Is Monat a MLM or a Pyramid Scheme?

Is Monat a MLM
Is Monat a MLM

So somebody told you about  Monat.  

and you’re wondering:  Is Monat a MLM?

or is Monat a pyramid scheme

Well, here’s your answer 

Is Monat a MLM ? Or is it one of those scammy Pyramid Schemes? Monat is an MLM (Multi Level Marketing) Company. They are a division of Alcora Corp. Their product line is natural and cruelty-free Haircare and skincare products. They have been in business since October 2014.

Keep reading for more information on Monat. 

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What Is Monat?

With  headquarters in Doral, Florida, Monat Global Corp., also known as just “Monat,” is a privately held American multi-level marketing business that offers wellness, skincare, and hair care products.

It is a division of the Alcora Corporation, a private labeling business founded in 2001.

Wanna Know More About Monat

BBB. Better Business Bureau Monat

The primary purpose of the BBB Better Business Bureau is to support you as you use your own best judgment.

When third parties publish complaints, reviews, or responses on the page, BBB. requests that they certify that the material is accurate.

The BBB however, does not guarantee the integrity of data submitted by third parties and does not warrant the veracity of any data in Business Profiles.

Monat – Better Business Bureau 

 Trust Pilot Reviews of Monat

  • “WOOOW, switching my products was the best choice I ever made. My mother is a hairdresser, and I’ve used salon-quality goods my entire life. My mother saw a difference in my shine, elasticity, moisture, and, most significantly, all of my baby hairs as soon as I started using Monat hair and skin products. So much so that she has now stopped using Kerastase and other C.P.R. products in favor of Monat, which she also uses and recommends to her clients.
  • I genuinely appreciate Monat Hair Care, but I also give them a lot of credit for their offer because, after a month, my hair started to become incredibly silky and light. Without a doubt, this is not a slam. I am a 24-year-old hairdresser here.
  • Okay, to be quite honest, I only joined this company four months ago, and reading all of these inaccurate claims about fraud and getting trapped in the organization makes me very sad. These critics are undermining everything that MONAT Market Partners cherish and love. I won’t ever switch back to the inexpensive products on the supermarket shelves because Monat products have made my hair much smoother, and I don’t want to take a chance.

Check out more Ttrust Pilot Reviews:

Monat Global Facebook Page

Their Monat Facebook page is intended to be a forum for discussion and support between the MONAT team and their friends.

Demeaning, slanderous, insulting, and obscene language is unacceptable, even if they wish to foster an open dialogue.

As a result, they reserve the right to delete any posts that disparage or abuse their community. Therefore, they ask that you treat others with respect and decorum when posting here so they can continue to have civil and open online discussions.

Monat – Facebook Page

Monat Global Youtube

Monat Global’s purpose is to assist people everywhere to live beautiful, healthy, whole lives through their excellent, naturally derived goods, a rewarding and enjoyable business opportunity, and a culture of family, service, and gratitude. 

Check out their Youtube channel to learn more.   

History Of Monat

In October 2014, Luis Urdaneta created the company Monat. C.E.O. Rayner Urdaneta and his father, the company’s chairman Luis Urdaneta, founded the company in 2014.

In 2019, they added skincare to their line of hair care products, in 2020 and wellness. The wellness collection, created in collaboration with Dr. Brent Agin, consists of powders, mixes, and supplements to promote sleep, digestion, energy, and beauty. 

Board-certified dermatologists Dr. Amy Ross and Dr. Antonella Tosti, M.D., are Monat’s scientific advisory board members. The chief scientist is Alan J. Meyers. 

He was given the H.B.A. Lifetime Achievement Award for his early work with  Elizabeth Arden, Avon,L’Oreal and Revlon. Beginning in April 2020, the business distributed 240,000 bottles of hand sanitizer to nonprofit organizations, clients, and government agencies in North America to aid with the coronavirus epidemic.

In February 2021, a line of men’s skincare products made its debut. In September, a few months later, the company introduced Monat Body Care. The debut of the Wellness Collection was pushed back until September of 2020. It has natural energy drinks, greens powder, vegetarian collagen powder, and probiotic and prebiotic tablets.

Monat’s Story 

YouTube video

Check out Monat’s story by Luisaylen Urdaneta: My father, born into a low-income family in Venezuela, always hoped our family might make a better life for ourselves.

