Is Beachbody an MLM or a Pyramid Scheme? (Reviews) 

Is Beachbody an MLM
Is Beachbody an MLM

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So you heard about Beachbody. 

And you were wondering, Is Beachbody an MLM?

or is Beachbody a Pyramid Scheme

So let’s answer that right now.

Is Beachbody an MLM or a Pyramid Scheme? Beachbody is an MLM company and not a Pyramid scheme.  As their name would indicate, Beachbody is in the health and wellness niche. It was founded in Santa Monica, CA 1998 by Carl Daikeler and Jon Congdon and is currently located in El Segundo, Ca

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What Is Beachbody? 

Beachbody is a health, wellness and weight loss company founded in 1998 by Carl Daikeler and Jon Congdon.  They sell their product using a Network Marketing business model with a Binary compensation plan. 

Founded ByCarl Daikeler and Jon Congdon
Founding Year / Location1998 – Santa Monica,  CA 
Beachbody Corporate 
Beachbody Corporate Address 400 Continental Boulevard, 4th Floor El Segundo, Ca
Beachbody Customer Service(800) 207-0420
Beachbody EMail AddressMailbag [at]
Start Up Cost$39.95 and $15.95/ month

History of Beachbody

YouTube video

When Was Beachbody Founded?

Carl Daikeler and Jon Congdon started the business in Santa Monica, California, in 1998. In the 1990s, Daikeler previously appeared in infomercials for Lifeline Gym and:08 Min Abs. The founders created several training videos, acquired the website, and obtained an angel investment of $500,000. 

Is Beachbody a Scam?

Is Beachbody a scam? 

No,  not at all.

Since it’s an MLM, recruiting others to work for you is a must, but it’s not a fraud. 

You will receive a 25% commission if you sell Beachbody items at retail.

A 36% commission on each Challenge Pack sold is yours if you successfully encourage others to join a Challenge Group. If you fulfill the requirements, you may also be eligible for several performance and incentive incentives to increase your monthly commission payments.

How Does Beachbody Work?

Beachbody provides a range of goods and services, but they all have the same objective—to make losing weight simpler. 

Participants work with a Beachbody coach who they join up to help them lose weight. These coaches assist them in selecting a course of action and discovering products that will provide the desired outcomes.

One of the more well-known offerings from the business is the Beachbody diet plan. Despite the lack of a specific scientific study supporting the program, the manufacturer of this diet based it on accepted principles of weight loss. For instance, the 21-Day Fix did away with refined carbohydrates and added sugar, known to cause weight gain.

Can I Make Money with Beachbody?

Yes. As a Beachbody coach, a person might earn a substantial income. 

The highest-paid Star Diamond coach recently  made a staggering $3,038,804

However, the money you can make as a Beachbody coach is all up to you, as Beachbody makes quite clear. In contrast to the top-earning Star Diamond coach, who took home over $3 million, the average income for coaches at that level was just over $10,000. That span is quite broad.

Beachbody gives you a wealth of resources, like highly regarded workout plans, premium nutrition drinks, and sponsors and mentors for when you’re just starting. Still, in the end, your financial success is all up to you. 

It’s up to you to choose whether you wish to discover how to become a profitable Beachbody coach or take pleasure in instructing as a pastime that doesn’t generate a lot of money.

Learn more here

Beachbody Products

Beachbody products include;

  • XB Sweat + Sculpt. Shakeology Essentials. Total-Solution Pack. 
  • Beachbody On Demand. Shakeology Essentials. Total-Solution Pack. 
  • LIFT MORE. Performance Essentials. Total-Solution Pack. 
  • Beachbody On Demand. FIRST THING Essentials. Total-Solution Pack. 

Beachbody Products

Beachbody Compensation Plan

Beachbody uses a binary compensation plan.

You get to profit up to 36% from the sale of each Challenge Pack. Most of the time, you will make a 25% commission* or a 15% commission* if your consumer is a Beachbody on Demand subscriber whenever you sell them a non-Challenge Pack product from Team Beachbody®. Paid commission. Battle Packs. 

Beachbody Compensation Plan   

Beachbody Startup Cost / Monthly Cost 

A $99 annual membership to Beachbody On Demand is required. This also comes with a 30-day free Beachbody On Demand Interactive trial (BODi). 

BODi membership is $298 per year. You may also obtain access to home workouts by purchasing day passes for $7 per day.

It costs $39.95 to sign up to be a Team Beachbody Coach. After 30 days, a $15.95 monthly charge will be made automatically to the credit card you supply.

Beachbody Social Media Accounts 

Beachbody Facebook Page
Beachbody Twitter Page
Beachbody Youtube Channel
Beachbody Instagram Page
Beachbody  on Linkedin
Beachbody on Tiktok
Beachbody on PInterest

Beachbody Testimonials and Reviews

When looking at reviews there is something to consider. People are more likely to complain about something they don’t like than to praise something they do like.

– Trustpilot

  • I love this platform so much! This goes well beyond merely being a diet plan! Thanks to this platform, I’ve learned to be consistent and treat “healthy” living as a way of life rather than a quick fix for weight loss. I appreciate that it includes educational content with the meals. I’ve improved my physical and mental toughness. Everyone must attempt it and genuinely make an effort. 
  • I genuinely adore Beachbody. Although I didn’t always take advantage of all that Beachbody has to offer until COVID took off, I have loved them since I first discovered them in 2013. Every worker at Beachbody, from customer service to your coach, has a passion for the business, which is evident in the firm’s daily products.

Beachbody Reviews on Trustpilot 

– Better Business Bureau

If you ever have a problem with a business, BBB can help you out. You can file a complaint on their website, and the bureau will work with both sides to resolve the issue.

