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DoTERRA Back Office / Sign In /  Advocate Sign in etc.

DoTERRA Customer Service and Support

DoTERRA Corporate Office:389 South 1300 WestPleasant Grove, UT 84062
DoTERRA Phone Number:800.411.8151
Phone Line Hours of OperationMonday-Friday 9:00 am – 5:00 pm (MST)
DoTerra Login

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What to know before your start DoTERRA’s MetaPWR

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DoTERRA AromaTouch Training Kit Uses | How to Purchase DoTERRA Aromatouch Kit at Wholesale 

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DoTerra Login

DoTERRA Login Page –  Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is a DoTERRA advocate?

DoTERRA “Wellness Advocates” come from all backgrounds, countries, and walks of life. Without question, they’re passionate about health and wellness and caring for people. An individual dedicated to spreading the word about the transformative powers of therapeutic-grade essential oils is known as a DoTERRA Wellness Advocate.

How do I quit DoTERRA?

You can cancel your LRP order by calling Member Services at 1-800-411-8151 or by starting a live chat session with a representative online.

Do DoTERRA points expire?

After a year has passed, the points will be void. In other words, the date doesn’t reset when the points are deposited into your account.

What is the highest rank in DoTERRA?

Wellness Advocates have the potential to advance through 15 distinct levels. One must fulfill monthly requirements to keep one’s Wellness Advocate, Diamond, or Double Presidential Diamond status.

Why does DoTERRA need my SSN?

To avoid reporting requirements to the IRS, a valid Social Security number or Tax ID is required for any account with annual purchases of more than $5,000.

How do I upgrade to wellness advocate DoTERRA?

Once Wholesale Customer logs into their account on, they will see a link that reads “Become a Wellness Advocate” in the top right corner of their dashboard. To accept the Wellness Advocate’s conditions, please click here. Then your account status will automatically change to “Wellness Advocate.”

What is the minimum LRP order for DoTERRA?

Where can I find the LRP Agreement? *To receive Reward Points with Loyalty Rewards, orders must be more outstanding than 50 PV. Your order total must be greater than 50 PV to gain percentage-based Loyalty Reward advancement.

What does PV mean in DoTERRA?

Personal Volume: ” PV ” means “Personal Volume.” All DoTERRA products have been given a PV value. Your DoTERRA PV will rise as you make purchases. Email.

Can I change my DoTERRA Enroller?

A leader who enrolls a member and then holds that enrollment can ask for the member to be registered by someone else. At any time, this shift may occur.

How do I reactivate my DoTERRA account?

Quick steps to reactivate your DoTERRA account

  1. Click and load the Reactivation Email Template.
  2. Send the reactivation email to DoTERRA.
  3. Wait 24 hours to receive a reactivation confirmation from DoTERRA.
  4. Login and shop again.

What is included in DoTERRA membership?

Become a Member.

All items are 25% off for you! Accumulate and use points for rewards. A chance to get something for nothing.

What is Blue Diamond in DoTERRA?

Diamond: When a Diamond buys 100 PV or more, they are upgraded to a Blue Diamond. In addition, they have 5 Golds in distinct legs enlisted personally. If a Blue Diamond spends at least 100 PV, it will be promoted to Presidential Diamond.

What does OV mean in DoTERRA?

Organizational Volume (OV) is the total revenue generated by a wellness proponent and by all other wellness advocates, wholesale clients, and retail clients in their organization. Each commissionable product sold by doTERRA has a point value designated as Personal Volume (PV).

Are DoTERRA oils worth it?

Is doTERRA Worth It? Based on the overall doTERRA essential oils reviews, its products are worth a try. Using in-depth CPTG testing, the company produces great quality products.

How much does it cost to become a DoTERRA rep?

You must purchase an enrollment kit to enroll at this level. There are several alternatives, from $200/$150 (retail/wholesale) to $3,333.33/$2,650.00. Here are some options: As a Wellness Advocate after joining doTERRA, you begin at the bottom of their pay scale.

What is the highest rank in DoTERRA?

Ranks in DōTERRA

There are 15 total possible ranks Wellness Advocates can reach. From Wellness Advocate to Double Presidential Diamond, each rank has specific requirements that must be met monthly to maintain that rank..

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