Is Melaleuca an MLM or a Pyramid Scheme?

Is Melaleuca an MLM
Is Melaleuca an MLM

So somebody told you about  the Melaleuca business opportunity.

or maybe you saw it on social media.

and this question came to mind …

Is Melaleuca an MLM?

or is Melaleuca a Pyramid Scheme?

So let’s answer that question right now.

Is Melaleuca an MLM? or is Melaleuca a Pyramid Scheme? Melaleuca is a legitimate MLM company and is NOT a a Pyramid. They have tried to brand themselves as CDM (Consumer Direct Marketing), and not MLM but I can attest that they are, in fact, an MLM company.

I say this because It’s my job to know. I’ve been with them three times lol, Today’s discussion topic is controversial. Online answers may vary. This article describes why Melaleuca is an MLM.

keep reading for more information on Melaleuca …

What is Melaleuca?

Melaleuca is a company in the health and wellness sector that has existed since 1985.

They concentrate on selling “natural” and “green” home health and wellness products. The company’s main product categories are vitamins, dietary supplements, hair care, detergents, and cleaning supplies.

The whole “green” thing” is already a tried-and-true psychological pull that makes Melaleuca appealing and potentially profitable. Melaleuca was, therefore, a pioneer in that regard.

For the past 3 decades, Melaleuca has created financial opportunities for the average person to launch their own business. Getting ahead financially in today’s environment is a big task. You can expand your business without taking risks and with an endless possibility for profit.

Melaleuca employs a vast global network of agents to direct sales and promote the company’s products.

Is Melaleuca a Pyramid Scheme?

Melaleuca is not a pyramid scheme or engaged in unlawful business practices. They provide reputable goods, and their “executives” can earn money by selling them. Their “executives” (also known as members, directors, distributors, etc.) can make money by selling these products and building a sales team.

Is Melaleuca a Scam?

Products from Melaleuca are authentic. The average satisfaction rate among 343 reviewers is 4.54 stars, indicating that customers are satisfied with their purchases from this firm on the whole. Melaleuca customers are most satisfied with customer service, cleaning supplies, and optimal efficiency. There is no scam with Melaleuca. Members of the Melaleuca program receive payments as promised and offer genuine goods. Additionally, their interests are reliable and authorized.

Although Melaleuca MLM provides consumers with organic and high-quality products, its commissions are too low to make the organization a viable business prospect. To make a respectable part-time to full-time living, the Product Advocate would need to bring on dozens of personal clients and hundreds of active clients.

While this is feasible, it also necessitates expanding your network beyond your immediate circle (family and friends). A legitimate Melaleuca business opportunity doesn’t mean you should always take advantage of it. In my evaluation, I don’t suggest Melaleuca. The main reason one opposes MLMs is that most of those who sign up for the program never actually make any money.

How Does Melaleuca Work?

Melaleuca operates as a referral-based company and an online retailer of health and wellness products. The participants, who are not company employees, register with it to buy its products online and deliver them to their residences or places of business. You must work with an existing participant and register under them to complete the signup.

When you join up for membership, you’ll be required to make a monthly purchase equal to at least 35 Product Points. You get a 30–50% discount off list pricing in exchange, get the chance to accumulate Loyalty Shopping Dollars, and have access to a variety of additional membership benefits through the Melaleuca Marketplace.

Who owns the Melaleuca company?

Frank Leonard VanderSloot owns the Melaleuca company. Frank Leonard VanderSloot was born on August 14, 1948, the owner of a radio network, a rancher, and a financier of political campaigns. He established Melaleuca, Inc. and served as its founder and CEO. The Riverbend Ranch and Riverbend Communications are among his other commercial ventures.

Where is Melaleuca located?

The corporate headquarters of Melaleuca are in Idaho Falls. Extensive facilities for the corporation are also located in Knoxville, Tennessee. The opening of a 500,000-square-foot distribution warehouse in Kansas City, Missouri, was announced by Melaleuca for 2020.

Is Melaleuca a multi level marketing scheme?

Because Melaleuca does not engage in multilevel marketing, its “affiliate” scheme deviates significantly from industry standards. By all accounts, Melaleuca is not a multilevel marketing organization but a direct marketer and online vendor of health and wellness items.

What type of business is Melaleuca?

