Is Nu Skin an MLM or Pyramid Scheme? – Best Review

Is Nu Skin an MLM
Is Nu Skin an MLM

So you just found out about Nu Skin, and you were wondering:

 Is Nu Skin an MLM?

or is Nu Skin a pyramid scheme

Well, here’s your answer …

Is Nu Skin MLM? Yes, Nu Skin is MLM It is a direct sales firm that uses the multilevel marketing (MLM) method, wherein Members are urged to promote their products and services while simultaneously recruiting new customers. These fresh hires join the distributor’s network or “downline.”

Nu Skin was founded by Blake Roney and Sandra Tillotson in 1984. Tillotson contributed to the creation of the business in 1984, helping to create the first Nu Skin product line and the company’s distinctive global marketing strategy. 

Tillotson was on the board of directors of the business until 2012. Thanks to her leadership, Nu Skin has grown into a multi-billion dollar anti-aging brand. 

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What Is Nu skin?

Multi-level marketing firm Nu Skin Enterprises is an American public corporation that creates and markets cosmetics and nutritional supplements. Nu Skin was established 1984, Provo, Utah, is home of the American headquarters of Nu Skin.

Nu Skin has a network of over 1.2 million independent distributors and helps the corporation sell its goods in 54 markets. More than 200 personal care products are created and sold by the company under the Nu Skin and Pharmanex brands with the promise of making users look and feel younger. 

Due to concerns about Nu Skin’s multi level marketing tactics in the 1990s, the Federal Trade Commission (F.T.C.) looked into the company. When five states accused Nu Skin of misleading advertising and inflating distributors’ earnings, the business settled with them in 1992.

For more info check the Nu Skin Wikipedia Listing

Better Business Bureau on Nu Skin

The primary purpose of the BBB. Better Business Bureau is to support you as you use your own best judgment. When third parties publish complaints, reviews, or responses on our page, B.B.B. requests that they certify that the material is accurate.

The BBB. however, does not permit the integrity of data submitted by third parties and does not warrant the veracity of any data in Business Profiles. I’m pretty sure you would love to learn more about this. 

For more info check the Nu Skin Better Business Bureau listing

Consumer Affairs on Nu Skin 

  • “The Company’s Items Are Excellent, I Love My In-home Spa, Foot Cream, and Toothpaste. I Tried Several Different Foot Creams and Treatments Before Trying Nu Emphasizes the Creation and Dissemination Could Immediately Feel and See a Significant Difference in the Texture of My Feet. Now I Feel Comfortable Enough to Walk Around Without Socks. Yes, These Products Will Alter Your Skin, and If You Remember to Stick with Them, You’ll Notice New Effects in less than a Month”
  • “I’ve had my own business for about 27 years as a cosmetics artist and beauty skin therapist. For myself and my clients, the skin has never looked younger with such fantastic results. My clients are ecstatic, and I have many before and after images demonstrating outstanding outcomes. Using ageloc science results in looking younger, healthier, with fewer wrinkles, and less pigmentation”.

For more info check the Nu Skin consumer Affairs listing

Trust Pilot Reviews on Nu skin

  • “Excellent business, excellent goods. After only a few months, my Lumi spa stopped functioning. Their customer service was outstanding; they quickly responded to my email and replaced my Lumi spa as part of my warranty. Their postage and delivery are incredibly swift, there are no hassles, and they have wonderful communication. I never experienced a delivery delay of more than two days”.
  • “My skin is oily, and combination and hormonal breakouts are common. Additionally, I believe my pores to be larger. For me, this gadget has completely changed the game. No, I do not market or sell these goods. However, I choose to remain with my gentle hydraulic acid cleaner instead of using the Nuu cleanser. The bad comments about dry skin and breakouts caught me off guard. This device completely controls my breakouts and never dries me out. I have a thorough skin care regimen”.

Follow more on Trust Pilot Reviews on Nuskin here. 

Nu Skin Facebook Page

From Nuskin Facebook Page, Nu skin is an award-winning line of cosmetic device systems available from Nu Skin. Co is a multinational integrated beauty and wellness company. We provide goods that blend the best aspects of science, technology, and nature to help you look, feel, and live your best life. 

More on Nuskin’s Facebook Page

Nu Skin Youtube Channel 

No Skin has a pretty active youtube channel with some great information 

Check out the Nu Skin Youtube Channel  

History Of Nu Skin

YouTube video

In 1984, Nu Skin was established in Provo, Utah. The business initially catered to the American market before extending its reach to Canada in 1990. The company started operating in Asia in 1991, commencing in Hong Kong. The business went public on the New York Stock Exchange in 1996.

The parent firm of the nutritional supplement business Pharmanex, Generation Health, was purchased by Nu Skin in 1998. The company holds a patent for a “BioPhotonic Scanner” created by Pharmanex that is used to gauge the carotenoid content of the skin.

