonne.

Do Arbonne fizz sticks have electrolytes?

Yes. Similar to Arbonne Fizz, it also contains guarana and green tea extract, which both contain caffeine. But the caffeine content is simply much higher. Because it contains electrolytes like magnesium and potassium, this beverage is a smart choice if you anticipate sweating a lot throughout your activity.

Are Arbonne fizz sticks Keto friendly?

Each dish has 4g of net carbohydrates, which accounts for 27% of the calories. This dish is suitable for those on the ketogenic diet. Reduce your daily intake to no more than three packs of sticks. People who are sensitive to caffeine, including children, should avoid this product. Everyone should see their doctor before using, but especially those who have preexisting conditions, are pregnant or breastfeeding, or take medication.

Does Arbonne use parabens?

The formulation of Arbonne personal care products excludes Animal ingredients, by-products, and Parabens. Preservatives that donate formaldehyde

How do you hit the district manager in Arbonne?

To become the district manager, you must spend at least $2,500 over one, two, or three months. You intend to continue earning at least $2,500 each month and encourage others to do the same.

How much does the district manager for Arbonne?

As a District Manager, you’re expanding your business through personal sales and assembling a group of Arbonne Independent Consultants. Your group is your “Central District.” Since you are a team member, this also applies to your sales.

How much does the top 2 of Arbonne make?

The General Counsel of Arbonne International earns $248,200 per year, while the CS Rep earns $38,489 yearly.

Is Arbonne an excellent company to work for?

Yes. 4.1 out of 5 stars given by independent consultant specialists for Arbonne’s remuneration and perks, which are based on 72 ratings from anonymous Arbonne employees. This grade for pay and benefits is 18.7% higher than the industry average.

Why are Arbonne products so expensive?

Without a doubt, Arbonne’s products are pricey. The company claims that the formula they use, which is based on “premium botanically based ingredients,” is why its prices are higher than the industry standard. Additionally, they provide the “Preferred Client” program and the savings above.

How do you explain Arbonne?

In 1975, Arbonne was established in Switzerland as a global leader in wellness, health, and beauty. We create new products with high-quality, plant-based components that adhere to strict safety standards and are backed by scientific and clinical research. We work with holistic experts and our vibrant community to develop new goods and educational initiatives.

How much discount do Arbonne consultants get?

Arbonne consultants get exclusive set and bundle discounts in addition to a 20% discount on standard product prices.

CONCLUSION – Is Arbonne an MLM or a Pyramid Scheme? (Reviews)

The Arbonne MLM firm is reliable because it has been established for more than 40 years and is still in operation. Additionally, the business provides a favorable 45-day money-back guarantee on all of its goods.

But because this Arbonne is expensive and could be a cover for a pyramid scheme, It is not advisable. Instead of selling the products, your ability to generate money depends on your capacity to recruit others to join, and most of those who attempt to do so fail. Before you commit to it, make sure you find out if it’s something you can do. is the brainchild of Jack Bastide. It is designed for entrepreneurs and those that want to be. You can find Jack on Facebook or Linked-In. 

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