More than 400 premium health, pharmaceutical, personal care, and home care products are produced and distributed by Melaleuca. The Wellness Company is now among the most extensive North American catalog and online wellness retailers and the biggest CPG manufacturer of CPGs in the Northwest.

Melaleuca has experienced one of the most significant growth rates among privately held American businesses since its founding in 1985. Today, millions of households make monthly purchases from Melaleuca. Melaleuca works in 20 nations and territories worldwide, bringing in over $2 billion in revenue each year.

What makes Melaleuca different?

Melaleuca’s health company manufactures and markets several goods to enhance your well-being. Thirty years later, the company is still in operation. Because Melaleuca has an open MLM program, this is one of the key justifications for why some people refer to it as a pyramid scheme.

To put it another way, you may sign up for the program, become a distributor, and even assemble a group of sales representatives who will work for commission and bonuses based on their sales.

Is Melaleuca the same as Amway?

Yes, Melaleuca and Amway have the same business structure, if that is what you were asking. Despite Melaleuca’s assertions, multi level marketing firms like Amway and conventional MLMs like Amway share an oddly similar strategy. In the same vein as Herbalife and Amway, Melaleuca is a pyramid-sales company. Sellers receive commissions on the goods and those sold by other vendors they help find.

Has Melaleuca ever had a lawsuit?

VanderSloot and Melaleuca sued us over those sentences. In their action, which was filed in Bonneville County, Idaho, they requested damages of up to $74,999, which is exactly $1 less than the threshold at which the case may have been transferred to federal court.

Because his company employs the most people in the area and sponsors everything from the minor league baseball complex to the Fourth of July fireworks, it was ensured that jurors from that area would determine the case.

How much money can you make selling Melaleuca?

Tens of thousands of families have received residual income from Melaleuca, the industry pioneer in referral marketing, for more than 30 years. The chance to earn $250, $500, or even $2,500 per month is real for typical families.

Is it hard to cancel Melaleuca?

Although it’s uncommon for someone to desire to remove their member benefits, doing so only takes four simple actions. If you’d like to terminate your membership privileges, provide your email address here, and we’ll send you the details.

By sending Melaleuca a completed cancellation form no later than midnight (MST) on the last day of the month, a client may terminate their Customer Membership Agreement.

Is Melaleuca FDA approved?

Yes, Melaleuca is FDA-approved. Since Melaleuca is an FDA-approved producer of over-the-counter medications, you won’t need to make a separate trip to the pharmacy to treat most of your family’s frequent illnesses.

The FDA has not authorized Melaleuca Nutratherm since the FBA does not regulate nutritional supplements. However, this product’s components are generally safe to consume and have no known harmful effects on health.

How do you get paid with Melaleuca?

When members of your marketing organization buy products from Melaleuca, you receive commissions. The commissions are determined based on how many product points each customer spends in a particular month. If you successfully enroll a customer, you will receive 50% off Product Points for purchases made within the first month of the consumer.

Tens of thousands of families have received residual income from Melaleuca, the industry pioneer in referral marketing, for more than 30 years. The chance to earn $250, $500, or even $2,500 per month is real for typical families. We encourage you to check out the annual income statistics on this page to see how much clients make working with us yearly.

How much do you spend each month to be a Melaleuca member?

When you sign up to become a member, you agree to place an order for 35 product points (of your choosing) each month. You get a 30–50% discount off list pricing in exchange, get the chance to accumulate Loyalty Shopping Dollars, and have access to a variety of additional membership benefits through the Melaleuca Marketplace.

Are Melaleuca products made in China?

Most Melaleuca products are produced at Knoxville, TN, and Idaho Falls, ID factories. Additionally, Melaleuca has factories in China where goods for the Asian market are made. In addition, Melaleuca has opened store sites in the Chinese cities of Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and Shanghai. It will start selling many of its products in retail stores there.

Is Melaleuca a Fortune 500 company?

In a remarkable achievement, Melaleuca was listed among the 500 fastest-growing privately held companies in the US for five consecutive years, from 1990 to 1994, according to Inc. magazine.

The only company to appear on Inc. ‘s list for five years running and consistently receive the publication’s “A profitability” grade is Melaleuca. Melaleuca was named the 37th fastest-growing privately held firm in America in 1990 by the magazine. Melaleuca first qualified for inclusion in this exclusive club in 1990, as organizations needed to have been in operation for five years to be considered.

How do I cancel Melaleuca?