Women’s Health Letter claims that the device is a “scam” because it is just intended to promote the sale of more supplements: According to Nu Skin’s annual report from 2002, “As clients track their skin’s carotenoid concentration, we believe they will be driven to routinely use LifePak over extended periods.”

More on the History of Nuskin

Nu Skin Statistics

Nu Skin Enterprises, Inc., a cosmetics and wellness corporation headquartered in Provo, Utah, was established in 1984. It emphasizes the creation and dissemination of dietary supplements, cosmetics, and personal care goods under Nu Skin and Pharmanex trademarks.

Nu Skin Enterprises, which operates in more than 50 regions in Asia, Europe, and Africa, was one of the top direct-selling merchants globally in 2020. Around 337 thousand people in the Americas were Nu Skin subscribers three months before December 31, 2021. Meanwhile, Nu Skin Enterprises employed about 4,600 people. 

The business has recently concentrated on creating anti-aging goods and a market anticipated to be valued at approximately 88.3 US billion by 2026. It emphasizes the creation and dissemination of at-home beauty device system manufacturers. Facial skin care gadgets are used with topical formulations to enhance skin look, lessen blemishes, or provide a deep clean. 

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Nu Skin Products 

Nu Skin combined beauty and health products can help you become your best self inside and out.

Below are examples of Nu skin products 

  • AgeLOC PowerMask.
  • Face Lift with Activator (original formula)
  • Face Lift Activator (original recipe)
  • Face Lift Powder (original recipe)
  • Face Lift with Activator (original formula)
  • Ultimate Waterfull Mask.
  • Glacial Marine Mud.
  • Exfoliant Scrub.

You can visit the website Here to view more of Nu skin products.  

Nu Skin Compensation Plan

Each month, $206.98 in sales commissions were generally given to active brand affiliates in the United States. In 2021, U.S. Brand Affiliates who received sales compensation received an average monthly payment of $947.61. 

Please note that because they do not account for costs made by Brand Affiliates in promoting their businesses, these numbers do not indicate a Brand Affiliate’s profit. Average monthly sales compensation payments were received by 21.84% of active brand affiliates in the United States.

 An “Active Brand Affiliate” is a Brand Affiliate who, within the most recent three months, either made a personal purchase, sponsored another account, or got a Sharing Bonus. In the U.S., the company had 83,242 Active Brand Affiliates on average in 2021. An average of 37.03% of all brand affiliates were active brand affiliates.

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Nu Skin List of Ranks and Bonuses

Nu skin list of ranks and bonuses are as follows 

  • Active Distributor Earning a Check (Non-Executive)
  • Qualifying Executive
  • Provisional Executive
  • Executive
  • Gold Executive
  • Lapis Executive
  • Ruby Executive
  • Emerald Executive
  • Diamond Executive
  • Blue Diamond Executive

Nu Skin Events and Training

Get to attend Nu skin events and training, including the Certified Trainer’s Program and the Business Builder Training, to take advantage of Nu Skin’s cutting-edge anti-aging skin care products and lucrative business opportunities to become your best self while changing the world.


Is Nu Skin Legit    

Nu Skin is a genuine company and not a scam. Members of the Nu Skin MLM. program receive the payments they are promised for selling legitimate goods. Additionally, their interests are deemed secure and reliable. Even though this M.L.M. provides consumers with high-quality products, its commissions are too low to make the firm a profitable investment.

Is Nu Skin in the U.K.?

Yes. Nu Skin is in the U.K. and Ireland, the source of luxury skincare and wellness goods. Since 1984, Nu Skin has showcased its distinctly unique business approach.

Does Nu Skin use clean ingredients?

Yes. The formulations stay away from substances like parabens, formaldehyde, hydroquinone, mineral oil, phthalates, and more that are on the Nutricentials Worry-free List.

Is Nu skin legal in Singapore?

Yes. All of the goods Nu Skin sells in Singapore have been legally registered with the appropriate market authorities and adhere to all applicable food safety and cosmetics laws.

Can Nu skin Be Used on the Face?

Yes, of course. Even if you don’t like devoting much time to your beauty routine, the Nu Skin Facial Spa is straightforward to use, and each treatment takes only a few minutes. Two 5-minute spa sessions comprise the basic regimen covering the entire face. As a result, the introductory regimen session lasts 10 minutes.

Who Makes Nu Skin?

The Nu Skin and Pharmanex brands make Nu Skin. The business creates and offers more than 200 personal care products, many of which are promoted to make users look and feel younger.  

Nu Skin has evolved from its modest origins in Utah, U.S.A., back in 1984 to become one of the biggest direct-selling businesses in the world. They have maintained the fundamental principles on which this business was formed. For more than 30 years, they’ve held an innovative spirit and a passion for bettering people’s lives, propelling them to new heights, and drawing hundreds of like-minded people to the team.

Do You Have to Pay to Join Nu Skin?

Yes. There is a $35 beginning fee. Nevertheless, the process is made simple by the Nu Skin website, but you will need to create a Group and provide the necessary personal data. In addition to the annual membership price.

Is Nu Skin Good?        

