Why Is Everyone Leaving Plexus? (Hot Topic)

Why Is Everyone Leaving Plexus
Why Is Everyone Leaving Plexus

Why is everyone leaving Plexus? If you’re like many other folks who have searched the Internet for answers to these questions, you have found the correct place. This article will offer an answer to that question and some insight into what is going on and why everyone is departing Plexus. 

Why is everyone leaving Plexus: Following customer concerns about dangerous side effects, the FDA started examining Plexus and several countries, including Amazon, prohibited its sales. The FTC has concluded that Plexus is a pyramid scam, not a trustworthy MLM. 

Many individuals are quitting Plexus because of these and other difficulties, which will be highlighted.

What Is Plexus

A clear understanding of what Plexus is and how it works must come first to get to the bottom of this. Plexus Worldwide, with headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona, is a hugely successful network marketing company focusing on weight loss, health, and beauty. There are seven categories of ambassadorship, with “ambassador” being the lowest and “diamond ambassador” the highest.

To become a distributor for the company, you must pay a yearly membership fee of $34.95 and buy a product bundle for either $99 or $199. Your monthly personal volume (PV) must average 100 points to maintain your ambassador position.

The many benefits of network marketing are touted to potential Plexus Worldwide distributors, who are assured that they may begin their business with zero investment.

A Brief Plexus History

Founded in 2006, Plexus Worldwide revolutionized breast health with the Breast Chek Kit and Body Cream. In 2008, an astonishing clinical study was conducted on Type 2 diabetics which revealed a newfound ability to maintain balanced blood sugar levels; something that would be further complemented by weight loss for those who needed it—achieved within 3-4 weeks of treatment.

These astounding revelations sparked the inception of their renowned ‘Pink Drink’ (now known asPlexus Slim)which is used today around the world.

The combination brought about remarkable customer outcomes, but the situation shifted when oxypregnane steroidal glycoside (Hoodia) was removed.

In 2009, Plexus Slim revolutionized health and wellness with its natural product for weight loss. Designed to burn fat instead of muscle while maintaining healthy blood sugar levels, cholesterol and lipids; it also curbs the appetite and reduces inflammation as well reducing cravings for sugary foods.

After learning that DMAA, a potentially dangerous 1,3-dimethylamylamine, has been included in the famous pink drink since its inception in 2013, the FDA demanded that Plexus Worldwide alter its composition.

Why Is Everyone Leaving Plexus

Now that we’ve covered the history of Plexus, a common concern is why so many people are leaving. For this question, I will discuss many primary factors.

1, Plexus Was Banned In Some Countries And From Amazon

Australia, New Zealand, and Canada all put bans on Plexus. Specifically, the Canadian government issued a warning on February 7, 2014, about the Plexus Slim Accelerator 3-Day Trial box and the Plexus Slim Accelerator pills, both of which were manufactured in other countries but were being imported into Canada.The TGA has issued further safety warnings, but this is only one of them.

Check the link for More from TGA


2, Banned By Amazon in Early 2014

Because of the overwhelming number of one-star reviews and the discovery that it included dimethylamylamine, Amazon has permanently barred the product from sale.Two of Plexus’ Products Are Still On the Amazons Prohibited List.

3, The FDA was scrutinizing Plexus products.

Plexus received a warning letter from the FDA alleging that three of its products were hazardous, ineffective, misbranded due to insufficient safety instructions, and improperly promoted as pharmaceuticals. They demanded an immediate response from Plexus in fixing the infractions.

 I have added a link below. Find below the FDA Warning Letter link.

Read More: https://www.fda.gov/inspections-compliance-enforcement-and-criminal-investigations/warning-letters/plexus-worldwide-inc-07302014

4, Lack Of Third-Party Certification

There has been a massive reaction against the corporation since its products have not been independently certified or tested. The Better Business Bureau page for the firm has multiple customer complaints.

Read More: https://www.bbb.org/us/az/scottsdale/profile/weight-loss/plexus-worldwide-llc-1126-15006936/complaints 

Customers of BioClense, ProBio5, and Fast Relief complained that the firm misled them into making a purchase.

Several reports of people having unauthorized charges made to their credit cards.

Several former Plexus members have also claimed they were coerced into buying other goods, including the Accelerator, after signing up with the company.

These criticisms expose Plexus for what it is: a pyramid scam.

Some say that the evidence doesn’t back up Plexus’ health claims.

The firm has recently altered its packaging, but its website and promotional materials still contain false promises.

This has prompted skepticism from many customers and third-party health experts about the company’s claims.

5, Xylooligosaccharides

Commonly known as the “pink drink,” the Plexus pink beverage is a popular choice. The recommended dosage of this diet pill is one capsule, combined with water, before each of your two regular meals. There have been claims that it may help people lose weight and control their appetite. Consumers have complained about unintended consequences despite the product’s promises.

This supplement, however, has a major drawback. The label may be deteriorating because it does not properly describe the product’s contents. As a result, you should never take it without first discussing it with a medical professional. Verify if the facility has passed FDA inspection. If the items are manufactured with high-quality ingredients, you will learn this way.

6, Misleading And Deceptive Claims

  • A request to discontinue using the American Cancer Society’s name came after they falsely claimed to be working with the organization.
  • Many medical professionals, including physicians and nurses, have endorsed their breast check kits. Still, the website needs to identify any of them by name.
  • The Doctor’s featured their product, but viewers are informed that this does not constitute a recommendation or support from the show, according to a representative who talked with TINA.org.
  • Despite the notice, “These assertions have not been vetted by the Food and Drug Administration,” the kit has FDA clearance. The company’s website contains warnings like “these products are not designed to treat, diagnose,
  • cure, or prevent any ailment.”
  • Although they state that the product has been proven in clinical trials, no supporting evidence is offered. A search of generic medical literature databases, such as PubMed and Google Scholar, yields no results.

