Is Shaklee an MLM or Pyramid Scheme? Best Reviews

Is Shaklee an MLM
Is Shaklee an MLM

Welcome to my Shaklee Reviews.

If you are wondering, is Shaklee an MLM?

or is Shaklee a Pyramid Scheme

You are in the right place.

Shaklee is an MLM Company Multi Level Marketing Company founded in 1956 by Forrest C Shaklee, Forrest Shaklee. Shaklee is not an illegal Pyramid scheme. They are located at 6920 Koll Center Parkway, Suite 211 Pleasanton, California 94566, and specialize in premium vitamins, nutrition supplements, clean beauty, and green home products.           

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What is MLM?

Network marketing, often known as multi-level marketing or MLM, is a business technique in which several individuals work together to sell a product to a larger target audience. With every item sold, the distributors get a commission. They may assemble a sales force and get commission bonuses. 

Some examples of MLM companies include Shaklee, Amway Herbalife, Avon

Mary Kay, You can get almost any kind of product through MLM. Some examples are Health and Wellness Nutrition, Beauty Cosmetics/Skincare, and Home Care Cleaning.

One of my favorites is a company called Send Out Cards which has greeting cards and gifts and a system to send them out automatically from the internet.

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What is a Pyramid Scheme?

A pyramid scam is a deceptive investment plan that cannot be sustained because it promises excessive profits on investments that do not exist.

The high profits promised to early investors are paid out in full, prompting them to spread the word. The rewards to investors come directly from the influx of capital. As soon as no more money is invested, the pyramid scheme fails.

Each level of investors in a pyramid scheme collects an “initiation fee,” which is then paid by the investors in the next level. The majority of the fees are distributed to those at the top of the pyramid. There will be no more recruits available for long. The pyramid finally gives way. These schemes, which are often referred to as pyramid frauds, are prohibited by U.S. law.

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What is Shaklee 

As mentioned earlier Shaklee is a Network Marketing company located at 6920 Koll Center Parkway, Suite 211 Pleasanton, California 94566. It was founded in 1956 by Forrest C Shaklee. They sell premium vitamins, nutrition supplements, clean beauty, and green home products.

Shaklee is a legitimate Multi Level Marketing company and not a Pyramid Scheme. The Current CEO is Roger Barnett. They have about 750,000 sales Reps and did $930.0m in 2021. They are open for business in Canada, China, Japan, Malaysia, and Taiwan.

When you sell Shaklee products, you may earn money while helping others. The one-minute video that follows will provide you with further details about this chance.

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Shaklee Details Broken down in Table Form

Founded 1956-Pleasanton, California, United States
Founded ByForrest Clell Shaklee
CEORoger Barnett
HeadquartersCalifornia, United States
Product Line Premium vitamins, nutrition supplements, clean beauty, and green home products
Sales$930.0M  2021
Employees500 employees

Is Shaklee a Scam?

No, Shaklee is just another multi-level marketing firm where you may make money in the same ways as with any other MLM: by selling items to customers, by recruiting new members to your team, and by taking advantage of various incentives offered by the company.

Is Shaklee Legit?

There is no doubt that Shaklee is a major player in the multi-level marketing industry. Like everyone else in the business, they have their share of controversy, but they are not a fraud. It is possible to earn money using this system, but doing so is not as simple as the creators of the mlm program would have you believe.

Can I Make Money With Shaklee?

Distributors have a hard time making a profit with Shaklee because of the high price of the goods and the monthly sales quota that must be met. A substantial revenue from the MLM opportunity can only be attained via the recruitment of other individuals to participate. 

Shaklee Founder

U.S.-born chiropractor, philosopher, and businessman Forrest Clell Shaklee November 27, 1894 – December 15, 1985. Along with his sons, he established the Shaklee Corporation. Forrest C. Shaklee, MD, was the first to produce a vitamin for widespread usage in America. Shaklee married Ruth Chapin in 1915; she died in 1941. On August 8, 1957, they were married to a Canadian from British Columbia.

