Is LimeLife an MLM or a Pyramid Scheme? (Reviews)

Is Limelife an MLM
Is Limelife an MLM

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Is Limelife an MLM?

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Is limelife an MLM? LimeLife is a multi-level marketing business with two income streams by Alcone. First, you become a “Beauty Guide” when you join LimeLife by Alcone, selling their cosmetics and skincare items and recruiting people to sign up with the Multi-Level Marketing Company. 

The second is enlisting others to carry out the same action. You’d need to buy a beginning kit to promote the products as a “Beauty Guide” before you could do so. In the following section, I’ll review the two tiers of starting kits. On their website, there is a registration form that you must complete to sign up.

Is Limelife a pyramid?

Is Limelife a pyramid? It is safe to conclude that LimeLife is not a pyramid scam because its users can make money by selling services and signing up new people. But take note of how LimeLife’s business model works—as usual, recruiting receives much more attention than everything else.

You also need to be aware of MLM company models, as they are not built to last. What you’re looking for is not here, if you are searching for something long-term.

Who Owns Limelife?

Michele Gay is the owner of LimeLife. 

What Is the Limelife Headquarters Address?

Limelife headquarters is located at 4300 Bohannon Dr, Menlo Park, California, 94025, United States

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What Is Limelife?

YouTube video

Lime Life is an American privately held cosmetics business headquartered in New York. Alcone is a business established in 1952 that provided Broadway theaters with expert cosmetics and owns the Limelife division.

Their skin care products are without chemicals. The time it takes for chemicals in skin care products to enter your bloodstream is less than a minute. The chemical-free solutions from LimeLife by Alcone help hydrate, repair, and restore your skin cells. This is unique and significantly more efficient than other brands’ strip-and-replace methods.

Bbb Better Business Bureau on Limelife 

If you ever experience an issue with a business, BBB can help you out. You can file a complaint on their website, and the bureau will work with both sides to resolve the issue.

What is the Better Business Bureau (BBB)? The BBB is a not-for-profit organization that’s been around for more than 100 years. It’s dedicated to fostering fair and honest business practices and offers various resources to businesses and consumers. 

Better Business Bureau on Limelife

Limelife reviews

Trustpilot Reviews LimeLife 

  • “I adore these items so much! A friend introduced me, and I no longer use anything else on my face. This product is incredibly mild and effective on my sensitive skin. Some of my fine wrinkles have vanished entirely. I’m always thrilled to receive the special box as my small monthly treat. Although the cost may seem excessive, you always get what you pay for”.
  • “After using the skincare products, I was inspired to become an International Beauty Guide. The products are vegan, paraben-free, organic, and free of harsh chemicals. I have learned a great deal of insightful things from my business, and I look forward to teaching more people how to respect, take care of, and look fantastic in the skin they are in”. 
  • “I work as a guide for Limelife by Alcone and their incredible products. It’s lovely to have access to all-natural skincare products that take care of your skin and the environment.

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Limelife Facebook Page

Check out the LImelife Facebook Page


The Youtube Channel of LimeLife is a space where the LimeLife by Alcone family shares inspiration, skin care advice, and makeup lessons. Natural skin care and professional cosmetics are ingrained in their genetic constitution. Their family-run firm started providing theatrical cosmetics to celebrities in 1952 from a little shop in New York City. They rapidly concluded that helping our clients feel beautiful was as much about inner confidence as outward brilliance. 

Since then, they have been concentrating on it. Since everyone has a different definition of confidence and radiance, they are developing beauty instructions that are simple to use and straightforward to customize. Browse their videos for advice on everyday contouring, bold makeup looks, and sun care advice. 

And feel secure knowing that every one of their goods comes from a cruelty-free, ethically sourced manufacturer. Additionally, keep an eye out for appearances by members of their international community, such as well-known beauty icons and our magnificent Beauty Guides. 

Check them out at  LimelifeYoutube 

History Of Limelife

A modest shop in New York City, where the Alcon family-run business was first established, sold stage makeup to movie stars in 1952. Their mutual pride in our work helped them to connect with some of the most extraordinary theater and film talents.