What is the Better Business Bureau (BBB)? The BBB is a not-for-profit organization that’s been around for more than 100 years. Its goal is to help businesses be fair and honest, and it gives companies and customers a lot of help. 

Beachbody on BBB,org 

Beachbody Lawsuits

Beachbody has had several lawsuits against it.

2017 – Consumer Protection – Charged Credit Cards without Permission

2020 –  Class Action for selling Customer Info to 3rd Parties

2022 – Breach of Fiduciary Duty By Board Of Directors 

Beachbody Customer Service Phone Number 

Looking for the Beachbody Customer Service Phone Number?

Here it is:

Toll-Free – You could call 1 (800) 207-0420.

Office: (800) 804-4333

Fax: 202-640-5932

Beachbody Email Address

Beachbody email address is mailbag[at]

Beachbody Login

Are you looking to log in to your Beachbody Back office?

Here is a direct link

Beachbody Login  (USA)  

Beachbody FAQ

Here are some other questions that people ask about Beachbody

What is Beachbody on Demand (BOD)?

Beachbody On Demand is an Interactive streaming service that was started in 2021. It enables you to enjoy live and on-demand studio courses. 1,400+ at-home workouts on Beachbody On Demand (BOD), including the 21-Day Fix, LET’S GET UP!, FIRE AND FLOW, Xtend Barre, #mbf Muscle Burns Fat, and a ton of other options.

Numerous people have lost weight and improved their health with the well-known fitness and nutrition program Beachbody. Beachbody’s platform includes at-home exercises (remember P90X or Insanity? ), nutrition plans, workout manuals, and supplements like Shakeology.

How Much Do Beachbody Coaches Make?

The average monthly salary for a Beachbody Coach in the US is around $3,000, which is 44% more than the national average.

How Do Beachbody Coaches Make Money?

Commissions and team volume are how Beachbody coaches make money. Coaches might also be eligible for monthly rewards, quarterly bonuses, and vacations. Each instructor receives a 25% commission on most orders and 20% on gear orders.

Is Becoming a Beachbody Coach Worth It?

Yes. Someone who enjoys the items and desires to promote better health for their loved ones should enjoy being a Beachbody coach. Commissions and team volume are two ways that Beachbody coaches can earn money. Coaches are eligible to receive quarterly bonuses, excursions, and monthly awards. Most orders earn each coach a 25% commission; clothing orders earn a 20% commission.

Is Beachbody Worth the Money?

Yes. Beachbody On Demand provides the freedom you’re seeking if you want to exercise anywhere. You can choose from more than 40 different routines, discovering plenty that corresponds to your fitness level and workout method selected.

Is Beachbody an Excellent Company to Work for?

Based on more than 670 anonymous employee reviews, The Beachbody Company has a five-star rating of 3.5 overall. In addition to 41% who are optimistic about the company, 55% of employees would suggest The Beachbody Company to a friend.

How Much Do the Top 5 Beachbody Coaches Make?

Beachbody makes it abundantly clear that the amount you can make as a Beachbody coach is entirely up to you. While the highest-paid Star Diamond coach made over $3 million, the typical income for a coach in that position in the same year was just over $10,000. That span is pretty broad.

How Much Do 5 Star Diamond Coaches Make?

Every coach receives a flat 25% commission; it never drops or rises with rank. Team Volume is a weekly BONUS based on the performance of your coaching staff. Additionally, Diamond receives a 10% weekly bonus (or 10% of the team incentives your Emerald coaches receive).

How Often Do Beachbody Coaches Get Paid?

Every time they make money, Beachbody instructors receive weekly payments via direct deposit. From the week it was earned, it runs a week behind. For example, each Thursday following the conclusion of that bonus week, commissions are paid out. The bonus week lasts from Thursday at midnight. ET to Wednesday at 11:59 p.m. ET.

Do Beachbody coaches make money from on Demand?

Coaches who sign up for Beachbody On Demand subscription plans will receive a 40% commission off the retail price. The retail price for BOD on and alone is used to determine applicable commissions.

How Much Does a Beachbody Membership Cost?

The annual cost of joining Beachbody On Demand is $99. Beachbody On Demand Interactive’s 30-day free trial is also included (BODi). BODi charges $298 for a yearly membership. Access to home exercises is also available with day tickets, which cost $7 per day.

Do Beachbody coaches have to buy Shakeology?

No, during the Bonus Qualification Period, the CBC (Coach Business Center) must accrue and maintain a minimum of 50 PV (Personal Volume) points or higher to qualify as an active Coach. PV can be earned through personal retail orders, which don’t have to be Shakeology orders.

Is Beachbody Growing?

Beachbody’s total streams in the first quarter were 38.2 million, down 32% from the same period in 2021 but up 44% from the same period in 2019. Due to the company’s acquisition of Myx Fitness later in 2021, Connected Fitness’s revenue was $19.5 million instead of zero in 2021.

Is Beachbody Still a Thing?

In February 2021, Beachbody, Myx Fitness Holdings, and Forest Road Acquisition Corp. agreed to merge, giving the company a $2.9 billion valuation.

Conclusion – Is Beachbody an MLM or a Pyramid Scheme?

Beachbody is neither illegal, nor is it a scam. However, if you must know, there are still other multi-level marketing companies that are as good or even better than Beachbody. Nevertheless, if you like how Beachbody operates, you could do more research about how to get on with them. This is where we put a full stop till next time. is the brainchild of Jack Bastide. It is designed for entrepreneurs and those that want to be. You can find Jack on Facebook or Linked-In.

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