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Primerica Login
Primerica Login

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Primerica Login

Primerica Back Office / Sign In / Distributor Sign in etc.

Primerica Login Page – Customer Service and Support

Primerica Corporate Office:1 Primerica Parkway Duluth, GA 30099.
Primerica Phone Number:1-800-544-5445
Phone Line Hours of Operation24 hours each day/7 days per week
Technical Support[email protected]
Business Support[email protected]

Primerica Shareholder Services Support Link 

Are Looking for the Primerica Shareholder Services Support Link?

Primerica Training 

Simple Tutorial to Get Life Insurance Leads Online

YouTube video

Primerica Review

YouTube video

 Interview With An Ex Primerica Rep

YouTube video

Basic Insurance Concepts And Principles

YouTube video

Primerica Recruitment

YouTube video

Primerica Exam Playlist

Primerica Social Media Accounts 

Primerica Facebook Page
Primerica Twitter Page
Primerica Youtube Channel
Primerica Instagram Page 
Primerica on Linkedin
Primerica on Google+ 

Primerica Login Page –  Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I Get Out Of Primerica?

Yes, you can get out of Primerica at any time you want to.

How Do I Get Out Of Primerica?

Your Primerica policy can be terminated by calling Primerica’s customer care line at 1(800)257-4725 and following the voicemail instructions.

How Do Primerica Reps Get Paid?

Primerica reps make money based on selling Primerica’s products.

Is Working For Primerica Worth It?

Yes, there is no wrong with working for Primerica. However, about 77% of Primerica employees would recommend working there to be a friend based on Glassdoor reviews.

How Much Money Can You Make Working For Primerica

Working under Primerica can bring you more returns. As a Primerica worker, you can make up to $29,818, $138,852, $16,442, or $1,500 yearly depending on your rank at Primerica

Can I Be Successful At Primerica?

Yes, you can be successful at Primerica if you have increased your efforts, work passionately, and also change many lives.

How Long Is Primerica Training

Primerica training lasts for 30 days. During these 30 days, you attend classes and finally take exams for your license.

Does Primerica Pay Weekly?

Primerica pays daily once you are incensed or once you have landed your identity.

Is Primerica Better Than WFG?

Primerica is considered to have scored higher in 3 areas, whereas World Financial Group (WFG) scored higher in 6 areas.

How Do I Stop Being A Primerica Agent?

To simply stop being a Primerica agent, you need to cancel the agent deal with Primerica by calling 1-888-737-2255.

How Many Primerica Agents Are There?

There may be thousands of Primerica agents out there, but there are over 130,000 Primerica agents in North America. The 

How Do I Leave Primerica As An Employee?

When in need of canceling your membership deal with Primerica, you simply Call 888-737-2255 or email [email protected] and explain your desire to cancel the membership deal.

What Are The Different Levels In Primerica?

Primerica has up to 8 levels which start from the Representative, Senior Rep, Division leader, District Leader, Regional Vice President, Senior Vice President, National Sales Director, and Senior National Sales Director

How Do I Cancel My Primerica Job?

With these simple steps below, you can easily cancel your Primerica job.

  • Call Primerica customer service at 888-737-2255
  • Request to chat with a Primerica representative.
  • Provide the policy number and your client information.
  • Request that your coverage and periodic payments be terminated.
  • Ask for a confirmation email

How Do I Check My Primerica Account

To log in to your Primerica account, you simply need to go to or (800)544-5445 if you are experiencing any difficulty logging in to your Primerica account.

How To Withdraw Money From Primerica

To withdraw your money from Primerica, you need to contact a Primerica customer service representative for requirements and to obtain a redemption or submit a letter of instructions about your money withdrawal.

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