They rapidly concluded that the only thing more important to them than providing people with the opportunity to pursue their passions was the highest caliber professional makeup. As beauty professionals started sending clients our way to learn about their favorite products, they noticed that many others shared the same motivation.

LimeLife is proud of its heritage in beauty, but they’re much more proud of what it has enabled them to do. With decades of more expertise but the same passion and ambition, the modern LimeLife by Alcone is an evolution of that little shop in the theater area.

They continue to grow as a team, working relentlessly to find effective natural skincare and professional cosmetics. Even though LimeLife has grown internationally, their family values—the commitment to excellence, respect for individuality, and a desire to support people in following their passions—remain at the core of who they are.

Limelife Story 

Founded and raised in New York City, the Alcone Company is a family-owned company. Alvin Cohen, who saw the need for a specialty store to serve the city’s thriving theatrical industry, launched it in 1952.

What started as a small business selling stage makeup and eyelashes to starlets and showgirls has expanded to become the industry leader in supplying professional makeup and the difficult-to-find materials needed to produce award-winning special effects to film, television, and theatrical productions across the country.

Their guiding principle has always been to seek the best goods from around the world and make them accessible to the public so that everyone may profit (and look fantastic!). Because of their high quality, excellent value, and even better results, professional goods are a favorite among beauty enthusiasts and “ordinary people,” for whom we have also established ourselves as the go-to supplier. Alcone Company has everything you need, from beautiful to gory.

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 Limelife Statistics

Below are some of Limelife’s Statistics:

  • Two thousand one hundred seventy-eight people work for Limelight By Alcone
  • 24% of the workers at Limelight By Alcone are men, compared to 76% of women.
  • The majority of the population is made up of white people of Limelight By Alcone (65%), followed by Hispanic or Latino people (18%) and Black or African Americans (9%).
  • Limelight’s 18% Latino or Hispanic employees work for By Alcone
  • Limelight’s 9% of Employees at By Alcone are Black or African Americans.
  • At Limelight By Alcone, the average employee earns $46,144 annually.
  • Employee retention at Limelight By Alcone is 5.1 years on average.
  • Lifetime sales by year are $39.55 million.
  • Limelife headquarters is located at 4300 Bohannon Drive, Suite 230. Menlo Park, California, 94025,. The United States. 650-292-5200

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Limelife Products 

The top 20 products for LimeLife are shown below. This mixture of customer favorites from LimeLife Makeup and Skin Care is fantastic.

  • Claim to Frame Brow Pencil
  • Perfect Lipstick
  • Dream Clean
  • One Drop Wonder
  • Perfect Mascara
  • Complete Concealer
  • Perfect Balm
  • Sotoks
  • Perfect Eyeshadow
  • Quench Cleanse
  • Enduring Lip Color
  • Perfect Lip Gloss
  • Perfect Foundation
  • Forty Cure Cream
  • Enduring Lip Liner
  • Making Waves Waterproof Mascara
  • Perfect Blush
  • Classified Brushes
  • Perfect Color Powder
  • Skin Therapy

See more on  Limelife Products.  

Limelife Compensation Plan

The typical compensation at Limelight Networks is $100,591 per year or $48.36 per hour. The lowest-paid employees at Limelight Networks make $65,000 annually, while the top 10 percent make nearly $154,000. Your line of employment may also influence your compensation at Limelight Networks. Business development and engineering are the highest-paying organizational functions at Limelight Networks, with employees earning average annual salaries of $122,410 and $106,384, respectively. Employees at Limelight Networks who work in San Francisco, Seattle, and Burlington, Massachusetts, respectively, are paid the most as a result of location.