On December 15, 1985, Shaklee had a heart attack and died suddenly at his home in Castro Valley, California.

He reached the ripe old age of 91 and served as the Shaklee Corporation’s acting chairman emeritus.

Shaklee Products

Though the company’s roots are in nutrition and weight management, Shaklee has long been a leader in the fields of beauty and home decor as well.

Healthy Nutrition

Their line of nutritional supplements includes a variety of options for getting your recommended daily allowance of minerals, vitamins, and proteins. They aid in heart health, cleaning, digestion, aging, and other digestive processes.

Healthy Solutions

The health issues targeted by this category of products are varied. Supplements for everything from liver health to joint pain to immunity are available, as are blood pressure treatments like SmartHeart and MindWorks. There’s also an anti-aging product called Vivix.

Healthy Weight

They provide a variety of smoothies, shakes, bars, teas, and supplements for weight control. They are formulated to aid in weight loss, muscle gain, appetite control, and energy levels.

Healthy Beauty

Shaklee’s line of cosmetics includes body care, hair, and skin items that are chemical-free and formulated to nourish the skin and stimulate the growth of strong, healthy hair.

Healthy Home

All-purpose cleaners, kitchen cleansers, and laundry detergent are just some of the Shaklee home goods available. Everything they sell for the house is safe for the environment.

My Most Popular Shaklee Products

The Shaklee product Vitalizer – is a vitamin strip that contains a wide variety of nutrients, including vitamin D, a multivitamin, antioxidants, B vitamins, omega-3 fatty acids, a probiotic, and more.

Vitalizing Protein- contains soy protein that has been water-washed rather than chemically processed, unlike many other proteins.

Energy Chews – It helps build energy and stamina.

The Get Clean Starter Kit– includes a wide variety of cleaning supplies beyond those seen in the image, such as disinfectant wipes, laundry detergent, dish wash concentration, dryer sheets, and more, all made with the versatile and non-toxic Organic Basic-H cleaning concentrate. It comes with my highest recommendation.

Shaklee Compensation Plan

There are three alternative ways to join Shaklee’s business opportunity.

Member: $19.95

This tier is aimed more at the “premium client” than at distributors. Unlike other multi-level marketing companies MLMs, Shaklee just demands a one-time cost of $19.95 to get a 15-25% discount on all goods, regardless of whether you want to be on monthly autoship or not. I’d say that’s a very sweet offer.

Distributor: $49.95

Paying $49.95 and maintaining 100 PV every month will get you started as a distributor also known as a “Business Builder” and make you eligible for bonuses and downline commission. The first investment is typical.

Shaklee Business Leader

You become a Director after you have more than 2,000 PV. Your bonus increases, and you can now register for the San Francisco New Directors Conference.

Senior Director

You rise through the ranks to Senior Director and beyond as your team expands and you assume responsibility for supervising more Directors and C-suite executives. At that point, you may expect to start earning some extra money.

There are eight methods to make money with the Shaklee compensation plan. I will list them below:

  1. Bonuses are paid out on a monthly basis for personal group bonuses when your team of recruiters and consumers sells a particular amount of merchandise.
  2. New Leaders may benefit from FastTRACK Bonuses if they contribute to the company’s quick expansion.
  3. Incentives may lead to high-quality life rewards like exotic trips and expensive gifts.
  4. You might think of Price Difference as your own personal profit margin. Your retail profit will be between fifteen and twenty-five percent of your selling price.
  5. When your team reaches $3,000 in Personal Group Volume and you have promoted a First Generation Director, you will be eligible for a car bonus. Bonuses on company cars may only be used for three years.
  6. Once you reach Director, you are eligible for leadership bonuses.
  7. To infinite, bonuses might go as high as 8% of the total salary of all Leaders in your company.
  8. If you can recruit three Preferred Members in three months, you’ll earn $25, and each Preferred Distributor you recruit will earn you $50. You may earn an extra $150 by finding only three distributors to join your team.