When he got to 18 years of age, he got invited to a meeting. It was a huge, established, direct sales company, but it was a company of only women. Of course, he didn’t care. He’s the type who says, “I don’t care if I get 100 no’s. 

All I need is one yes.” And so he worked that business, and he was very successful, he had so much money. But then he made a decision. He left that industry and decided to start a traditional business. 

And unfortunately, it failed. He knew he needed to start all over again. And so he decided to return to the industry that had brought him success. He started a direct sales company from scratch, and in 2001, he did just that. 

Monat Statistics

MONAT Global Corp (MONAT), a pioneer in healthy-aging Haircare and skincare, has been ranked among 653 the fastest-growing private companies according to the Inc. 5000 ranking firms in America, with a growth rate of 718%. The first time MONAT has been acknowledged on the esteemed list is this year.

In 2019, MONAT saw significant growth, which included the launch of MONAT Skincare, an eight-piece luxury line with a track record of efficacy. Ireland and Poland are two other new international markets that MONAT has entered. 

The Miami-based global brand credits its quick expansion to its successful products, V.I.P. (loyal) customers, and the dedication and entrepreneurial spirit of its hundreds of thousands of enthusiastic independent Market affiliates in the U.S.A., 

Canada, the UK, Ireland, and Poland. Monat has over 400,000. Yearly sales for MONAT grew by 1,788% between 2016 and 2020, from $42.58 million to $804 million. Monat are in Doral, Florida, USA. 

Learn more about Monat statistics. 

Monat Products 

Monat sells Haircare and skincare products.

For example …

Superx Shampoo 

Rejuveniqe oil intensive 

Advance hydrating system

Revive volumizing system 

30 Second Miracle™ Instant Perfector

Be Balanced™ Foamy Cleanser

Eye Smooth™ Nourishing Eye Cream

Intense Repair Conditioner 

Monat Compensation Plan

You will have created what we refer to as a MONATborhood whenever you complete three Blocks during your SMART Start Period! You must enroll 12 VIP. Customers and 3 Market Partners with a Product Pack to receive the $500 prize.

For more on the Monat compensation plan check out link below

List of Ranks and Bonuses

Every month, Monat enjoys celebrating the accomplishments of our devoted Market Partners in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Poland, Ireland, Lithuania, Spain, and our newest star, Australia. 

They are delighted to congratulate those who have been promoted in rank and to support their continued development. Below are levels and bonuses for Monat business partners 

  • Personal Volume (P.V.)
  • Active Line
  • Group Volume (G.V.)
  • Structure Requirement
  • Downline Volume (DV)

You could, however,  Click here for more information you likely need.

Monat Events and Training

Monat events and training are as follows

  • Passport 2022
  • Monotations 2023
  • Leadership submit 2023
  • Reunion 2023
  • New leadership experience 
  • 1500 events
  • Elite 2023


Is Monat Approved by the FDA Approved?

False claims of FDA. Approval were made online by women who sell Monat products. Social media sellers of a trendy line of hair care products have misrepresented the government’s legitimacy. The European Union employs secure coloring agents endorsed by the FDA., Health Canada, and the European Commission.

What Is a Monat Market Partner?

A Monat Market Partner wishes to promote Monat products and get paid to do it, much like any affiliate program. As a market partner, you’ll be eligible for many discounts, bonuses, and incentives, such as commissions ranging from 15% to 30%.

Is Monat Tested on Animals?

Through their great, naturally derived products, a rewarding and enjoyable business opportunity, and a culture of family, service, and gratitude, Monat’s purpose is to assist people everywhere to have beautiful, healthy, and satisfying lives. All Monat products are cruelty-free and vegan-friendly.

What Is Monat Flexship?

As a V.I.P. client, you will have the option of creating a Flexship order, which will allow you to choose the items you want to have sent to you. The $19.99 registration charge will be added to your total if your purchase value is $84 or higher.

Who Owns the Company Monat?

The business was created in 2014 by Rayner Urdaneta, the C.E.O., and Luis Urdaneta, the chairman. Products for Hair Care were their first offering, and then in 2019 and 2020, they added skincare and wellness.

Who Is the C.e.o. of Monat?

Ray Urdaneta is the C.E.O. of Monat. 

How Much Do Monat Reps Make?

For accurate information directly from the company check out the link below

Is Monat Skin Care a Pyramid Scheme?

The MLM company Monat asserts that it is not a pyramid system because it provides customers with genuine goods with inherent worth. But selling things at Monat is not enough to support yourself. You can increase your income by bringing new employees to help sell items.