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LimeLife List of Ranks and Bonuses

  • Beauty Guide in Training
  • Apply on the corporate website to be LimeLife’s Beauty Guide and get your application accepted.
  • Get the Basic Starter Kit for Beauty Guides.
  • Beauty Guide
  • Produce a personal sales volume of $1000 overall.
  • Lead Guide
  • Keep no less than two active beauty guides.
  • Produce $2500 in monthly total group retail volume.
  • Star Beauty Guide
  • Keep three active beauty guides, one of which should be a lead beauty guide or above.
  • Finish the Star Beauty Guide Training.
  • Monthly production of TGRV of $5000
  • Director
  • Maintain a minimum of 4 active beauty guides, including at least 1 Lead and 1 Star beauty guideline.
  • Generate $10,000 each month in TGRV.
  • Lead Director
  • Five active beauty guides, one director, 
  • And a monthly TGRV of $25,000
  • A monthly TGRV income of at least $40.000
  • Star Director
  • Having five active beauty guides, including a director and a lead director
  • Provide at least 50,000 TGRV per month
  • Produce at least 80,000 TGRV each month
  • Senior Director
  • Have five active beauty guides, 2 of which are directors, 1 of which is a lead director, and 1 of which is a star director
  • Generate $100,000 TGRV per month
  • Make at least $150.000 TGRV each month.

More on LimeLife List of Ranks and Bonuses 

LimeLife Events and Training

LimeLife has been demonstrating to people over the past few months how to build your company most effectively imaginable. They welcome you to join them for the day, as we examine what it takes to draw clients, add people to your team, expand your business dramatically, and convince others that they can do the same.

On the other side of LimeLife products, they use professional makeup that is highly pigmented and skincare that is manufactured with natural components, and you can enjoy the best of both worlds. One may notice improvements and get bright skin with their dermatologist-recommended skincare, which you’ll want to flaunt.

After using their skin care, you won’t need to conceal your appearance with makeup; instead, you’ll want to enhance your natural beauty and show your best self. They make great effort to create skincare, cosmetic, and tool products that you want to share and that everyone else desires. They are also demonstrating how to use them effectively. Learn more 


How do I quit LimeLife by Alcone?

You could contact 844-BE-AMAZING (844-232-6294) or email requesting [email protected] if you want any content or information removed. Your Beauty Guide Account will be immediately terminated, and all your Beauty Guide credits will be lost if your monthly subscription is canceled or your credit card is removed.

How much do LimeLife consultants make?

$36,078 is the expected basic salary annually.

How much do people make selling LimeLife?

A monthly base salary of $3,452 is anticipated. The estimated monthly increase in wages is $963.

Is LimeLife an excellent company to work for?

Yes, LimeLife is an excellent company to work for. 61% of staff members are optimistic about the company’s future, and 65% would recommend working there to a friend.

What celebrities use LimeLife by Alcone?

Kelly Ripa, Kim Kardashian, and Sarah Jessica Parker are famous people who use Alcone products as insider tips. Even the celebrated conceptual artist photographer Cindy Sherman has expressed her appreciation for Alcone goods.

Where are Limelife products made?

LimeLife products, which are American-made, don’t contain formaldehyde, phthalates, or parabens. Instead, natural and vegan ingredients are used to create the effects.

Does Limelife by Alcone test on animals?

All LimeLife skin care products are organic, chemical-free, and cruelty-free, as verified by Leaping Bunny. As natural as possible without compromising performance, their professional makeup is Leaping Bunny-certified cruelty-free.

Is Limelife by Alcone vegan?

LimeLife offers natural vegan skin care and high-end cosmetics. All LimeLife skin care products are organic, chemical-free, and cruelty-free, as verified by Leaping Bunny.

How much does it cost to join LimeLife?

The monthly fee to join LimeLife is $9.95. However, the first month is free! To remain an active Beauty Guide after your first anniversary, you must pay $75 per year. Above all, always keep in mind that none of us stronger than the sum of the rest.

How much does a limelight consultant make?

Limelight Networks Consultants make $116,000 a year, or $56 an hour, which is 36% more than the $81,000 per year national average for all Consultants and 55% more than the average wage for all employed Americans. The highest-paid consultants earn $292,000 a year working for Meliss Hankin Consulting, and the lowest-paid consultants earn $16,000 a year working for ULTA Beauty.

What does PRV mean in LimeLife?