You could call Melaleuca’s enrollment and customer care line at 1-800-262-0600 to start the cancellation procedure. Give the agent your member identification number and tell them you want to end your account. One could also send a completed Cancellation of Membership Form to Melaleuca with their original signature, printed name, address, Customer Membership ID, and cause for cancellation; a client may terminate their Customer Membership Agreement.



What does the Melaleuca logo represent?

This pledge is represented through our logo. According to your logo, you are in the business of improving lives. You may be confident that you’re selecting the best nature offers when buying products from the Leaf and Drop brand.

Is Melaleuca cruelty-free?

Melaleuca aims to make the world a better place by developing goods and methods that are kinder and safer for the environment. All creatures with whom we coexist on Earth fall under this category. The company is outspokenly opposed to animal testing and all forms of animal abuse!

Are Melaleuca products natural?

We use cutting-edge scientific research to pinpoint and emphasize the numerous advantages of plant components, and we then use those revelations to develop products that outperform well-known national companies. Natural substances are almost always the best, most efficient, and healthiest choice.

How does the Melaleuca business work?

You receive commissions from clients registered by you and enrolled by others. You get a commission when people in your marketing organization buy Melaleuca products. Monthly product point spending by customers is used to calculate affiliate commissions. To chip in, Melaleuca is not a multilevel marketing company.

Customers do not need to buy from a network of distributors to purchase from Melaleuca. Customers instead buy products directly from the business. There isn’t an “investment” with Melaleuca. Customers of Melaleuca only buy what they will use up each month.

What is another name for Melaleuca?

The Australian tea tree’s leaves are steamed to produce tea tree oil called melaleuca oil. When applied correctly, tea tree oil has antimicrobial properties. When used topically, tea tree oil may be effective against various skin conditions, including nail fungus, acne,insect bites, lice,and athlete’s foot.

Is Melaleuca Patriot owned?

Yes, on June 2, 2015, Melaleuca received a patriotism award from the US Department of Defense.

How many products does Melaleuca have?

Every 400+ item is better in a pronounced and helpful way. The best is what Melaleuca Preferred Members should receive. That is just what Melaleuca pledges to deliver.

What is Melaleuca GC control?

GC Control has been scientifically developed for people who want to actively support a healthy weight, cardiovascular system, and proper blood sugar metabolism. This product’s formulation minimizes carbohydrate and sugar cravings while maintaining energy and metabolism.

It is a tasty, low-glycemic shake that has been scientifically created to help reduce carb and sugar cravings and offer natural blood sugar support—allowing you to ignore those calorie-dense goodies while maintaining your humanity.

Is Melaleuca a club shop?

The biggest online wellness shopping club of its sort is run by Melaleuca and is located at The club is very successful, with a 96% month-over-month reorder rate and close to two million monthly customers. The only sources of referrals for Members are other Preferred Members.

How do I become a Melaleuca consultant?

New customers or business partners have two options for signing up: contact Melaleuca customer service or go through their sponsor. They can choose between a $25 “Customer Membership Agreement” (for direct customers) and a $29 “Marketing Executive Agreement” (for recommended customers).

How did Melaleuca get its name?

Melaleuca comes from the Ancient Greek words for “dark” (mélas) and “white” (leukós), likely because one of the oldest instances recorded had white bark that had been darkened by fire.

Melaleuca alternifolia, an Australian tree that yields a natural oil renowned for its antibacterial properties, is where the company gets its name. Melaleuca oil was the main component of every product the business produced. Not every product has included it over time as the product line has grown. Less than 5% of the 450+ items made by Melaleuca now include melaleuca oil.

CONCLUSION – Is Melaleuca an MLM or a Pyramid Scheme?

Once again, Melaleuca is an MLM. For those needing this information for job opportunities, there are some high-end goods from Melaleuca that consumers value. However, it won’t enable you to leave your full-time job soon as a business opportunity. It would not be easy to earn any money with MLMs, which is adequate.

Melaleuca can only be profitable if you hire plenty of people right now and then cross your fingers that they have the perseverance to duplicate your achievement. To succeed, though, will require a lot of rejection and a hard shell. Consequently, I don’t believe this to be the ideal method for making money online. Thank you for taking the time to read; I hope we answered your question satisfactorily and provided value. is the brainchild of Jack Bastide. It is designed for entrepreneurs and those that want to be. You can find Jack on Facebook or Linked-In. 

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