Is Color Street an MLM or a Pyramid Scheme?

Is Color Street An MLM
Is Color Street An MLM

Are you considering becoming an Independent Color Street Stylist?

Or maybe you’ve read about them on social media.

so you might be wondering:  Is Color Street An MLM?

or is it a pyramid scheme / scam? 

Well, here’s your answer …

Is Color Street an MLM or a Pyramid Scheme?  Color Street is an MLM ( Multi Level Marketing Company)  It is NOT a Pyramid scheme.  It was founded in 2017 by Fa Park and focuses on nail polish and art supplies.

Although Color Street is not a scam you shouldn’t just go in without first conducting some research.

keep reading for more info on Color Street …

What Is a Color Street?

Color Street sells a wide variety of nail stickers entirely made of nail polish. Without actually painting nails, these stickers are designed to precisely fit the form of your nails and provide the appearance of a salon-quality manicure.

Fa Park, the company’s creator, founded it in 2017. Anyone who signs up to work for Color Street as an MLM consultant (known as a Stylist) can start their nail salon. In 2019, Color Street brought in more than $120 million in revenue while employing over 6,000 consultants. These facts can refute the news that Color Street is a fraud.

The main office of Color Street is located in Clifton, New Jersey. The company, which sits alongside sister companies Incoco and Coconut Nail Art and employs over 1,100 full-time staff, maintains a strong presence in the region because it draws inspiration from New York City, the “City that Never Sleeps.”

Can You Make Money with Color Street?

Color Street offers the opportunity to earn money by selling the company’s products to consumers. Your ability to make money is influenced by several variables, such as market conditions, your business abilities, and your level of personal commitment, effort, and sacrifice.

Color Street Stylists (“Stylists”) are freelance contractors, and the majority of them work in

the Color Street company part-time to maybe generate more revenue As

The majority of possibilities will reveal extraordinary people who achieve much above average.

Some people perform poorly or perhaps don’t make any money. Income, bonuses, and the Compensation Plan’s awards for stylists are based purely on sales to final customers of Color Street products. Sponsorship is not a source of income for stylists recruiting team members or coaching.

Is Color Street a Good Business?

You can make money with Color Street, but it will require effort, business experience, perseverance, and patience. Color Street promises no income or success in any rankings. All Color Street Stylists’ average annual salary in 2021 was $1,936 (fees not included).

Customers genuinely appreciate the unique product that Color Street offers and its solid reputation. There haven’t been many scandals or investigations involving the corporation that could damage its reputation. But there is a regular monthly price, and the enrollment fee is rather expensive.

Color Street has minimal earning potential. There are MLMs with more excellent averages than this, with typical earnings of about $15 per month. Even at the high end, annual revenues of $500,000 are less than those of specific other MLMs, where reps can make over $1 million. 

Who Owns Colorstreet?

Fa Park is the founder and CEO of Color Street, which redefined the nail polish market by developing the first dry nail paint strips in the world more than three decades ago. Mr. Park’s ideas influenced the beauty sector.

After finding success in the mass retail and private label sectors, Mr. Park realized that to reach his objective of making his creation available to as many fans of nail polish as possible, he would need to dream bigger. Considering his past successes as a direct sales consultant, Mr. Park was confident that joining the direct sales industry would help him achieve his goal.

How Much Does It Cost to Be a Color Street Rep?

The Basic Starter Kit, worth $250, is yours for just $129. It includes samples, catalogs, and ten complete sets—everything you need to begin going.

Afterward, maintaining your Color Street website will only cost you $10 per month (the first two months are free!). Know that the standard pay structure is a 25% rebate on your and your clients’ purchases. The proportion rises by how much you sell each month and the size of your team.  

How Much Commission Do Color Street Consultants Make?

One can earn up to 35% Retail Commissions on Personal Volume by selling products and developing a loyal customer base, which are the cornerstones of your Color Street business (PV). Initial Base Retail Commission is 15% of your PV.

If you sell 300 PV in a month, you will make an additional 10%, for a total profit of 25%. Everybody begins with a monthly commission of 25% on ALL sales. No one is exempt from this. Every WEEK, you get 25% of your commission back if you sell a nail paint strip. Up to 35% commission at $600 segments, incentives are offered for higher sales.

How much do you have to sell to stay active with color Street?

Every SIX months, you must make $300 in sales to maintain your status as an active stylist. You are no longer REQUIRED to meet any minimum sales targets to continue working as a stylist when you join Color Street! Selling $300 a month is required, but once every six months if you want to maintain the stylist’s benefits.

