Is Atomy an MLM or Pyramid Scheme? – (Best Reviews)

Is Atomy an MLM
Is Atomy an MLM

Welcome to my Atomy Review. 

So you’ve heard about Atomy. 

And you were wondering,

Is Atomy an MLM?

Or Is Atomy a Pyramid Scheme? 

So let’s answer that right now.

Is Atomy an MLM?

Is Atomy an MLM or a Pyramid Scheme? Atomy is a “multilevel marketing” (MLM) company with 15 million members worldwide and has quickly risen to prominence as one of the largest MLMs in the world.

Is Atomy a pyramid scheme

Atomy is not a pyramid scheme in the strict sense of the term; distributors may earn a living only by selling Atomy goods. Unfortunately, this is typical of MLMs in general. For complete details on Atomy, keep reading.    

What Is Atomy 

Atomy was established in South Korea in 2009 as a Multi-Level-Marketing enterprise specializing in personal care and dietary supplements. With operations in more than 13 countries, Atomy is rapidly approaching its objective of becoming a “global distribution center.” 

Selling Atomy items and building a team inside the MLM gives regular individuals a chance to become their bosses. The 6-minute video that follows will go into further detail regarding this possibility with Atomy. 

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Founded ByHan Gill Park
Founding Year / Location2009 South Korea 
Atomy Corporate Website 
Atomy  Corporate Address 33801 1st Way South #301 Federal Way, WA 98003 U.S.A.
Atomy Customer Service253-946-2344
Atomy Email Address[email protected]
Start-Up Cost$20

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When Was Atomy Founded

Atomy was founded in 2009; Atomy is a network marketing organization engaging in direct sales in various parts of the globe.

Is Atomy a Scam

No. Although Atomy is a legitimate multi-level marketing firm, its potential rewards may not be ideal for all potential customers. Since a binary system has been implemented, this is anything but a passive source of income.

It’s tougher to sell and recruit because of the high price of products and the negative connotation the MLM model has acquired. Expert recruiters and salespeople seem to be the only ones likely to find success with Atomy.

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How Does Atomy Work

In a nutshell, Atomy is a corporation that sells medical, beauty, and health supplies. They’ve opted to employ the multi-level-marketing (MLM) approach instead of going straight to customers, so you may make money by doing any of the following:

  • Making a commission off of goods sales.
  • Bonuses for bringing in recruits.

Can I Make Money with Atomy

Making money in Atomy is possible for everyone who takes time and effort to learn the business. Those have made millions using Atomy, yet there are also accounts of people who lost everything. 

Don’t take it personally, but not everyone is cut out for business. This is a company about personal development, not product sales, so making the incorrect team selection might be disastrous. The best way to advance in Atomy is to find a mentor. While studying here, you may expect to learn about leadership and the Atomic Mentoring System.

Atomy Products

It’s important to research the things you’ll be promoting before you plunge in. Atomy offers a wide variety of items in the following classes:

  • Household
  • Supplements
  • Skincare & cosmetics
  • Dental and personal

There are too many to list individually, but you may see the full selection in the Atomy store Mall.

Atomy Absolute Skincare

To begin, Atomy provides a MASSIVE selection of goods. Of the MLMs mentioned earlier, only Amway comes close to this diversity. Atomy’s “ultimate skincare package,” which includes, is, nevertheless, their flagship product.

  • Toner
  • Ampoule
  • Serum
  • Lotion
  • Eye Complex
  • Nutrition cream

Features and advantages that stand out include:

  • Makes your skin glow
  • Moisturizing
  • Hydration
  • Anti-wrinkle
  • Firming
  • Nourishment 
  • Cutting-edge dormin technology (Natural chemicals and EGF produced from plants )

Even though I am no expert in skincare products, I think it is fair to say that this is standard fare for the category. Testing it for yourself is the only reliable method of determining a product’s quality.

Atomy Products Compensation Plan

I have researched the pay systems of over a hundred MLMs. However, Atomy is undoubtedly one of the most perplexing schemes I’ve ever seen. So, I’ll do my best to make this straightforward.

In all, Atomy offers four different payment options:

#1, The Common Commission (retail, wholesale price commission)

#2,  If you sell 2.5 million in group PV in each “leg,” you’ll get the “Masters’ bonus” and be eligible for a 0.3-10% increase if you reach the “Special agent” level.

#3,  incentives and promotions for mastery (Extra products, trips, and cash incentives for “ranking up”)

#4, An Added commission of 6% is available if you start a firm in the field of education that meets the standards set by the Company.

In my view, the “binary compensation structure” that Atomy employs is not the ideal approach since it leaves most employees with “one much smaller leg,” making it difficult for them to reap the more enormous incentives.

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Atomy Startup Cost / Monthly Cost

Anyone may sign up without paying anything. Anyone may become an Atomy affiliate without having to pay any upfront fees. This is unusual for multi-level marketing firms, and it’s another proof that Atomy is legitimate.

The monthly price of atomy

You must maintain a monthly personal volume (PV) of 10,000 to “stay active” as a sales rep. That equates to around $20 in monthly product sales in English. Compared to other multi-level marketing schemes, this is far smaller yet important. This implies that you should spend at least $20 a month on Atomy items.

There is no use in attempting to sell the items in the MLM scheme if you don’t use them yourself. For this reason, a $240 minimum annual fee is required to permit. This doesn’t include advertising (such as making your website), shipping, packing, or extra classes.