Yes. On the yearly list of the “100 Most Reliable” published by Forbes.comCorporations,” Nu Skin” is one of the top five mid-cap companies. The Better Business Bureau has recognized Nu Skin since 1986 and has given it the highest possible rating of A+, giving it an A.G.R. score of 96 out of 100.

Is Nu Skin Cruelty-free    

Yes. Except it is required by law and regulatory bodies, neither Nu Skin nor anyone else we work with asks others to test our cosmetic products on animals. To verify the effectiveness and safety of our products, we conduct clinical trials on panels of willing human volunteers.

Is Nu Skin MLM  

Nu Skin Enterprises is a multilevel marketing business, which has been on since 1984 and has sold skincare items under the Pharmanex and Nu Skin brands. They were still featured as one of Forbes’ “100 Most Trusted U.S. Companies” in 2010 despite numerous probes by the Federal Trade Commission in the 1990s for fraudulent advertising and misrepresenting the income made by its distributors.

What Are Nu Skin Products?    

Nu skin has numerous skincare items, such as facial cleansers, moisturizers, serums, exfoliators, body care items, skin care gadgets, and more are available from Nu Skin. Interestingly, the Nu Skin Tanner is the best-selling item for the company.

Is Nu skin a Pyramid Scheme Reddit

No matter if Nu Skin is a pyramid scheme, it is a topic of constant discussion. Many may even assert that all M.L.M. businesses are cloaked pyramid scams. Even though some claim this is a pyramid scheme, the company approach is lawful.

As a result, Nu Skin is neither a fraud nor a pyramid scheme.

Is Nu Skin Vegan  

Not really. The products offered at Nu Skin are not suitable for vegans. This is because some products, like Sunright Lip Balm, which contains beeswax, employ chemicals from animal byproducts. However, products like the Nu Pore Makeup Remover Reusable Pads, which ensure that removing makeup is a simple and quick process, are 100% vegan and don’t use animal products.  

What Is Nu skin Lumispa    

Through its pore-tightening, counter-rotating action, which has a patent-pending, Nu skin LumiSpa gently yet thoroughly removes dirt, oil, makeup, and pollutants. In addition to smoothing and purifying skin, it also minimizes pore visibility.

What Is Nu skin Pharmanex    

Nu skin Pharmanex® provides a comprehensive anti-aging strategy with dietary supplements designed to hydrate and safeguard your body against the effects of aging.

Is Nu Skin Tanner Safe?

Yes. Most sunless tanners in the U.S. utilize the FDA-approved substance dihydroxyacetone (D.H.A.), which causes a browning reaction in the epidermis.  

Is Nu Skin F.d.a. Approved?    

Yes. Nu Skin outperforms the competition in terms of quality and efficacy because of its meticulous manufacturing process focused on selection, sourcing, specification, standardization, safety, and substantiation. The business regularly complies with or surpasses the Good Manufacturing Practices (G.M.P.) requirements established by the F.D.A. for this product category.

Is Nu Skin Multi Level Marketing

Nu Skin is a multi level marketing enterprise. Each distributor offers products to prospective clients directly and can find and train clients to work as distributors. They were established in Provo, Utah, in 1984. They manufacture a variety of skincare and other cosmetics. The business operates in over 50 markets throughout the world. They don’t sell their goods in the conventional sense; instead, they work via a network of between 800,000 and 1 million independent distributors. 

How Much Is Nu Skin Tanner

Nuskin tanner is $30.00 per bottle

How Much Is Nu Skin Collagen    

Multilevel marketing company Nu Skin Enterprises introduced the Inner Focus Collagen Plus orange-flavored drink on September 14 in Ortigas. Still, it won’t be available through direct sellers until the first quarter of 2023. It will cost $105 for 30 sticks, or about a month’s worth, of product.

What Is Nus kin Meta?    

Nuskin meta is sourced from three superfoods—black currants, bilberries, and black rice—ageLOC Meta proudly boasts its anthocyanin blend rich in powerful Cyanidin and Delphinidin. According to our groundbreaking research, the two anthocyanins most capable of promoting improved metabolic health are cyanidin and delphinidin.  

What Is Nus kin Ageloc

Nu Skin ageLOC, from nuskin knowledge, is a science having unique access to more than 30 years of anti-aging gene expression research. Scientists at NU SKIN have figured out how to target numerous genes rather than just one gene to achieve optimum outcomes. This is in addition to finding ways to target the genetic causes of aging.  

Is NuS kin Network Marketing

Yes. Nu Skin is a reputable direct-selling business among the world’s top network marketing businesses. 

Conclusion  –  Is Nu Skin an MLM or a Pyramid Scheme?

I’ve examined a lot of MLM. businesses, and Nu Skin is just one of them. I’ve stated enough info to know the basics about Nu skin. If it’s something you want to invest your time in, then all the best. is the brainchild of Jack Bastide. It is designed for entrepreneurs and those that want to be. You can find Jack on Facebook or Linked-In.

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