Is ARIIX an MLM or a Pyramid Scheme? (Best Reviews)

Is Ariix an MLM
Is Ariix an MLM

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ARIIX is an MLM Company Multi Level Marketing Company founded in 2011 by Dr. Fred Cooper, Mark Wilson, Riley Timmer, Deanna Latson, & Jeff Yates. ARIIX is not an illegal Pyramid scheme. They are located in Bountiful, UT United States, and specialize in health, wellness, beauty, and weight loss products.             

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What is MLM?

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Network Marketing, also known as Multi Level Marketing or MLM, is a business model that uses a network of independent distributors to sell products. The distributors earn a commission for each product they sell. They can also build a sales team and earn overrides.

Some examples of MLM companies include Herbalife, Amway Herbalife, and Avon Mary Kay. You can get almost any kind of product through MLM. Some examples are Health and Wellness Nutrition, Beauty Cosmetics/Skincare, and Home Care Cleaning.

One of my favorites is a company called Send Out Cards that have greeting cards and gifts and a system to send them out automatically from the internet.

What is a Pyramid Scheme?

Pyramid schemes sometimes promise significant profits in a short period of time, but the vast majority of investors lose money. The only persons that gain big profits are those at the top of the pyramid, who launched the plan.

Social media and other internet channels are used to promote pyramid schemes. These schemes may be camouflaged as legitimate company possibilities, and they frequently entice new investors with slick websites and compelling wording.

It is critical to be wary of any investment offer that appears too good to be true and to conduct a thorough investigation before spending your money. If you are approached about a prospective investment opportunity and are unclear whether it is real, check with your local regulatory agency or consumer protection agency to determine if it has been registered or if any complaints have been lodged against it.

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What is ARIIX

Founded 2011 – Bountiful, Utah, United States
Founded ByMark Wilson, Deanna Latson, Dr Fred Cooper, Riley Timmer & Jeff Yates
CEOFred Cooper,
Headquarters563 W 500th S, Bountiful, UT United States
Product Line Health, wellness, beauty, and weight loss products
Independent representatives  130,000+
Sales$219 Million

As we already mentioned, ARIIX is a network marketing business with headquarters at 563 W 500th S, Bountiful, UT, United States. It has offices worldwide, including in the United States, Canada, Hong Kong, Japan, and South Korea.

It was founded in 2011 by Dr. Fred Cooper, Deanna Latson, Jeff Yates, Riley Timmer, & Mark Wilson. They are into health, wellness, beauty, and weight loss products. ARIIX is a legitimate Multi Level Marketing company, not a Pyramid Scheme. The Current CEO is Fred Cooper, and they have more than 160,000 Independent Representatives. 

According to the statement given by the company, Ariix was established with the intention of providing customers with health and wellness products of superior quality that were supported by research and were created using only the finest ingredients. Ariix was also interested in providing people with the option to run their own enterprises and be their own bosses. 

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Is ARIIX a Scam?

ARIIX is not a scam, no. ARIIX is a real company that sells health and wellness products through multi-level marketing. The reputation of the business is high in its industry thanks to the fact that it has been in business for more than a decade.

They offer a wide range of products and give their independent distributors a lot of help. They also have accreditation from the Better Business Bureau and have won a number of awards and been recognized in their field.

ARIIX has a compensation plan that allows you to receive commissions for sales that are made by your downline. The more people you bring in, the more money you can make. You can also earn bonuses if you reach certain levels of success.

If you’re looking for an opportunity to make some extra cash, ARIIX may be a great place to start. They have an excellent reputation, good products, and the support you need to succeed.

Plus, they offer generous commissions and bonuses which can help you make more money down the line. Just remember that like any business opportunity there are risks involved, so make sure you do your research before jumping in! Good luck.

Is ARIIX Legit?

To answer your question, ARIIX is a legitimate business. It began operations in 2011 and currently has its headquarters in Utah. The company offers a range of health and wellness products, such as dietary supplements, skincare products, and household cleaning items.

It uses a multi-level marketing business model, where individuals can earn income by selling the products and recruiting others to join the company. Accreditation has been bestowed upon ARIIX by the Better Business Bureau, which also assigned the company its highest possible grade, A+.

For example, one of ARIIX’s popular products is its Puritii air filtration system, which uses advanced technology to remove pollutants from the air in a home or office.

Another example is the NutriiVeda line of supplements formulated with natural ingredients to support overall health and wellness.