Can I Buy Monat Products on Amazon?

The sale of Monat items on Amazon is prohibited. However, for some reason, the product is still on Amazon.

What Awards Has Monat Won?

Healthy-aging Hair Care, skincare, and wellness innovator MONAT Global received four Stevie® Awards at the 2022 International Business Awards®, including gold, silver, and bronze for Company of the Year, C.S.R. Program of the Year, Consumer Products, and President Stuart MacMillan’s Lifetime Achievement Award.

How Do I Leave Monat Market, a Partner?

It’s easy. Just cease placing orders. As a Monat Market Partner, there are no contracts or minimum order requirements. Additionally, an unconditional 30-day money-back guarantee is provided by MONAT (less shipping handling charges). 

Any MONAT product you purchase may be returned to MONAT within 30 days, for the buyer shall be entitled to a complete refund of the purchase price if you are not happy with it (less shipping and handling charges).

Why Do You Have to Shampoo Twice with Monat?

Extra dirt and grime are removed during the first wash. The second method leaves your hair spotless. The correct lather and shampoo penetration into the roots occur during the second wash. Your hair’s mid-length to ends will be thoroughly cleaned as the suds run down the rest of your hair.

How Does Selling Monat Work?

You must sell 200 PV (personal volume) of merchandise each month to be eligible to receive payments from Monat. Let’s suppose you reach 200PV. According to the Monat Compensation Plan agreement, you will receive a 30% commission. 200 PV * 30% = $60.

How Big of a Company Is Monat?

Revenue for MONAT has grown by 758.86% since 2016, from $42.58 million to $365.7 million. The Miami-based, global luxury hair care firm, which has 442 employees, claims its quick success with its reliable products, devoted clients, and autonomous sales force known as Market Partners.

 MONAT has welcomed more than 450,000 Market Partners and 1,500,000 VIP Customers in just seven years, reaching millions of households.

Why Is Monat Different?

Less water is used, and Monat Products are four times more concentrated than typical salon-quality products. 

This implies you just need a portion the size of a cent or quarter to clean your entire head. Compared to similar salon-quality goods, Monat products will last you a lot longer. 

The very finest of science and nature are combined to create the materials and substances they only utilize. They’ve tested and carefully crafted our naturally derived substances to ensure your safety. 

How Much Does Monat Cost?

The following chapter of your life can start at just $99/$125 (with a yearly renewal price of $49.99 US/ $64.99 CAN). The MONAT Starter Kit, which contains marketing and training materials and a ton of product samples to share with friends, is what you’ll get when you sign up.

How Can I End My Monat VIP Subscription Without Paying Fees?

After three fulfilled Flexship orders, you may terminate your subscription without penalty. Anytime you’re ready, just get in touch with your sponsored Market Partner or the Customer Service Department.

Admin Area for Customers. If you cancel your Enrollment order and send back all of the included items within 30 days, you won’t have to pay anything.

Are Monat Sleep Drops Safe?

The components in MONAT Sleep Drops are all-natural, safe to take every night, and don’t build habits. It’s even safe to the extent that it could be used during pregnancies. Many customers use their SleepDrops while expecting or nursing without adverse effects on their milk.

 Is Monat a Good Business?

Monat is an excellent place to work. The management is concerned about the workers. A feeling of family is what you get from them. Positive facial expressions stand out more than negative ones. The organization underwent a significant transformation. They kept expanding and evolving, making it challenging to accurately describe the current situation. However, it was clear from everything that they genuinely cared for their staff.

How Often Do You Get Paid with Monat?

Here’s how it functions: If sales exceed $75 million per quarter in the U.S. and Canada, MONAT will pool 1% of that amount. The Pool will make quarterly payments in the first month of the subsequent quarter.

How Much Does a Monat Market Mentor Make

The monthly salary for an Associate Market Mentor at Monat Global is $7,802.

How Many People Sell Monat?

They currently have close to 2 million clients and 400,000 market partners globally. A few other profitable businesses have successfully operated in both the direct and retail sectors. According to MacMillan, MONAT has success because they provide distinctive goods that customers want to purchase.

How Many Customers Does Monat Have?

MONAT Global Corp. has welcomed more than 450,000 Market Partners and 1,500,000 VIP Customers in just seven years, reaching millions of households. 0.45% of the 298,952 Market Partners were Motor Club members as of 12/31/21.