If you make $150 in sales in your first month, it will take another five months to make $300 in a single month. Your stylist title and rewards will be taken away if you don’t. Even though I can’t recall the specific date, it was in 2021. But it must be the case that you lose your declining line if you don’t meet the minimum in 6 months (and not 3). Although you can stay a stylist, your team moves up to the stylists above you.

Does color street weaken nails?

No, the nail paint strips from Color Street won’t damage your nails. Colorful street decals are created entirely of nail polish. The risk is almost the same as that of using regular nail polish. Nevertheless, some users of Color Street have reported that their cuticles are dry and their nails are weaker.

Color Street does not immediately cause nail peeling for the average or everyday person. Although the issue with Color Street is a headache, ordinary nail paint can also cause this. Instead of the kind of nail polish you’re wearing, the problem is usually nailed health.

Can You Buy Color Street Without a Stylist?

Independent stylists are not compelled to purchase or maintain inventory of a specific number of Color Street products. You can purchase Color Street goods through the Color Street website or the Independent Stylist’s Personal Website (PW).

Online shopping for Color Street Nails allows you to purchase only gorgeous nails without registering or committing to anything else. You can’t buy Color Street Nail Polish Strips in stores; the only way to do so is through it a distributor’s website.

Is Dashing Diva the Same As Color Street?

Although they come on as fully cured stickers, these are comparable to Color Street. The lack of adaptability meant that they did not sit as flush, that the excess had to be filed off, and that they did not last as long as Color Street.

Amy Davis, a consumer expert for KPRC 2, was informed by the woman that she believed it “certainly seemed easier to apply the Color Street than the Dashing Diva.” Her contention was that Color Street would be around for a longer period of time. She might fold them over the tip of her nail since they are not as heavy, and then use her other pin to break or pull the excess away carefully. This would be possible because they are not as heavy.

What Happened to Jamberry Nail Wraps?

The Utah-based company was “delayed than expected on our past two commissions,” according to a group of “elite” Jamberry reps who complained in a video uploaded to YouTube on June 19. The video said Jamberry had tried to communicate with the agents and questioned whether anybody was listening.

50,000 Jamberry consultants were unwinding on a late Tuesday night in 2018. They didn’t know Jamberry was in negative equity or that it would close the following day until they got an email notifying them.

The company collapsed in June 2018. While Jamberry has never explicitly said what went wrong, it was apparent to the public that the company could not continue operating.

How Many Stylists Does Color Street Have?

The 130,000 stylists that make up Color Street’s community are enthusiastic about uplifting and supporting others, bringing attention to worthy causes, and giving back. Given that the number of stylists increased to 135,000 in 2020, it is evident that frequent, consistent product launches have delighted them. Color Street reported revenue of $597 million in 2020, a rise of 171 percent from the previous year, as the Bravo Percentage of Growth Award acknowledged.

Does Color Street Need a Top Coat?

Each strip of Color Street nail paint includes a base coat, color coat, and top coat, making them actual polish in dry strip form. They are expected to remain intact for roughly ten days.

How Long Has Color Street Been Around?

The American version of our Street debuted on June 12, 2017. However, the idea behind the nail strip dates back years. In 1984, a guy named Fa Park was on a bus stuck in New York City traffic. The 100% nail paint strips produced by Color Street are said to be simple to use and to last for about two weeks.

What Discount Do Color Street Stylists Get?

Selling goods and establishing a solid clientele are the cornerstones of your Color Street business; you may make up to 35% in retail commissions on your volume (PV). 15% of your PV is the base retail commission rate. If you sell 300 PV in a month, you will make an extra 10%, for 25%.

What Do You Get for Hosting a Color Street Party?


A Color Street Beauty Social is enjoyable, simple, and rewarding to host. Get free and discounted items, free shipping, and other special incentives by hanging out with friends and inviting them to Color Street.

What does BQ mean in color Street?

The BQ (bonus qualified) incentive is the next offering, exclusive to Senior and BQ stylists. You receive a $10 product credit when you BQ ($300 in sales for that month). For a total of $30, you can earn this in July, August, and September.

Where Does Color Street Rank in Nail Polish?

The Direct Selling News Global 100 listed Color Street as number 38 globally. In our third year in business, we are honored to share the limelight with illustrious figures in the direct selling sector! Top 20 Color Street Nail Rankings for Spring 2019! The most popular nail color! Get a set of these lovely nails from Color Street right away! 


How Long Does It Take for the Color Street to Dry?