ARIIX also offers a range of skincare products under the Rejuve brand, designed to help individuals maintain healthy, youthful-looking skin.

Can I Make Money With ARIIX?

While it is possible to earn money with ARIIX, it’s important to remember that only a tiny fraction of the company’s MLM members, 1.39%, see a profit. Many people either lose money or break even, so it’s crucial to carefully weigh the potential risks and rewards before joining.

The amount of money that you can make with Ariix is contingent on a number of criteria, including your rank, the number of goods that you sell, and the quantity that your downline sells. Ariix uses a binary compensation structure, which means you can have two distributors on each side of your team, with an infinite number of levels beneath them.

Ariix members can reap rewards and build wealth through their sales of Ariix products. With lucrative Fast Start Bonuses, Infinity Matching Bonus, as well as rank commissions in the mix – you’ll have all the support needed to monetize your membership for maximum returns!

ARIIX Founders


Founder, Managing Director – Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Cooper, one of the most experienced executives in the network marketing sector, is a well-regarded expert on network marketing compensation programs.

Fred’s expertise in the field is one of the primary factors that set ARIIX apart from others in the business.


Founder and Chief Product Officer

The innovative health and wellness products that ARIIX has created are the result of Deanna’s inspiration.

The ARIIX industry trademark has become well-known due to its ardent commitment to employing only the best quality ingredients from throughout the world.


Founder, Chief Operating Officer

Riley has made a real commitment to working with ARIIIX to change the world by expressing human potential. Riley is meticulous and laser-focused, upholding the highest standards of excellence in all ARIIX operations. Riley is thrilled to acknowledge that representatives are the cornerstone of ARIIX’s success.


Founder, Chief Financial Officer

Jeff has worked successfully with institutions of all sizes and through every growth phase.

Competent, kind, and with a good sense of humor, Jeff is well-prepared to manage the financial assets of ARIIX.


Founder, Chief Sales Officer

Ian is an asset to the company, a true global citizen with his understanding of industry dynamics and appreciation for diverse cultures. Whether it’s closing deals or forming relationships, Ian relishes any opportunity he has to connect with our international partners.

ARIIX Products

ARIIX offers a wide variety of goods.

According to ARIIX, each product line has its own brand.

The top seven ARIIX brands are listed below:

  • Nutricia- Supplements for calcium therapy at the cellular level, heart and brain support, detoxification, and antioxidants. These supplements typically cost $65 each.
  • Slenderiiz: Products for losing weight and maintaining metabolic strength, metabolic support, beauty boost, proteins, and homeopathic assistance for speedy weight loss are included in this bundle. The price of each supplement included in the program is approximately $50 on average.
  • Jouvé:  A collection of skin care products, such as a brightening cream, a night cream, and a tightening serum. The cost of these skin care products ranges from $100 to $110 on average.
  • Price: Includes a number of different oils. They believe that their origins may be traced back to all corners of the earth. The prices of the products average out to $55 dollars each.
  • Puritii: The air filtration system is capable of removing an astounding 99.99% of the particulates, hazardous gases, and microbes from both your place of business and your home. The price of this set is $2,464.
  • Reviive: additional goods for the care of the body and mind, such as shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. The price of these items ranges from $28 to $32 on average.
  • Security: The new skincare product line with an average price of $100.

ARIIX Compensation Plan

The ARIIX compensation plan does not make it any easier for you to wrap your brain around it in any way.

Because of this, I will endeavor to explain it in terms that are easily understood using only the English language by avoiding technical terms such as PV’s, Unilevel, Binary, and Matrix.

It’s also known as “Activ8,” and you get paid in 4 ways:

  • Retail commissions: You are able to purchase items at a price lower than retail. Raise the price that you’re selling it for retail price. The retail commission constitutes your profit in this situation.
  • Commissions for signing people up: You will receive a commission for each person you bring on board who also makes a purchase. You won’t receive a commission if someone joins the company that you’re working for… only on the items that they purchase and are successful in selling this is the core concept of PV.
  • Team leads bonus – You’ll get a special kind of bonus from customer and member sales in their first month. The higher your rank or their enrollment package, the higher your team lead bonus is; hence, why recruiters encourage you to buy a more expensive pack.
  • Company Bonuses – With Activ8, you can unlock a variety of amazing rewards and prizes just by meeting certain conditions! Unlock amazing bonuses like never before with the comprehensive compensation plan.

