Is O’Snap an MLM or a Pyramid Scheme? (Top Reviews) 

Is O'snap an MLM
Is O’snap an MLM

Welcome to my O’Snap Review. 

So you’ve heard about OSnap Active Lifestyle 

And you were wondering, is O’Snap an MLM

Or Is O’Snap a Pyramid Scheme

So let’s answer that right now.

Is OSnap an MLM or a Pyramid Scheme? OSnap is an MLM company whose mission is to “change minds, bodies, and money accounts.” The people responsible for this are a married couple named John and Najlah Malott. They aim to bring together a group of successful, healthy, like-minded business people who put teamwork ahead of personal goals.

O’Snap is not a pyramid scheme. Making money using this program is feasible, but it’s not as easy as the advertisement suggests. There is little certainty of success, little money in the actual commissions, and much effort to be done upfront.

For complete details on O’Snap, keep reading.    

What Is O’Snap? 

O’Snap is a business that makes liquid lifestyle supplements that are multifunctional. There are four different supplements to pick from, all of which come in these wonderfully handy Snap Packs. Snap them in half, add them to your preferred beverage, or drink them straight and reap the rewards!

Founded ByJohn and Najlah Malott
Founding Year / Location2017 – Texas, USA.
O’Snap Corporate Website 
O’Snap  Corporate Address 901 Sam Rayburn Hwy. Melissa, TX, 75454
O’Snap Customer Service[email protected].
O’Snap Email Address[email protected]
Start-Up Cost$49

Watch Osnap Active Lifestyle Business Opportunity Overview

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When Was O’Snap Founded?

O’Snap was founded in 2020 when John and Najlah Malott decided to start an all-in-one, comprehensive nutritional improvement program. This program was created from the ground up to provide your body the support it needs to live a healthy, active lifestyle. They found four fundamental building blocks for peak performance:

  • A restful night’s sleep.
  • Endless energy on demand.
  • A balanced diet rich in superfoods.
  • DNA repair that supports immunity.

Is O’Snap a Scam?

No, it is not. Although it’s not as simple as the corporation portrays, you can still make money with this service. Numerous tasks still need to be completed upfront. There is no absolute assurance of success, and – most crucially – the commissions are not very large.

There is nothing wrong with doing the work first and earning money later. However, it’s not worthwhile if you put in three months of effort for a $50 commission as your return.

What if, instead, you could put in the same amount of time and effort (in your spare time) in exchange for a monthly payment of $500 to $2,000? What if you didn’t have to wait the entire three months? What if you could begin immediately and receive your first payout within a week?

How Does O’Snap Work?

O’SNAP has been working on packing superior products and high-quality nutritional supplements into our ground-breaking, handy snap packs while also giving our partners the methods, training, and tools they need to make extra money while encouraging people to lead healthy lives. So whether you want to join our network of engaged brand ambassadors or utilize our supplements to improve your body’s general wellness, O’SNAP is here to advance your life and your business!

Can I Make Money with O’Snap?

Making money with this business system is achievable. However, it is not straightforward despite what they would have you believe.

There is a lot of work to be done upfront, and there is no assurance that you will succeed. The commissions are also not too high. Don’t get me wrong; I support working hard now to benefit later. But if your prize after three months of hard labor is a $100 check, it’s not a great opportunity.

I want to be assured of HIGH returns if I do it.

O’Snap Products

According to O’Snap’s official website. LaCore Nutraceuticals is in charge of product development and production.

LaCore Enterprises, headquartered in Texas, USA, is the parent business of LaCore Nutraceuticals.

Numerous nutritional supplements are offered to customers by O’Snap.

  • Complete in a Snap 

$59.95 for a carton of twenty-eight 15 ml pouches, including a daily multivitamin and a serving of organic greens.

  • Sleep in a Snap

The nutrients you need for restful sleep are provided in 24 single-serve packets containing four ccs each. The cost per packet is $59.95.

  • Surge in a Snap

It gives potent energy on the go; a box of 28 single-serve pouches costs $59.95.

  • Reverse in a Snap

This cost $74.95 for twenty-eight single-serve pouches containing 4 ml of product that encourages cellular DNA repair.

O’Snap Products Compensation Plan

O’Snap’s compensation is based on commissions from retail sales. Additionally, affiliate recruitment can result in profits.

Residual commissions are distributed by a binary and uni-level team system. A binary team’s commissions are doubled.

Read more at 

O’Snap Startup Cost / Monthly Cost. 

You may sign up for it for just $49 without buying anything. You receive two websites, comprehensive marketing, bookkeeping, training, and a tracking system for that $49 fee. It costs under $50 to start a turnkey business. 

O’Snap’s Social Media Accounts 

O’Snap Facebook Page 
O’Snap Instagram Page 

O’Snap Testimonials and Reviews

There’s something to think about when reading reviews. People are more likely to grumble about something they detest than to sing its praises. 

However, O’Snap’s Facebook page is full of happy customers.  

Check it out here: 

O’Snap Email Address

O’Snap’s email address:  [email protected].

O’Snap FAQ

To answer some of the additional concerns voiced with O’Snap, below are some of the most often asked questions:

Is O’Snap a scam?

Technically O’Snap is not a scam. Even though the business portrays it as simple, you can still make money with this system.

There is a significant amount of labor required upfront. There is no absolute assurance of success, and – most significantly – the commissions are small. Putting the work in first and the money in second is perfectly acceptable. It isn’t worth it, though, if you put in three months of effort for a $50 commission as your return.

Are There Alternatives To O’Snap?

If you wish to pursue this business strategy, there are several MLM alternatives to pick from. Here are a few examples:

  • CTFO
  • Prosperity Of Life
  • Q Sciences
  • ASEA
  • Power Lead System

Is O’Snap FDA approved?

O’SNAP supplements are ONLY made in a cutting-edge US facility that has undergone FDA inspection, complies with cGMP, and has received NSF certification for food safety, quality performance, cleanliness, maintenance, and document traceability.

What is O’Snap surge in a snap?

Surge is specially made with S7, a low-dose combination of seven (7) plant-based substances that have been demonstrated in studies to enhance nitric oxide (NO) by 230% and provide more oxygen, fuel, and other essential nutrients to working muscles.

Who owns O’Snap?

John & Najlah Malott. The CEOs of OSNAP Active Lifestyle, John & Najlah Malott, are not your ordinary business leaders. A multi-billion dollar backer, Lacore Nutraceuticals, has partnered with humble origins and over 27 years of field expertise to help entrepreneurs alter their bodies, minds, and money accounts.

What is in O’Snap sleep?

O’Snap sleep, also called rest in a Snap, is a unique and reviving combination of vital nutrients. Melatonin and PharmaGABA® can help you snap, sip, and sleep well. A naturally occurring hormone called melatonin interacts with your body’s chemistry to support regular sleep cycles.

Conclusion – Is O’Snap an MLM or a Pyramid Scheme? (Reviews) 

People who appreciate direct selling will enjoy O’Snap. It is fantastic for those who desire to earn money while maintaining a flexible schedule. O’Snap is neither illegal nor is it a scam. However, if you must know, other multilevel marketing companies are as good or even better than O’Snap. Nevertheless, if you like how O’Snap operates, you could do more research about how to get on with them. This is where we put a full stop till next time. is the brainchild of Jack Bastide. It is designed for entrepreneurs and those that want to be. You can find Jack on Facebook or Linked-In. 

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