PRV means Personal Retail Value. Your “Personal Retail Value” for a specific pay period is the sum retail value (calculated using SRP) of any products you buy or sell to retail consumers (including Shine On Program participants), whether in a Beauty Show, privately, or online. You can get the number of Enhanced Commissions partially based on your monthly PRV. Based on PRV, all commissions are computed.

Do LimeLife Beauty Guides get a discount?

There are several discounts available for being a LimeLife Beauty Guide. On your LimeLife purchases, you can obtain wholesale rates. Additionally, you will receive a 15% discount at Alcone, the venerable makeup industry parent business. Discounted tickets to several makeup events across the nation are also available

What is a LimeLife subscription?

Each month when you subscribe to the LimeLife Amazebox, you’ll get a wonderful surprise containing merchandise from LimeLife by Alcone. What does the LimeLife AmazeBox have? All-natural skincare products, high-end cosmetics, and occasionally beauty tools are mixed in each box.

Does LimeLife have sales?

There aren’t many sales at LimeLife by Alcone, but when there are, you won’t want to miss them. All year long, they frequently offer specialized packages and discounts that are timed to holidays.

Why did LimeLight change to LimeLife?

The firm and its products had to alter their names to conform to international regulations and trademark constraints. Businesses could not legally operate under the name LimeLight in other countries.

When did LimeLight change to LimeLife?

In 1952, Alcone was established and began providing Broadway productions with high-quality cosmetics. Later, under the name “Limelight,” Alcone expanded into direct sales. Their multi-level marketing business was relaunched as “Limelife” in 2018.

Who founded LimeLife by Alcone?

Michele Gay is the CEO and Founder of LimeLife

What is Amazebox LimeLife?

Amazing LimeLife by Alcone items and samples are automatically brought to you through AMAZEBOX, a monthly subscription service. It is limited to only one customer per month.

What is the LimeLife Fempire fund?

The LimeLife Fempire Fund taps into power by offering equity funding, mentoring, and tools to young female company entrepreneurs and introducing them to their great community of Beauty Guides throughout the world, which can promote their brand to consumers. 

How many countries is LimeLife alcone in?

In nine different nations, LimeLife’s field workforce of over 30,000 Beauty Guides actively promotes the company’s products and business possibilities to interested consumers.

When did alcone open?

The family-run Alcone Company is a New York City institution. Alvin Cohen launched it in 1952 because he saw a need for a specialty shop to cater to the city’s booming theater scene.

Is LimeLife makeup gluten-free?

Yes. SkinSAFE’s analysis of LimeLife by Alcone Complete Concealer’s components shows that it is 82% Top Allergen Free and gluten-free.

What makes LimeLife different?

It is non-chemical skin care. Chemicals from skin care products enter your bloodstream in less than a minute. However, the chemical-free products from LimeLife by Alcone help your skin cells repair, moisturize, and rebalance. This is unique and significantly more efficient than the strip-and-replace method used by other brands.

Does LimeLife have retinol?

Yes, it does. To produce a toned, smooth canvas, it also contains alfalfa extract, a natural substitute for the wrinkle-fighting ingredient retinol, and a blend of other sections and oils.

How long are LimeLife products suitable for?

While items can vary, the LimeLife product, in general, when maintained properly, unopened products have a shelf life of about two years. The product should be used as advised within a year of being opened.

CONCLUSION – Is LimeLife an MLM or a Pyramid Scheme? (Reviews)

Despite years of self-molding, LimeLife still has a lot of things to alter to be a beneficial chance for everyone attempting to join its crusade, not just a select few. However, the business is operating with a flawed business plan that might make everyone who works for it highly likely, if not sure, to fail.

Beyond the company’s legal standing, you need a chance that can confidently guarantee you a just method and reimbursement. Unfortunately, despite all the encouraging words and attractiveness. It employs to cover up its flaws, the MLM sector as a whole, not simply LimeLife, is unable to achieve it.

I appreciate you visiting and reading this content. I sincerely hope this post has provided you with vital information and concepts of LimeLife. is the brainchild of Jack Bastide. It is designed for entrepreneurs and those that want to be. You can find Jack on Facebook or Linked-In.

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