How Much Did Monat Make in 2021?

MONAT used its positive energy to refine the pivot and turn possible drawbacks into undeniable positives. It also applied tremendous inventiveness and resolve. MONAT’s sales growth soared by more than $400 million, and its income more than doubled yearly while lockdowns brought other businesses to their knees.

What Is Monat Ranked?

The parent business of MONAT, Alcora, is ranked number 22 on Happi’s list of the top 50 companies for 2021. Since its inclusion on the DSN Global 100 list in 2018, MONAT has steadily moved in the rankings, increasing from the previous year to number 23 in 2021.

Where Is Monat Shampoo Made?

Monat high-quality haircare products like shampoo are produced in the U.S.A.

How Old Is Monat?

MONAT, founded in 2014 to compete in the multi-billion dollar hair care business, delivers game-changing possibilities through a cutting-edge Social Marketing approach to Direct Sales. By taking 2022 and minus 2014, we see that Monat will have aged eight years by that year.

How Much Does the Senior Executive Director Make in Monat?

The average annual salary for a Monat Global Director in the United States is about $127,500, which is 47% more than the national average.

How Long Does It Take for Monat to Ship?

An order’s average processing and shipping time is 5-7 business days. As soon as your goods have left our facility, you will get an email confirming shipment and including tracking details. MONAT is confident you’ll enjoy everything you buy from us. Check the progress of your order in MY ACCOUNT by logging in, or get in touch with their customer service department.

Why Do Hairdressers Hate Monat?

While many professionals are now using and endorsing Monat, some in the professional beauty industry disagree, claiming that it is not a salon-quality product, harms hair, and harms the components that are unsafe to use. 

Any scientific data has backed up the allegations that Monat is the cause of these posted claims since this article was created. Despite this, numerous cosmetologists with formal training and licenses have claimed that Monat is to blame for their clients’ itchy scalps, damaged hair, and even hair loss.

Is Monat the Number One Hair Care?

Monat is a North American hair care product line consistently outperforming salon-grade brands. Monat is a combination of over 13 natural plants and essential oils rich in minerals, antioxidants, and omega fatty acids and compatible with the skin and hair. 

A unique active compound that supports natural hair growth while working to strengthen and thicken hair. As the world’s number one premium hair care company, Monat allows you to join a community that can transform lives—both yours and those of others.

Why Does Monat Leave My Hair Greasy?

That is because MONAT removes all the debris accumulating on your hair and scalp for years during those initial few months (waxes, silicones, hard water, etc.). Throughout that period, your hair may seem greasy or sticky, shed excessively, develop a flaky scalp, and feel dry, among other things.

Why is MLM not illegal?

Because MLM businesses are not pyramid schemes, they are not illegal. They deal in lawful goods and services, making them respectable business concepts. A network of independent agents is used in multi-level marketing, a legal and ethical business strategy, to sell consumer goods. The sale of goods and services to the final consumer must serve as the primary basis for compensation.

How Many Millionaires Does Monat Have?

According to Duque, 25 millionaires currently work for Monat, and revenues have topped $1 billion. She stated this in a YouTube video from January 2020, in a statement saying, “I’m neither the owner nor the creator, but this is my business.” 

Does Walmart Sell Monat?

Yes. sells the 8 oz. Monat Black 2 in 1 Shampoo and Conditioner.

Is Monat a Luxury?

With the launch of Monat Body Care, a complete line of luxurious skin care products designed to rejuvenate, restore, and refine—revealing beautiful, healthy-looking skin from head to toe—Monat Global’s Luxurious But Expensive Hair Care has extended its product line.

What Happens When You Stop Using Monat?

When you eventually stop using Monat, the state of your hair will return to its previous state. Remember that your scalp will become incredibly healthy when you utilize Monat’s products. Your hair will grow healthier as a result.

CONCLUSION – Is Monat a MLM or a Pyramid Scheme?

Similar to Pomifera and Modere, Monat is a multi-level marketing company. As a result of predatory corporate methods, individuals often have unrealistic expectations of what they can accomplish in life. If you fall short, people will often accuse you of lacking dedication.

Yet, if you have the financial means to do so, trying out a Monat product wouldn’t hurt. Becoming a vendor is not a terrible choice if you are a rare person who likes selling. That’s something I’d only recommend to those with many connections. is the brainchild of Jack Bastide. It is designed for entrepreneurs and those that want to be. You can find Jack on Facebook or Linked-In.  

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