While applying Color Street does not need heat, it takes about 30 minutes for the product to completely cure or dry on your nail. Avoid washing your hands at that period or applying any lotions or oils. The nail paint strip will also significantly contract during this time.

How Do I Keep My Street Nails from Lifting Color?

Cuticles should always be pushed back, and Color Street strips should only be used on the nail. The strip will inevitably lift and chip off if there is any of the strip left on the skin or cuticle.

What Are Color Street Testers?

These nail testers help display which sets you have on hand or are available in the catalog at vendor events.

What’s a Color Street Stylist?

There is a stylish family called Color Street. Numerous direct sales opportunities are available, all of which may allow one to share fantastic products, keep flexible working hours, and generate extra revenue. With different levels of direct sales expertise, our staff offers a friendly, helpful network.

Can You Put the Color Street Nail Strips over Nail Polish?

Nail art using acrylics or gels won’t prevent you from using Color Street nail polish strips. Apply directly over your acrylics or gels to switch things up or for a particular event.

Does Color Street Make Black Friday Sales?

Color Street steps in with their Black Friday surprise at this point. They always introduce a brand-new, limited-edition nail polish color or colors for Black Friday. These colors have previously sold out within an hour of going on sale.

Why Won’t My Color Street Nails Stick?

The nail strips in your Color Street kit will be complex and challenging to apply if it is too cold. They won’t stick to your nails very well.

How Much Does an Executive Director at Color Street Make?

Remember that compensation ranges might differ significantly based on a wide range of critical aspects, including position, education, certifications, different talents, and the length of time you have been in your field of work—the total amount paid in cash. The average annual wage for all color street stylists in 2018 was $178.06, which is an intriguing fact they mentioned in their disclaimers.

What Are Color Street Nails Made of?

Nail paint strips from Color Street are not made of plastic or stickers, but rather are made completely with real nail polish. The Color Street is a natural nail polish that has been air-dried into a strip for a straightforward manicure that does not need any waiting time for the color to dry. You can have a manicure that looks like it was done in a salon in just one step, without worrying about smudges or streaks, and it comes with a color coat, base coat, and top coat.

What Is Color Street Foundation?

The Color Street Foundation is devoted to spreading knowledge about issues that matter to their stylists and clients while donating to organizations that support such causes. Color Street has launched 16 awareness initiatives since the Foundation’s founding and has given to 30 associated charity partners.

How do you use dry-color Street nails?

The Color Street strips may be replenished by melting them with a nail wrap warmer over time. You should move swiftly because if you wait too long, the strip will harden and become useless. To ensure the strips hold up, put a liquid top coat over them, ideally right away after each nail.

How do color streets promote color?

Using ads. You have the potential to make money with Color Street, but it takes effort, business acumen, perseverance, and patience. Color Street does not promise any cash or success in rankings. In 2021, the average salary for all Color Street Stylists was $1,936 (fees not included).

Which is better, Jamberry vs. Color Street?

Due to the fact that it is composed completely of nail paint, Color Street performs similarly to a high-end chip-resistant nail polish. However, that simply makes it chip-resistant; it does not make it chip-proof. Jamberry is the obvious victor due to the fact that, at least in my experience, it does not move about too much. The application of Jamberry wraps takes a MUCH longer time than that of Color Street wraps.

Can You Store Colored Street Nails in a Ziploc Bag?

By placing Color Street in a plastic Ziploc bag and placing it in the freezer, you can quickly reseal them without using a flat iron. Although sealing them with a hair straightener is not required, it never hurts to be much more airtight.

What is the best-selling color street color?

The Tokyo lights feature irresistibly holographic glitter, pretty pink gold, and fuchsia. It is also a top-selling shade.

How do you make color streets last longer?

Ensure to give the color street nail strips some time to adjust to room temperature before using them. The stripes become complicated if they have been frozen or if the climate favors them. If that is your situation, you may want to keep them there for a while.

How much does it cost to start color Street?

Getting started with Color Street doesn’t come at a high cost.

The Basic Starter Kit, worth $250, is yours for just $129. It includes samples, catalogs, and ten complete sets—everything you need to begin going! After that, maintaining your Color Street website will only cost you $10 per month (the first two months are free!)

CONCLUSION – Is Color Street an MLM

Color Street does not appear to be a pyramid scheme or scam but may not be the best use of your time. If it resonates with you give it a try but there are better options out there. is the brainchild of Jack Bastide. It is designed for entrepreneurs and those that want to be. You can find Jack on Facebook or Linked-In. 

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