Is Jeunesse an MLM or a Pyramid Scheme? (Reviews) 

Is Jeunesse an MLM
Is Jeunesse an MLM

Welcome to my Jeunesse Review.

So you’ve heard about Jeunesse.

And you were wondering, Is Jeunesse an MLM?

Or Is Jeunesse a Pyramid Scheme

So let’s answer that right now.

Is Jeunesse an MLM or a Pyramid Scheme? Jeunesse is a multi-level marketing company that creates beauty and health items. DNA repair, Cleansers, Stem cells, Moisturizers, and Antioxidants are only some of the goods the firm sells. Jeunesse has a global consumer base.

Is Jeunesse a Pyramid Scheme

Is Jeunesse a Pyramid Scheme? Lawyers at Sommers and Schwartz, with offices in California and Michigan, claim the business is being looked at on suspicion of being a pyramid scam and a private compensation plan.

The second involves concealing the earnings of top Reps and encouraging entry-level reps that they, too, will one day earn as much as their more successful colleagues, despite the minimal likelihood of this happening.

Truth In Advertising claims many lawsuits have been filed against the firm for engaging in unlawful practices, including using fake “before and after” photos to promote their goods. It’s wise to proceed with care around the business.

For complete details on Jeunesse, keep reading.   

What Is Jeunesse 

Jeunesse is a worldwide direct sales firm to make a positive impact by restoring youth and vitality to individuals and communities while inspiring them to reach their full potential.

Jeunesse’s nutritional supplements and skin care products are created in the USA specifically for the firm. The firm has built a state-of-the-art worldwide platform, using the potential of technology to disseminate its cutting-edge goods, training, and support over 32 fully functional offices, serving markets in over 100 countries and providing customer service in several languages. 

Founded ByRandy Ray and Wendy Lewis
Founding Year / LocationFlorida Sept. 9, 2009. 
Jeunesse Corporate Website
Jeunesse  Corporate Address 701 International Parkway Lake Mary, Florida 32746
Jeunesse Customer Service[email protected]
Jeunesse Email Address[email protected]
Start-Up Cost$29.95

Jeunesse Compensation Plan

Jeunesse Global’s 15-Minute Compensation Plan

YouTube video
YouTube video

When Was Jeunesse Founded

The typical size of a family company is small. Indeed not the Jeunesse founding family. In 2009, Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis, who was already married, started Jeunesse with the help of Wendy’s son Scott Lewis, with the intention of creating a $1 billion business. Jeunesse is the quickest firm in direct selling history to surpass the billion-dollar annual sales record, with $1.3 billion in global annual sales in only six years.

Is Jeunesse a Scam

Many people have claimed that Jeunesse Global is a pyramid scam, resulting in many lawsuits against the firm. Despite its similarities to pyramid schemes, Jeunesse Global is not one since it sells real goods and allows its members to succeed even if they don’t bring in any new customers. However, creating a decent living from product sales alone takes a lot of work.

How Does Jeunesse Work

Jeunesse Global only requires a membership fee of $29.95 to get you started. Even as a primary member, you’ll be able to profit by reselling their goods at the total price rather than the lower wholesale cost you’d otherwise pay.

 And you’d make some money off of it, too. Residual Income is the term for this kind of earnings. To qualify as a distributor, you must either buy or sell items totaling 100 points (equivalent to $250) during a specific time. In most cases, new distributors need to shell out $1,200 to get started with the higher tiers.

In case you missed it, the price of the Basic Startup Package is $1,200. 

Since this is a binary tree structure, you’ll need to recruit individuals on both sides of your tree if you want to make any money.

To qualify for the “Cycle Bonus” or “Team Commission,” you must keep your Group Volume (GV) at least 600 on the left leg and 300 on the right leg. 

The program may also be simplified by saying that you will get a particular number of points for each purchase made by those you attract. Plus, these points will be worth a certain quantity of Commissionable Volume (CV).

Remember that the specified Commissionable Volume (CV) ratio is not 1:1 and that the minimum to earn one point is $2. As a result, many MLM firms follow this practice. As a result, either your commission will be small, or you will have to put in enormous time and effort. 

Only some have the means to do that. Using the same Cycle Bonus example used before, this can easily describe as follows: Your group’s aggregate volume should add up to at least 900 or 600 from one leg and 300 from the other.

This 900 Gv is equivalent to over $1500 in goods. Your take-home pay for this venture would be a modest $35 commission. Despite your hard work, your commission could be higher at 2.3% of revenue. If you want to join an MLM, you should study their pay plan thoroughly.

You may make a nice living only from commissions if you put in the effort, according to Jeunesse Global’s training materials. Your principal might be misleading if they told you that only the Cycle Bonus Commission could bring in $26,250 weekly.

The records make it quite clear. But in reality, things are very different. Jeunesse Global’s multi-level marketing compensation systems provide six distinct avenues for financial gain.

IT PAYS TO GROW YOUR TEAM: When you train and expand your Lines of Sponsorship in Jeunesse, the company pays you a matching weekly incentive according to your level. 

Earned Team Commissions from levels 1 through 7 of your Lines of Sponsorship are multiplied by your Paid As Rank to determine your Matching Bonus payout.

Can I Make Money with Jeunesse

Making money with this business system is achievable. However, it is not straightforward despite what they would have you believe.

The initial investment is high without any guarantee of return. Commission rates are reasonable as well. I’m all for putting in the effort now so that you may reap the rewards afterward. But it’s hardly a terrific opportunity if all you get after three months of hard work is a cheque for $100.

Jeunesse Products

You may get a large selection of anti-aging skincare products and nutritional supplements at Jeunesse Global, a skincare firm. The brand’s mission is to make consumers feel and look younger.