Watch: ARIIX Compensation Plan

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Video Link: 

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ARIIX Back Office / Sign In / Distributor Sign in etc.


ARIIX Reviews

ARIIX Reviews – Trustpilot

Ariix Reviews: What Is It Like to Work At Ariix? – Glassdoor

ARIIX | Better Business Bureau Profile

ARIIX Training

 Maximizing the ARIIX Compensation Plan with Rick Billings

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ARIIX Products Training with Deanna Latson & Tom Jackson

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Team Limitless Training at ARIIX West Coast 

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Tim Sales Training – How to Handle Objections

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ARIIX Activ8 Multiline Compensation Plan Made Simple US & Canada

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ARIIX Countries

ARIIX has offices in the United States, Canada, Hong Kong, Japan, and South Korea

ARIIX Customer Service Number

The ARIIX Customer Service Number is +18018133000.

ARIIX Income Disclosure

Income Disclosure Statement – ARIIX 


ARIIX Customer Service and Support

Company Address:563 W 500th S, Bountiful, Utah, United States
ARIIX Phone Number:    801 813-3000
Phone Line Hours of Operation   Monday thru Friday, 8 am to 6 pm MST  
Sales Support/Shipping/Sign-Up  [email protected] 
ARIIX Login 
Product Support  [email protected] 

ARIIX Social Media Accounts 

ARIIX Facebook 
ARIIX Twitter 
ARIIX Youtube 
ARIIX Instagram 
Company Login 



  1. Support and training offered by the company.
  2. Range of products to sell and promote
  3. Multiple ways to earn money
  4. FDA-approved products
  5. There are positive reviews about the products.
  6. Ariix members can earn money by selling Ariix products and sponsoring other Ariix members.
  7. With Ariix, you can become financially independent, Earn money through  Infinity Matching Bonus, Fast Start Bonuses, and rank commissions – all while enjoying the freedom of setting your own schedule.


90% of new hires earn less than $15,000.

To make money, you are encouraged to recruit more members.

Online ARIIX negative reviews

The health and fitness market is quite crowded

Ariix’s membership fees are high, especially if you want to earn the highest commissions.

Ariix’s compensation plan is complicated, and it can be challenging to make money with Ariix if you’re already experienced in MLM.

Ariix has faced a few complaints and lawsuits from former members.

ARIIX Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

 How Long Has Ariix Been Around?

Ariix was Founded in 2011, Which makes it eleven years in 2022. Since its founding, Ariix has grown into an international brand with offices in North America, Asia, South America, and Europe. Over the years they have also won numerous awards for their products, customer service, and business opportunities. Ariix is continually innovating and creating new products to make sure people have access to the best health and wellness options available today. So if you’re looking for a way to improve your life, Ariix is definitely worth checking out.

How Do You Make Money on Ariix?

As with any other multi-level marketing MLM opportunity, there are two ways to make commissions in Ariix. One approach is to sell products to third parties on a retail basis in order to generate revenue. The second possibility is to do it through recruitment.

Who Bought Ariix?

Colorado-based NewAge, Inc. has finalized its acquisition of ARIIX alongside four additional e-commerce and direct-selling companies: LIMU, MaVie, Zennoa, and Shannen. As a result of this merger agreement that was announced back in July 2020, the combined revenues from these five entities is expected to create real opportunities for expansion into new markets across the globe.

How Much Did Ariix Sell for?

New Age Beverages Corp. has just announced a major expansion – an acquisition deal worth $210 million that includes ARIIX Holdings LLC and four other health-focused companies! This business move is sure to revolutionize the market by merging two industry giants in nutrition and energy drinks into one powerhouse of better living.

Conclusion – Is ARIIX an MLM or Pyramid Scheme?

Ariix is not a pyramid scheme. Ariix is a reputable MLM company that offers people the chance to make money by selling genuine products and sponsoring other members. This differs from pyramid schemes, as Ariix allows individuals to reap its financial rewards without relying on finding additional recruits – giving everyone an equal opportunity at success!

Before joining Ariix, there are a few factors to consider:

  1. Ariix’s membership fees are high, especially if you want to earn the highest commissions.
  2. Ariix’s compensation plan is complicated, and it can be challenging to make money with Ariix if you’re already experienced in MLM.
  3. Ariix has faced a few complaints and lawsuits from former members. is the brainchild of Jack Bastide. It is designed for entrepreneurs and those that want to be. You can find Jack on Facebook or Linked In. 

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