Atomy Social Media Accounts 

Atomy Facebook Page 
Atomy Instagram Page 
Atomy YouTube 

  Atomy Testimonials and Reviews

Customer reviews: Atomy Skin Care 6 System – 

Atomy MLM Deep Dive | The truth about Atomy.

YouTube video

Atomy Email Address

Atomy’s email address: [email protected]

Atomy Login

Are you trying to access your Atomy Back office?

Here is a direct link:     

Atomy FAQ

To answer some of the additional concerns voiced with Atomy, below are some of the most often-asked questions:

How Do You Become a Distributor for Atomy

To join Atomy, prospective members must visit the website, read and accept the terms of service, and complete the online registration form. You will be considered a member after you have received a confirmation email from us.

Are Atomy Products Natural

The premium goods created by the Korean firm Atomy are all formulated with all-natural herbal ingredients.

What is so special about Atomy

Atomy’s approach to network marketing is customer-centric. To compete with department shops, discount stores, home shopping networks, and internet retailers, we carefully choose items that are of better quality at more affordable costs and then offer them via channels that can compete with these establishments.

How do I quit Atomy

If you want to cancel your agreement with Atomy, you’ll need to fill out a form explaining why. A former Member has a year from the date of cancellation to re-enroll.

Mail will be used to inform the Member of the Company’s decision to terminate the relationship between the Company and the Member.

Is atomy made in China

As for the products’ origins, some will be imported from South Korea, and some will be produced in the Atomy factory located in China. Some will be overseas products directly delivered to customers through cross-border trade.

Are Atomy products expensive

The topic of whether or not the items are worth the high price tag they carry is a frequent one with this particular brand. Among Atomy’s pricey offerings is the $120 DERMA REAL CICA. Plenty of competing skincare companies provide comparable products at lower prices, so we don’t see why you would spend your money on Atomy.

What Company owns Atomy

The Korean Atomic Energy Institute (KAERI) and Korea Kolmar have worked together to create ATOMY’s offerings. The two joined together to form Sun Bio Tech, an institutional venture firm.

What is Atomy success system

Atomy’s top management goal is “Customer Success,” so the Company often holds online and offline workshops. Our school is known for its high level of success. Success Academy, Atomy’s trademark seminar, is conducted routinely once a month and features presentations on success strategies and approaches for maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

How many products are in Atomy

While India now offers 63 items in Personal Care, Food, Living, and Health Supplements. Atomy distributes 426 products in South Korea.

Is Atomy a clean brand

ATOMY products are clean, functional, high quality, and low price. They are helpful because of their high quality and effectiveness in skincare, health care, 316 stainless, etc. ATOMY products all contribute to excellent health and significant savings.

What is the General commission in Atomy

General Commission: Qualified members will get a weekly commission of 44% of the total PV of sales. A person must reach at least 10,000 PVs to start accumulating downline PVs. Every Thursday, the general commission will be paid out.

Is Atomy good for skin

It is a significant component of any skin care product since it is also proven to reduce inflammation and improve skin hydration. Conclusion Cica extract, used in Atomy Dermal Real Cica Cream, promotes collagen formation, reduces inflammation, and hydrates skin.

What is Atomy toner used for

Rehydrates parched skin by use of the body’s natural moisture retention mechanism.

Can I use Atomy peel-off mask every day

It is appropriate to use this 1 ~2 times a week for dry skin and 3 ~ 4 times a week for oily skin.

Will Atomy membership expire

If you make a purchase, your subscription will be active for a whole year, beginning the day after your most recent payment and ending on the final day of the 12th month. If a member has yet to purchase within six months of signing up to be an Atomy member, their membership will terminate on the final day of that month.

What is Atomy inner collagen

The ATOMY Inner Collagen is made from fish scales and resembles a human cell structure. It is very absorbable. It is very effective because of its 512 Dalton molecular size. Molecules must be tiny enough to pass through the skin’s layers and be absorbed.

What is so good about Atomy products

The product itself has a lovely, very light herbal smell. The toner doesn’t sting, and one pump glides over your face. The essence is very soothing and blurs many imperfections and fine lines on my face. The lotion is light and NEVER feels heavy or sticky; it all absorbs incredibly fast.

Is Atomy sunscreen a chemical or mineral

Atomy Sunscreen is a Korean sunscreen that is a hybrid, containing both chemical and physical sunscreen.

How do you use Atomy brightening mask

Directions After washing the face, apply a moisturizing toner. Open the product and remove the film. Align the mask to the eyes and mouth and spread it evenly over the entire face. Leave the product on for about 10–20 minutes.

Is Atomy a listed company

In the “2020 Direct Selling News Global 100” compiled by Direct Selling News (DSN), a U.S.-based direct selling publication, Atomy was placed 11th, nine levels higher than the previous year.


People who appreciate direct selling will enjoy Atomy. It is fantastic for those who desire to earn money while maintaining a flexible schedule. Atomy is neither illegal nor is it a scam. 

However, if you must know, other multilevel marketing companies are as good or even better than Atomy. Nevertheless, if you like how Atomy operates, you could do more research about how to get on with them. This is where we put a full stop till next time. is the brainchild of Jack Bastide. It is designed for entrepreneurs and those that want to be. You can find Jack on Facebook or Linked In. 

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