The anti-wrinkle products sold by Jeunesse Global include peels, nightly serums, face masks, and eye lotions. Ageless, Luminesce, NV, Naara, and RVL are just a few popular brand names selling similar treatments.

The best-selling items from Jeunesse Global include the Instantly Ageless Facelift in a Box, Luminesce Daily Moisturizing Complex, Luminesce Cellular Rejuvenation Serum, and Luminesce Advanced Night Repair.

Jeunesse Products Compensation Plan

Take a Look at the compensation plan followed by Jeunesse Global company


Jeunesse Startup Cost / Monthly Cost 

The Jeunesse Starter Kit is the first order of business upon joining the Jeunesse team.

Purchase the Starter Kit now for only $49.95 and open the door to retail earnings, preferred customer benefits, and new customer first-order bonuses.

You may make as much as you want with Jeunesse after you get the hang of things, but until then, it’s a good idea to find a mentor or be paired with one via the company’s website.

A substantial initial investment is optional to start a Jeunesse company. This low fee covers everything from domain registration to hosting for your sleek, cutting-edge Jeunesse website.

There is a $19.95 annual renewal fee, most customers discover that they provide a minimum of 360 CV(commissionable volume) from Autoshop orders in a year, and the expense is then waived. After making the firm’s first investment, you may use this user-friendly program.

If you have any questions concerning your legal rights and responsibilities regarding Jeunesse, please visit the Tools page on the Office site. Watch the videos that explain the company and how it operates for new Distributors to get a feel for the industry. Make sure you check out the JMobile app on your mobile device.

You can get it from Google Play or the iTunes store, and it will let you stay in contact with Jeunesse and your team no matter where you travel. You may use the wholesale login to get any Jeunesse items you choose at a deep discount as soon as you’ve paid for the startup. You may put these items to use personally, or you can start making retail earnings by selling them to others in your social circle.

Jeunesse’s Social Media Accounts  

Jeunesse Facebook Page 
Jeunesse Instagram Page 
Jeunesse Twitter Page 
Jeunesse YouTube Page 

Jeunesse Reviews

Check Out Jeunesse Testimonials and Reviews Below 

Jeunesse Testimonials and Reviews

Jeunesse Global Reviews – Trustpilot

TESTIMONIALS | Jeunesse Global Wellness

A Look at the Top 10 Selling Items from Jeunesse

Jeunesse Email Address

Jeunesse Retail Support[email protected]
Jeunesse Sales[email protected]
Jeunesse Compliance[email protected]
Jeunesse Press Inquiries[email protected]

Jeunesse Login

Are you trying to access your Jeunesse Back office

Here is a direct link: 

Jeunesse FAQ

To answer some of the additional concerns voiced with Jeunesse, below are some of the most often-asked questions:

What Is Jeunesse Used for

Nightly serums, Masks, peels, and eye creams are just some of the Jeunesse anti-aging skin care treatments that aim to diminish the look of wrinkles and fine lines. Ageless, Luminesce, NV, Naara, and RVL are the product lines that make up the five groups.

What Are the Products of Jeunesse

Feel Younger.

4RLF. topical analgesic.

FINITI Advanced Wellness Formula.

m•mūn Algae. 4 algae and vitamins c & d.

NEVO Energy Drink.


ZEN Bodi 

shop all.

How Long Has Jeunesse Been Around

The debut of Jeunesse occurred on September 9 at 9:00 p.m. As the organization’s founders wanted to leave a lasting legacy in the direct sales profession, they chose the number nine as its logo because, in many cultures, it denotes eternity.

Can I Trust Jeunesse

Multiple lawsuits, complaints, and a prominent expert with the FTC effectively labeling Jeunesse a pyramid scam have not helped the company’s image. Nearly ten years have passed since the firm opened its doors, making it unusual among MLM enterprises, most of which collapse within the first five years.

How Much Do Jeunesse Distributors Make

Jeunesse has a multi-level compensation plan, with incentives ranging from 10% to 20% of sales revenue*. Income is proportional to the number of monthly sales made by your distributors.

Is Jeunesse Global Cruelty-Free

The Cruelty-Free International Leaping Bunny program has certified that all of Jeunesse’s name-brand cosmetics and personal care items are free from animal testing.

Where Is Jeunesse Manufactured

All of Jeunesse’s products are made in the USA and were developed in-house.

What are the Jeunesse distributor fees?

You may get a “business in a box” by joining Jeunesse and paying the membership fee of $29.95. 

Does Jeunesse test on animals

This organization NEVER uses animals in its research. Montagne Jeunesse is a Business Friend of the PETA.

Can you make money from Jeunesse?

Whether you’re looking to earn some part-time income or grow your operations on our global platform, Jeunesse provides a lucrative business opportunity for all types of direct sellers. The Jeunesse Financial Rewards Plan is one of the most competitive compensation plans in the industry.

Can you make money from Jeunesse?

Jeunesse offers direct salespeople of various backgrounds a profitable business opportunity, whether they’re trying to supplement their income, expand their current operations, or do both. In terms of pay packages, the Jeunesse Financial Rewards Plan is among the top performers.

Conclusion – Is Jeunesse an MLM?

People who appreciate direct selling will enjoy Jeunesse. It is fantastic for those who desire to earn money while maintaining a flexible schedule. Jeunesse is neither illegal nor is it a scam. However, if you must know, other multilevel marketing companies are as good or even better than Jeunesse. Nevertheless, if you like how Jeunesse operates, you could do more research about how to get on with them. This is where we put a full stop till next time. is the brainchild of Jack Bastide. It is designed for entrepreneurs and those that want to be. You can find Jack on Facebook or Linked-In. 

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