Find Shaklee Compensation Plan PDF File: 

Watch Shaklee Dream Plan- Shaklee Compensation Plan Explained

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Shaklee Login

Shaklee Back Office / Sign In / Distributor Sign in etc.

Shaklee Reviews

Customer Reviews – for – Shaklee Corporation – BBB

Shaklee Corporation – Reviews – Facebook

Customer reviews: Shaklee Vita-Lea Women 240 Tablets

Shaklee Training

Shaklee Back Office and Tools Section Training with Cathy Keating

YouTube video

Ready, Set, Wellness Training

YouTube video

Becoming SuperHuman | Shaklee Ambassador Training

YouTube video

Back to School with Shaklee!

YouTube video

Cathy Keating Back Office training

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Shaklee Countries

Shaklee is open in the following countries: 






Shaklee Customer Service Number

The Shaklee Customer Service Number is 1 800 742-5533 

Email: [email protected] 

Shaklee Income Disclosure

2020 US Average Annual Earnings Statement – Shaklee

Shaklee Income Disclosure 2021

Shaklee Customer Service and Support

If you have any questions about your position, price, appointments, volume grace months, forms, procedures, the P & R, promotions, rewards, or account updates, please contact Shaklee customer service and support.


HOURS Mon-Fri, 6 am to 5 pm Pacific | 9 am to 8 pm Eastern

PHONE 925-734-3636

EMAIL [email protected] 


HOURS Mon-Fri, 8 am to 5 pm Pacific | 11 am to 8 pm Eastern

PHONE 925-271-9144

EMAIL [email protected] 


HOURS Mon-Fri, 8 am to 5 pm Pacific | 11 am to 8 pm Eastern

PHONE 925-734-3636

EMAIL [email protected]

Shaklee Company Address: 6920 Koll Center Parkway, Suite 211Pleasanton, California 94566
Shaklee  Phone Number:925-924-2000
Phone Line Hours of Operation
Mon-Fri, 6 am to 7 pm Pacific | Saturday, 7 am – 4 pm Pacific NOTE: On the first and last business day of the month, hours are extended to 9 pm Pacific.
Sales Support/Shipping/Sign-Up[email protected]   
Shaklee  Login 
Product Support[email protected] 
Business Support[email protected] 

Shaklee  Social Media Accounts 

Shaklee  Facebook 
Shaklee  Twitter 
Shaklee  Youtube  
Shaklee  Instagram 
  Shaklee  Pinterest 
Company Login 

Shaklee Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

What Does a Shaklee Distributor Do?

Shaklee Independent Distributors operate under the authorization of Shaklee Corporation to engage in the direct sales and promotion of their natural nutrition, personal care, and household products, as well as water treatment systems.

Are Shaklee Vitamins Plant Based?

All of the omega-3 fatty acids in these capsules come from plants, making them healthy for you and the earth.

Who Bought Shaklee?

The Shaklee Corporation, a direct-sales company specializing in vitamins, cosmetics, and household products, agreed today to be acquired by the Yamanouchi Pharmaceutical Company of Japan for $28 a share in cash, or about $395 million

What Is Shaklee Basic H Made of ?

Because it uses maize and coconut-derived cleaning chemicals, Basic H2 is kind to the environment. It’s safe for septic and gray water systems because of the biodegradable surfactants and lack of phosphates and dyes in the formula. The packaging may be recycled.

How Do You Drink Shaklee?

Dissolve 28 grams 3 tablespoons of powder in 237 milliliters 1 cup of cold water. Team members should combine the full canister with 4.5 liters of water.

How Do I Cancel My Shaklee Subscription?

By accessing your account on or by dialing 1-800-Shaklee, you may modify or cancel your Loyalty Order at any time.

Is Shaklee Environmentally Friendly?

Shaklee, founded in 1956, has had zero net environmental effect since it became the first firm in the world to be certified as climate neutral and fully offset its carbon dioxide emissions from company-operated facilities.

Why Is Shaklee Good?