7, Customer Service Issues and Negative Reactions to Plexus Products.

See what problems customers have had with Plexus Worldwide LLC and how the Better Business Bureau (BBB) has helped them address them.

Read More: https://www.bbb.org/us/az/scottsdale/profile/weight-loss/plexus-worldwide-llc-1126-15006936/complaints 

8, The Pyramidal Nature of Plexus

Based on FTC regulations, Plexus operates more like a pyramid scam than a traditional multi-level marketing firm. Since it may take the FTC a while to stop a pyramid scheme, its operators may have enough time to defraud victims.

The majority of Plexus ambassadors make less than $5000 annually (the average is $417), as reported by the company’s income disclosure statement for 2015.

In 2015, “Plexus Ambassadors (Ambassador-Diamond levels) earned an average of $1,885.99 in yearly commission while the median annual commission was $213.23.”

9, Plexus Compensation plan

Overpriced, harmful, and chemical-laden products prohibited in Australia and Canada cost you $1380 annually, or $115 per month, to maintain essential qualifications.

Many former Plexus employees have complained to the Better Business Bureau that the corporation continued to charge their credit cards and bank accounts after they had left the company for things like fees, fraudulent credit card transactions, and the sale of merchandise.

People who don’t meet the requirements are demoted.

You’ll feel pressured to purchase more if you complain that a product isn’t practical. Surely you remember hearing that all you need is the Slim and the Accelerator?

Many users of Plexus Accelerator complained of experiencing weight gain.

You will be recruited into a pyramid scheme in which you are expected to sell this garbage to your loved ones.

In other words, you have no say in running your business.

If the FDA or FTC decides to shut down Plexus, you will lose everything. Your ability to sell their items will decrease if they choose to raise their prices. Any employee, even a distributor, maybe let go at any time.

Products Made by Plexus May Include Harmful, Subpar, or Unproven Ingredients.


Lead was included in Plexus’ Plexus Block, Fast Relief, and P96 products, and consumers were aware of it. The Mayo Clinic reports that even low levels of lead exposure may have adverse health effects, such as nausea, vomiting, stomach discomfort, and irritability. Lead poisoning occurs when the very deadly element of lead accumulates in the body. Chelation treatment and EDTA are used to treat it. Nevertheless, they are unable to erase the damage that has already been done.

Chlorogenic Acid/Green Coffee Bean Extract  

Some human-controlled trials have shown that green coffee bean extract leads to significant weight loss. However, these studies are generally small and funded by the green coffee bean extract business.

The FTC penalized Applied Food Sciences, Pure Green Coffee, and Lindsey Duncan for falsely claiming that their product helped individuals lose weight when no such effect had been shown.

Another miraculous component, Hoodia Gordonii (oxypregnane steroidal glycoside), has been proven to have serious side effects by clinical specialists Pfizer Pharmaceuticals and Unilever.

Plexus Products Dangerous and Unpleasant Side Effects

Specific potentially unpleasant side effects associated with weight loss pills include liver damage, rapid heart rate, chest discomfort, drowsiness, severe constipation, excessive gas, thirst, nausea, heartburn, headaches, shakiness, anxiety, man boobs, and dizziness.

Plexus At A Final Glance

Plexus may exist at the moment, but it is based on taking advantage of honest, hardworking people by giving them false hopes about how they may provide better lives for their families.

The items sold by smaller businesses, natural food shops, and the Internet tend to be more cost-effective.

Do not waste your money on their dangerous and poisonous goods, including harmful stimulants, appetite suppressants, mysterious whey, genetically modified soy, denatured protein, low omega-3, synthetic folate, and synthetic sweeteners.

Making smart dietary choices, drinking lots of water, and engaging in regular physical activity are all simple ways to keep your weight in a healthy range.

No one should invest time, money, or effort into Plexus’s unsustainable business; the Federal Trade Commission has declared it to be a pyramid scam centered on selling products.

Plexus Faqs

What are the negatives of Plexus?

Some customers complain of side effects after taking Plexus products, including bloating, gas, nausea, stomach ache, and constipation.

Why is Plexus not FDA approved?

Plexus is not FDA-approved; proof of this is In 2014, the FDA issued a warning to Plexus after discovering that the firm was unlawfully marketing multiple products, including ProBio5, BioClense, and Fast Relief, as pharmaceuticals due to the company’s claims that the products could cure various medical ailments.

Does Plexus make you lose weight?

Plexus claim that their product has been shown in scientific trials to aid in weight loss, improve the composition of one’s gut microbiome, boost energy expenditure, and promote normal glucose metabolism. While Plexus makes these claims, it fails to give any proof from scientific testing of the product to back up those assertions.

Can Plexus cause kidney problems?

Addressing the possibility of harmful reactions to this dietary supplement. Renal failure, thrombocytopenia, liver damage, and hemolytic anemia were among the adverse outcomes noticed.

Is there caffeine in Plexus?

There is 100mg of caffeine in Plexus Active. The recommended daily quantity of caffeine for people is 400 mg, so you may easily mix Active with your morning coffee or take it with Edge or MetaBurn and still be within a healthy range.

Conclusion – Why Is Everyone Leaving Plexus?

The promises of weight reduction are the most concerning. There have been allegations that the company overstates the profitability of its goods. So it’s no wonder people are leaving in droves after discovering that Plexus isn’t all they thought it would be. If you’re looking for a way to make money selling health supplements or other products online, then there are better options out there than this one.

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