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Legalshield Login
Legalshield Login

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LegalShield Login

LegalShield Back Office / Provider or Broker Sign In/ Associate Sign In etc.

LegalShield Customer Service and Support

LegalShield Corporate Office:1 Pre-Paid Way, Ada, OK 74820, USA.
LegalShield Phone Number:+1 800-654-7757. 
Phone Line Hours of OperationMon-Fri, 8 am – 6 pm CST
General Member Support[email protected]
Are you a selling Associate?[email protected]

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LegalShield Compensation Plan

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LegalShield Training

LegalShield Associate Training – Understanding How To Place New Associates

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Why Is LegalShield Now Called PPLSI?

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LegalShield Membership And Business Opportunity Presentation

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LegalShield Membership Training- A complete overview.

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Learn How To Do The LegalShield Presentation

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LegalShield Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why did LegalShield change its name?

After being acquired by MidOcean Partners for $650 million in 2011, Pre-Paid Legal reverted from being a publicly traded firm on the New York Stock Exchange to once again operating as a private corporation under the name LegalShield.

How do I turn off ID Shield?

If you no longer wish to use IDShield, please contact customer service at 800-654-7757 or [email protected].

How do you cancel LegalShield?

Get in touch with or mail a request to our Customer Support Department if you’d want to terminate your membership.

  1. Phone: 1-844-714-8494 (7:00 a.m.–7:00 p.m. CDT, Monday–Friday)
  2. Email [email protected].
  3. Mailing address: One Pre-Paid Way Ada, Oklahoma 74820.
  4. Why we require a written request:

Is it easy to cancel LegalShield?

Sending an email to LegalShield’s customer care staff serves as written notification of cancellation. You can request cancellation of your account by sending an email to [email protected].

Is LegalShield Commission based?

It’s important to note that you’ll earn a commission on any membership premiums you sell or that a qualifying Associate on your team sells. The listed commissions are a one-year advance.

How much do you make selling LegalShield?

Retention Specialists at LegalShield can expect to earn an average of $23,905, while Independent Agents can expect to make an average of $209,979.

How do you make money with LegalShield?

LegalShield is a multi-level-marketing enterprise, so each associate can offer both individual and small-business policies. Associates can earn commissions and passive income through the direct sales approach. Each provider law firm is available to anyone who purchases a personal or small company Legalshield package.

How many members does LegalShield have?

Over 4.1 million LegalShield members have access to legal representation around the clock, every day of the year, including in covered emergencies, from the law firms in our network.

How do I cancel legal shield online?

How to cancel LegalShield via email

  1. Explain why you want to cancel the service in your email.
  2. Include your membership number and personal info.
  3. Send the email to LegalShield customer support team at [email protected].
  4. Wait for the cancelation confirmation.

How do I cancel LegalShield Canada?

No longer interested in being a part of the Company? Let them know in writing. Cancellation policies vary per plan; please refer to your benefits booklet or contact Member Services at 800-654-7757 or [email protected] for details.

Is LegalShield the same as prepaid legal?

Yes. On September 10th, 2011, Prepaid Legal became LegalShield. Despite the change in our company’s name, we continue to provide the same excellent services that made us successful in the first place.

How many associates does LegalShield have?

LegalShield started out as a small operation in a garage in Ada, Oklahoma, but has since expanded to a 170,000 square foot headquarters on an 80 acre property with over 700 workers.

Does my membership cover trusts?

The 25% discount for favored members allows for the creation of a trust.

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