Products from Shaklee are lauded for their “Purity” high-quality components, lack of harmful additives, “Potency” substantial scientific backing, high-impact nutrients, and “Performance” high-efficiency absorption, and noticeable effects.

What Is a Shaklee Ambassador?

Join the Shaklee team as an Ambassador. You can earn a 40% commission on all sales made through your referral link when you promote your favorite Shaklee products. Get started now for only $49 and have access to a $100 product credit.

What Is a Shaklee Preferred Member?

These are some of the perks and loyalty rewards available to Shaklee Preferred Members: Shipping is either free if your purchase total is $150 or a fixed fee of $8.99 if it is less than $150 for all Shaklee Preferred Members.

What Makes Shaklee Different?

Over the course of a year, Shaklee performs over 100,000 quality tests to guarantee that all of its products are risk-free for use by you and your loved ones. 

Every single new botanical component goes through a rigorous screening process that looks for over three hundred and fifty different pollutants, pesticides, and impurities. In addition to creating items that are kind to the planet, they also abstain from doing any animal testing.

How Much Does a Shaklee Membership Cost?

To get a complimentary Shaklee Membership at a retail value of $19.95, your order total must be a minimum of $150 at the purchaser’s pricing tier before shipping, handling, and taxes.

How Do You Redeem Shaklee Points?

Just choose the “Redeem Points” button in your shopping basket. The minimum number of points required to redeem for a product at your price level is the number of points required to purchase the complete product exclusive of shipping & handling and applicable taxes. If you want to buy anything that costs $49.95, for instance, you’ll need 49.95 points in your account.

Are Shaklee Vitamins Third Party Tested?

Every year, Shaklee conducts over a hundred thousand quality tests to guarantee the safety and efficacy of our products. They do a lot of this testing in their own state-of-the-art labs, but they also use trusted outside facilities.

What Is Shaklee Alfalfa Good for ?

Historically, people have relied on alfalfa for a variety of health issues, including nutritional support, detoxification, hormone regulation, relief from chronic pain, skin problems, migraines, and poor digestion. As a moderate diuretic, alfalfa was traditionally used to treat kidney, bladder, and prostate disorders.

What Is Shaklee B Complex for?

All eight of the B vitamins we need to turn the food we consume into energy are included in Shaklee B-Complex. The production of DNA and new cells rely heavily on B vitamins. The B vitamins B6, folic acid, and B12 aid in maintaining normal homocysteine levels in the blood, which in turn supports a healthy cardiovascular system.

Are Shaklee Vitamins Tested?

Raw ingredients and completed goods are subjected to rigorous testing as part of Shaklee’s quality program. Because of this, Shaklee has been synonymous with trusted goods that have stood the test of time.

Is Shaklee Soy Protein Safe?

Since the soybeans used to make this non-GMO soy protein are subjected to stringent quality control measures at every stage of production, from planting to processing, the program ensures consistent quality. Guaranteed to work and is completely risk-free.

Conclusion – Is Shaklee an MLM or Pyramid Scheme

Shaklee, on the other hand, is not a pyramid scam.

Because these items are legitimate and available for purchase, distributors may earn a commission by selling them.

However, there is evidence that Shaklee is nothing more than a “pyramid scam in disguise.”

Yes, I get what you’re thinking:

Let me explain…

Shaklee is a difficult nut to crack in the MLM market.

In truth, finding success in any multi-level marketing organization is incredibly difficult.

According to studies, between 73 and 99 percent of MLM salesmen fail.

The fact that Shaklee, unlike many MLMs, does not disclose the revenue of its representatives from previous years should be seen as a red flag.

They do provide some data about how much money each position generates as you’ll see later, but this information is mostly meaningless since it doesn’t reflect how many distributors are at each tier.

As a result, determining whether Shaklee adheres to the aforementioned MLM norms is challenging. is the brainchild of Jack Bastide. It is designed for entrepreneurs and those that want to be. You can find Jack on Facebook or Linked In. 

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